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  1. 23 hours ago, mcanadiens said:

    How often do you encounter unmarked drop zones?

    The only example I can think of personally is due entirely to the laziness of the City of Dayton. A couple of years ago, they simply stopped marking the drop zones. All the old heads still played drops from the spots, but if you weren't familiar with the course, you'd never know. Had some issues like this at Community GC this year, because I hadn't played there in a long time before Kittyhawk closed. Had to ask some playing partners that weren't all that interested where I dropped from.


    This had been the first time.  We usually play the same courses every year, so I'm familiar with the layouts.  This was the 1st time we had played a tournament at this course.  I normally try to get out and play a practice round, but our schedule got compressed with COVID postponements and wasn't able to schedule anything.  If I run into a new course, and don't get a chance to scout it, I'll have to ask someone that works there prior to the round.  Thanks for the feedback!

  2. So, here's the scenario.  I was playing in a tournament last month.  I, for some reason, seemed to be compelled to hit my tee shots into water that day.  Since the water was close to the teeing area, there really wasn't any relief to be had, other than re-teeing.  On a couple of the holes, I hit my subsequent shots into the water.  After finally finding dry land and laying 5, I happened upon unmarked drop zones on my way to my ball.  They weren't marked anywhere on the card and there were no signs for them.  Since I had already played my shots, I didn't use them and just took my medicine.  However, in the future, are you permitted to play a provisional, until you are able to verify the existence of a drop zone on that hole?

  3. From what I've played:

    1. Innisbrook - Copperhead

    2. Innisbrook - Island

    3. Fox Hollow

    4. Eagles - Forest Course

    5. TPC Tampa


    I would normally have TPC much higher, based on my first several times playing it.  However, the last time I played it, the greens were in horrible shape.  They had recently punched and sanded them, but that had been a month prior.

  4. As far as I know, only one of the city-owned courses have been closed. All of the other courses are still open and packed.  Our governor indirectly endorsed playing golf in one of his news conferences, from the Villages, last week.  He mentioned how great it was that the older demographic was practicing social distancing while out on the golf course and getting exercise.  I did hear that Innisbrook closed the beginning of the week.  My brother and I played there this past weekend and it was packed.  They had PVC inserts in the bottom of the cup.

  5. 53 minutes ago, DaveP043 said:

    On the plus side, you'll get lots of time to watch the golfers without having those pesky spectators to pay attention to.  On the other, that sounds like it could become pretty boring. I did the hole marshal thing one year at Pinehurst, and it was the spectators that made the day interesting.  Be sure that they rotate you around to different locations so you get to see it from all angles.


    You normally get to pick one area and they may rotate you around that.  I'm assigned to hole #6 all week.  Tuesday, I'm on the green, Thursday is Left Fairway, Friday is crosswalk, and Sunday is right fairway. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, DaveP043 said:

    I thought about the volunteers.  They'll still need some of the normal crew, to work the range, scoring, , maybe some on-course transportation, but the marshals surrounding the holes just won't be required.  I wonder if we'll see more lost balls, if we don't have marshals and fans looking for them.  I wonder if scores will go up a little, shots that are way offline won't get those nice trampled-down lies where the gallery normally walks.  


    4 minutes ago, iacas said:

    You probably won’t be needed.

    We were told that those of us, on fairway duty, will still be necessary.  They'll still need us to help with wayward shots, as well as, signaling that area is clear on blind tee shots.  Outside of that, the rest of us got some nice threads for everyday wear!

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  7. On ‎2‎/‎23‎/‎2020 at 9:16 AM, Bonvivant said:

    The only real difference that I ever notice is how they feel on putts and chips. If you can play a ball around the green and it isnt ripped to shreds then I think it's fine. 

    I think that premium balls are more of a luxury item than a necessity. I buy the bulk online premium stuff usually. This year I went Snell (need to update my signature) and it was something like 140 for 60 balls. To me that is worth it to have a top end ball  even if it doesn't make any difference to my game. 

    As some have already said, as far as my long game goes, any ball will really do.  Though, I don't like the hard feel of some of the balls.  Typically, I use Chrome Soft balls.  I have learned how they react to my short game.  I never pay full price.  I usually pay about $20-25/dozen on LostGolfballs.com. 

  8. 12 hours ago, Vinsk said:

    Do you really think warming golf balls is gonna sharpen your game? What, are you that guy that gets irritated when the marker shows 112 when your range finder shows 113? Come on man....

    That's super irritating! When I chunk my wedge, I want to know the proper yardage for my next shot! :whistle:


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  9. 19 hours ago, billchao said:

    Would you rather...? #17:

    Make a hole-in-one by hitting a perfect shot - one of the best strikes you have hit in your life - while playing alone. It is witnessed only by a complete stranger playing on another hole.

    Make a hole-in-one in front of your best golf buddies, but completely by dumb luck - a thinned shot that happens to roll all the way up to the green and in the hole.

    Both of the above scenarios happened to me!  I was playing with my normal group and my first ace was a thinned worm-burner that rolled into the hole.  Playing in a blind scramble with people I barely knew, my second ace, which was on the exact same hole coincidentally, was a pretty shot that slam dunked into the cup. 

  10. 1 hour ago, dagolfer18 said:

    Would You Rather #15...

    Would you rather show up to the course looking and feeling terrible, and shoot the best round of your life, or look and feel your best, but shoot the worst score of your life?

    Personally, I would rather shoot my best score and look/feel terrible. I’m sure there are some days where you show up to the course looking like a mess. Nobody makes note of it and just assume you’re having a bad day.


    Easily, the former.  I won a GCAM tournament 3 days after getting diagnosed with the flu and bronchitis.  When I wasn't feeling well, I just swung loose and easily and had no expectations.

  11. Just now, Vinsk said:

    Only by process, not by results. You could still have four A players on a team and four D players on another.

    Absolutely.  But, for the most part, the teams have been evenly put together through the random drawing.  But you're absolutely right, having an "A" team or "D" team is a possibility.  Since we run it through a little muni course that doesn't have a membership, we have no way of tracking anyone's handicap. 

  12. 15 hours ago, LindaJ said:

    At our club we occasionally have a scramble game involving both the men's and ladies clubs.  Meant to be just a fun thing although a small amount of money is tossed in the pot for prizes.

    The dilemma is how to set up the pairings so that the foursomes are as equal in ability as possible ... so the same people don't win all the time.  Usually the organizer makes a list of the participants in order of handicap ... a list of the ladies and a list of the men.  Foursomes are 2 ladies and 2 men as much as possible (depending on who shows up).

    Then there is a step-by-step matchup starting with low man-high woman + low woman-high man.  Then working down and up the lists until everyone is assigned a group.

    However this system puts the low-HCP man and the low-HCP woman in the same group.  They end up making most of the shots for the 4-some, of course, and usually take home the winnings.

    Is there somewhere on the internet a scramble bracket system/design/advice that would keep the groups fairly even?  Or has anyone figured this out on their own?

    Thanks for your help.

    We run a monthly blind draw scramble that seems to work pretty well.  Say we have 72 participants signed up for a tournament.  And, because we use a shotgun start, we max our attendance at 72.  We'll simply use a bag of 72 bingo balls and a sheet that is broken up into 18 foursomes.  As people come in and pay their fees, they pick a bingo ball and are placed on a team according to the number drawn.  This completely randomizes the talent distribution, while allowing people to play with different folks every month.  As for gender, we try to limit the females to 1 per group.  But if we have more than 18 signed up, we do the best we can.  It's not often that we see the same people winning every month. 

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  13. 2 hours ago, iacas said:

    No max, and he could have borrowed one from someone else, but that's a two-stroke penalty if the one-ball rule is in effect.

    They use hand signals. A 4 pointed upward is a 4-iron, pointed downward is a 9-iron (4+5 fingers).

    Interesting, I didn't know that they used the downturned hand to add 5.  How do they differentiate each wedge?

  14. 8 hours ago, arturo28mx said:

    If I swing relaxed, and rotate my shoulders properly in the downswing, keeping my chest and arms connected, the shaft of the club and my left arm will maintain a 90 degree angle until just before impact. I understand this is called lag.

    If I rush my swing, I will lose the 90 degree angle halfway down (thus losing power). I understand they call this early release.

    They make pills for that...

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