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  1. Anecdotally, I've found that range finders slow the pace of play in my regular casual games. I wear a GPS watch that I simple glance down at and it gives me center of green yardage. I look, grab a club, and hit. My playing partners will use range finders but after a few holes they'll just ask me "What's your watch say?" and not even bother with the laser. Could be a different story with pros, but we will see. My guess is it won't change much. Slow players will still be slow, and finding yardages wasn't why they were slow.
  2. Was watching the Australian Open tennis this morning and they have thousands of maskless fans in attendance at the event. I can't wait for us to get there. Hope that's what our summer looks like.
  3. I have never really held a negative opinion of Reed. Tremendous talent. Probably a much tougher upbringing than most PGA Tour pros to begin with. Probably lights a fire that makes him as good as he is.
  4. Hubie Halloween - Par. Old school Adam Sandler feel with many actors from his other films. Stupid fun that the kids and I enjoyed. Trial of the Chicago 7 - Bogey. Perhaps this is what happens when they take a true story and don't really dramatize it, but it felt flat throughout.
  5. I enjoy watching the CT. The M-W format was great as it filled the early week golf void on TV. What Bernhard Langer has been able to do into his 60s is a great story. Sure, it's not the same as the PGA Tour, but these guys compete nonetheless. And they often visit areas that don't get regular Tour events, so it's a chance to see professional golf for thousands of fans that otherwise would not.
  6. Yes. They required us to commit to 9 weeks of virtual if we chose that option. We can change our mind after 9 weeks. That should be enough time for them to iron out some of the protocols and get a better idea of what this virus is gonna do in the cooler weather.
  7. Posting as a parent having to decide whether to send my kid back to school 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, with a mask on, or keep him home for nine weeks of "virtual" school. This is one of the harder decisions I've had to make. I'm not particularly concerned about him catching the virus, but rather I'm concerned about his experience in school with all of the masks, distancing, temp checks, Plexiglas, no extracurriculars, etc. For now I've decided to keep him home. I am not at peace with that decision though. He really should be gearing up for his freshman year of high school and all of t
  8. I played a ton of golf as a teen and into my early twenties and got pretty good at it (would regularly break 80). Then I had three kids in 4 years and hardly touched a club for 10 years! Maybe a few scrambles at work outings, but that's it. Then 7 years ago I found myself divorced and with some time on my hands so I picked up golf again. It has taken me all of those seven years to start to feel like I can play even close to the way I did back in my early twenties. Obviously some of it is age (I'm 40, not 25), but it just took TIME to get the feel back. It was a much bigger struggle t
  9. Shot my best round in 20 years yesterday. 40-43 = 83 at Carrington GC in Monroe, MI. Parred the first 4 holes and birdied that last 2! I had three 3-putt bogies too. Best I've been able to strike the ball in two decades. A lot of practice paying off.
  10. What if a vaccine never materializes (very real possibility)? Then we have to figure out how to live with this virus. Many pro athletes have tested positive and none have had symptoms worse than a common cold. Yet they are still operating as if this thing is a death sentence. We need to reach a point where we accept that this thing is not a major risk factor for almost everyone under 65 and adjust our behaviors accordingly. We don't test everyone for flu. Only if someone comes in with severe symptoms do they get a flu test. Time to do the same here. More and more the numbers they pu
  11. I may or may not have shook hands with people this weekend at a certain golf meetup. I also shook hands with a few neighbors when they stopped by recently to chat. I am a low risk group, but I am no longer "social distancing" so long as the other person feels the same way. You'd be surprised how many people are ready and willing to shake hands, etc. Anyway, back to golf. Great to see Michigan easing restrictions. It'll be nice to see rakes in the traps again and get rid of those silly pool noodles in the cups. EDIT: I've called several courses and even though the state
  12. Paging Michigan folks who might be interested in a MI vs OH event this September.
  13. FYI, We are trying to put together a MI vs OH match play style meetup sometime this September. Jump in that thread if you're interested.
  14. I really think this weekend's Match broke the ice for other sporting events to start taking place without fans. Great to see The Memorial trying to move forward with fans by mid-July. Once the momentum starts to move towards restarting it'll happen quickly.
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