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  1. Correct. There is zero point in debating this topic anymore. Everyone has made up their minds and the more we debate the more certain they are that they are correct. Waste of time. So how do you correct for this? Ever increasing levels of rules and restrictions? More mandates? Careful, there's a lot of stupid out there.
  2. It is healthy to question authority. Maybe they are right. If so, great! Their argument is only strengthened by our questions. Blindly trusting leaders has never worked out well in the long run. If testing and masking youth recreational soccer players was so effective, wouldn't everyone be doing it? Wouldn't states without such a rule be seeing more cases and deaths? Is there scientific evidence that testing and masking soccer players reduces spread? Of course not. It's arbitrary. You can go to a casino in Michigan, right now, and order a beer, sit at a slot machine, and remove you
  3. Braivo

    Formula 1

    Good for fans attending the Saturday sessions. The purists won't like it, but I think experimentation is good.
  4. That's exactly how it works because that's how it's actually happening. That's reality. All of the other stuff exists in some other realm, because right now the governor of Michigan has refused to institute new restrictions because the people have demanded it to be that way. Right or wrong, that is fact. I agree with your two bullet points, seems unnecessary to curse at me over it. Like my point above, no matter what the governor or the CDC says, people will behave according to their own risk tolerances. For example, they basically turned our local prom into an outdoor kids carnival.
  5. It's over when the citizens of any given state demand that it's over. The governor of Michigan declined to add new restrictions despite having one of the worst outbreaks in the world. Why? The pressure from the citizens of Michigan was immense. Polling showed about 70% were against any further lockdowns or restrictions. It would have been a terribly unpopular move, and she didn't make it. Agree or disagree, that's what happened. (For reference she instituted very strict measures late last year when they were popular and well received, despite a far smaller outbreak.) People in many places
  6. Correct. Local orgs. State rules. It’s a disorganized mess. I can drive 20 minutes into Ohio and they haven’t required a single athlete to get tested all year. They play without masks. Does Covid stop at the border? Anyway, get the vax. Let’s be done with all of this.
  7. No. I’ve always been of the opinion we should vaccinate as fast as possible and avoid needless risks. My issue is with the arbitrary rules that have made things difficult for my teens. For example, there were 15,000 unmasked people at the UFC event in Florida on Saturday. Meanwhile, my 13yo daughter has been quarantined for the third time since January and has to get a weekly Covid test to play 7v7 outdoor rec soccer (with a mask on). But that’s me as a father speaking. Obviously biased because I hate seeing my kids struggle.
  8. I have been reading reports out of India. It is really bad. Only 2% of the population vaccinated and variants running wild. 300,000+ cases a day. Cautionary tales. I had two Michigan friends in their 40s, both healthy, spend six days each in the hospital recently. Getting my second Pfizer shot tomorrow.
  9. It's been back to normal here since May of last year. Well, they finally removed the pool noodles from the holes last month, so now it's 100% back to normal.
  10. There were two front page NYT articles today on outdoor masking. They must read TST 😆 Do We Still Need to Keep Wearing Masks Outdoors? - The New York Times Science shows that the risk of viral transmission outside is very low. The “two-out-of-three rule” can help you decide whether to mask up. They even included this handy graphic to decide when masks are necessary. And this newsletter that makes the scientific case that masks our largely unnecessary outdoors. The Morning: Are outdoor masks necessary? Anyway, it seems
  11. I believe this program is a response to the Premier Golf League (Saudi funded) wanting to poach top players by offering guaranteed money to appear on their tour. The PGA Tour had to offer some incentive to the big names to keep them from considering that offer. Think about it, if you're Rickie Fowler and earning close to no prize money right now, you'd be awfully tempted to take a guaranteed $2-$5 million to play a year in the PGL.
  12. I'm not saying Spieth should make what Trout makes, but Trout gets paid whether he performs or not. Spieth doesn't. If Trout goes out with an injury for the next year, guess what? Still gets paid. Spieth? Nope. Athletes like Trout are paid, in part, based on the amount of revenue they help generate. On the PGA Tour they are paid strictly based on performance. Does Billy Horschel generate revenue? Not really, but he has made more money than Spieth over the last 3 seasons.
  13. I am sure this will require tweaking over time, but I like it. Like @iacas said, the top athletes in other sports make more than pro golfers, and their pay isn't dependent on performance once the contract is signed. For example, Jordan Spieth. He is arguably the most popular player on tour when Tiger is not playing. Ratings jump when Spieth is in the hunt. His CAREER earnings are $45 million. He made less than $3 million per year from 2018-2020. Compare that to Mike Trout who makes $35 million a season and has a $426 million guaranteed contract, which means he can suck for a few years an
  14. Some good news out of Michigan. Cases are dropping again. FWIW the governor did not impose any new restrictions. Perhaps this is all vaccine driven as we approach 50% of the state getting at lease one shot. It's interesting that this wave seems to have hit the same ceiling as the previous one. Anyway, perhaps we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
  15. The original article posted by @iacas and the subsequent one I posted both made the point that requiring masks in situations that don't warrant their use leads to less compliance in situations where they matter. The only evidence of outdoor transmission occurred with CLOSE, SUSTAINED contact. 10-15 feet apart, intermittently screaming, does not constitute close or sustained contact. On another note, my local high school is holding prom, but it's outside and no dancing is permitted. They've replaced it with lawn games like cornhole. Guess what's happening? People are hosting their own pri
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