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  1. I will be on a trip in April to Maui and looking to play . any suggestions?
  2. Hey you on the forum right now? I have a few courses for you 1. Wolf creek- mesquite NV 2. highland links , cape Breton Nova Scotia 3. oak quarry Riverside CA 4. eastward Ho chatham MA
  3. Masters. pristine. its the only reason to have HD. and no commercials. NO ladies allowed. pool table greens, not one blade of grass out of place. amazing.
  4. Golf is not a game of perfect- Bob Rotella. read it . live it.
  5. Hello, Anyone out there have a recommendation for Orlando golf course . Money is no object although Bay Hill looks a bit too much for us. Thanks
  6. Thanks to your persuasive comments about Wolf Creek in Mesquite NV, we went a few weeks back and we loved it! We also played Oak Quarry in Riverside CA Thanks again!
  7. This is an easy one. Favorite Beer is called Alexander Keith's brewed only in Nova Scotia. delicious. and 6 hours north of that brewery Highland Links golf course 7000 yards straight out into wilderness and cliffs, you don't see clubhouse again till 18. favorite drink- kettle 1 martini straight up bone dry with twist
  8. This settles it . I must play this Wolf Creek course. Thank You
  9. Hello fellow golfers. Traveling with father to Palm Springs in April , renting car in Long Beach Ca, driving to Palm Springs then onto Vegas. Can anyone suggest a course