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  1. I took the weekend to get my basement organized after a flood last year left it a mess. Now I've got my golf net set up down there and I started taking full swings. Gonna be a nice reprieve from the cabin fever to go hit a few shots. I've never seen more people taking walks in my neighborhood, ever.
  2. We all thought he was back to his old self after the Masters, ZoZo, President's Cup success last year. However, Tiger always tried to lower the expectations by saying he was simply grateful to be playing competitive golf again. I think of all of this as "bonus" time for Tiger. If we see him play well and win again, it'll be a real treat. If not, what a ride it has been.
  3. The European Tour is definitely more innovative than the PGA Tour, and they are willing to try new things to spruce up otherwise boring events that don't attract a good field. I give them credit for trying to add interest. I don't see a problem with using two courses. The PGA Tour is using three courses this week at Pebble Beach. I am intrigued to see men and women play the same course on the same day with same pin positions, etc. Maybe just a novelty, but I don't hate it. And it could help the economics of otherwise small events. Maybe.
  4. The European Tour, the Ladies European Tour, and the LPGA will be playing a combined event this week in Australia. Men and women playing the same course at the same time for equal prize money. Bold below is my highlight. 2020 ISPS Handa Vic Open Pioneers New Thinking | LPGA | Ladies Professional Golf Association When the Women’s Victoria Open returned to Australian Ladies Professional Golf in 2012 after a 20-year absence, it was with a twist that gave competit...
  5. I thought the same. I have never been so engrossed in a movie from beginning to end.
  6. This better, @iacas ?
  7. Monroe Jiu Jitsu He earned his first stripe in December and his confidence is through the roof. What a great activity. I have decided not to join yet because I want him to have his own thing.
  8. I nerd out on things like this. I didn't know this. Unreal. He should have won in 2019. See 42 above, love the longevity and how his winning has spanned generations. Ice cold closer. One of his best stats imo.
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