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  1. See you guys tomorrow!
  2. I am going to say I am a tentative yes at this point, looks like I should get the time off. Still room for me?
  3. Consider me a soft commitment at this point. I start a new job on Monday and I am not sure I can get the time off yet. I will let you know as soon as I get confirmation.
  4. I thought the same. I wasn't sure if JR had just reached a point of fatigue or what, but his body language suggested that he was conceding to SG immediately after the errant tee shot on the playoff hole. I agree. With the exception of Kuchar (aided by the ace at 16) we just didn't see many low scores on the back nine. You just don't get the feel that a Jack 1986 style 30 is a realistic possibility anymore. A 30 on the back would've put Rickie, Spieth, Hoffman, etc. a chance to win. Although I say this without stats in front of me, I'd like to see the back nine scoring average over time to verify this. Perhaps it is the rarity of the back nine 30 that makes it so special.
  5. I doubt it. We will see a few more low scores. A few guys will finish the day 3, 4, or 5 under.
  6. Same here. I am still surprised that this tourney isn't broadcast in its entirety, there's certainly a market for it. Although this feed is enough to get me through the workday without distracting me TOO much.
  7. Don't even get me started on these new "open office" environments meant to spur "collaboration".
  8. Yes, of course, but the same way these boomer bosses value face time, as I move into the "boss" role I can value different things. Changing of the guard so to speak. However, during the transition I need to be careful to still respect the old timers until they are actually out the door.
  9. This has been my experience as well. The more knowledgeable I become the more they "need" me and I can essentially ask for more.
  10. Excellent. I just recently signed up with Playstation Vue which looks about the same in channel offerings. I get to watch golf and baseball without a big cable bill. I am good with that.
  11. Yeah, it was on ESPN, they would show in primetime on a weeknight sometime in August I believe, though it was taped earlier in the summer. It was as skins game, very unique. Here's a write-up I found about one. http://www.michigangolf.com/departments/features/par-3-shootout-treetops-resort-12854.htm
  12. So the back story is that I just switched jobs in a necessary move to further my career. Over the 9 years I was with my previous employer I was able to push the very old school culture a bit forward to where I was able to work from home a couple of times a month. Not much, but it was something. There was, and still is, a "facetime" culture in place. I was able to prove I was more productive at home than at work, that mattered little. Now, my new job is just like my old one was starting out. I will be working for a 60yo boomer who, in the interview, said he values facetime above all else. Ha! Looks like I have my work cut out for me in convincing them to modernize. My large corp has a very seamless remote desktop connection setup, I see no delay. Perception is more important than reality, unfortunately. I have PROVEN that I am more productive at home than in the office, yet I have only been granted a couple of work at home days per month. Strange dynamic. I believe work at home is best suited for certain types of work, typically fairly structure, non-creative tasks (like my accounting work). Obviously engineers, etc. may need to be physically in office to perform their jobs. They have shown massive benefits as far as employee engagement goes. Commutes are brutal on people, more than most realize, and any alleviation of that is a win for everyone. I pushed for this at my old job and got two days per month granted, now I am back at square one with a new job. Unfortunately, there are just certain bosses, typically of the boomer generation as state above, that see working from home as "slacking" even though productivity is up. I hope we will see a shift as a lot of these bosses retire over the next few years. Being able to pick up kids on time is a huge plus. That is probably the biggest stressor in most people's lives, and if you can alleviate that you will have happier employees. I think being close to the office is a huge advantage. I am considering a move that would cut my commute from 40 min to 10 min.
  13. Knowing Bubba he'd thrive on the controversy.
  14. As technology changes, have any of you seen any changes to your day to day work life as a result? I am a bit frustrated at the moment as my work is electronically based and can be done anywhere, anytime, yet my industry is very slow to adapt. Most of us are still stuck in cubicles from 8-4 even though we could do our work just as well from home, or working 7-3, etc. I have heard of large trends toward flexibility and mobility, but those don't seem to have reached my (finance/accounting) industry. Not being stuck to the cube 8-4 would be a drastic improvement in the quality of my life, yet it seems slow to develop.
  15. I feel for those folks with Wednesday tickets now that the day has been rained out, but the weather looks good the rest of the week!