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  1. I thought the same. I have never been so engrossed in a movie from beginning to end.
  2. This better, @iacas ?
  3. Monroe Jiu Jitsu He earned his first stripe in December and his confidence is through the roof. What a great activity. I have decided not to join yet because I want him to have his own thing.
  4. I nerd out on things like this. I didn't know this. Unreal. He should have won in 2019. See 42 above, love the longevity and how his winning has spanned generations. Ice cold closer. One of his best stats imo.
  5. I'd guess you make as many as you miss because of this, but that's for another topic. I suspect the same with "bad" bunkers. Most amateurs probably wouldn't score all that differently. Things like being able to pitch instead of blast, and being able to ground your club, and simply adjusting strategy knowing how the bunkers are would all come into play.
  6. It seems this discussion should take place when designing new courses as well. There are certainly ways to design a course the minimizes ongoing maintenance costs and requires a smaller crew to maintain. Having less, if any, bunkers could do that. Or designing them to be "waste areas" that don't require much care. My local pasture would be better without sand traps, they are usually filled with water or hard pan. Best to sod them over and mow right through.
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