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  1. 2017 Tour Championship

    I quite enjoyed this year's playoff, it kept my interest throughout. I am happy to see JT win the Cup, it is well-deserved. I am not sure I am 100% sold on the points formula they use, the fact that someone like Paul Casey or Webb Simpson can win the FedExCup with zero wins outside of the Tour Championship doesn't seem ideal to me. I don't know that there's a better answer, but I kept having that thought.
  2. I just don't see how the 8s will sell. You can get a discounted 7 for several hundred less with many of the same features or spring for the fully loaded X for a few hundred bucks more. I actually cancelled my watch order this morning. My practical side took over and realized I don't need to be spending $600+ ($400 + $10 per month) over the next two years on the watch with cellular. Not yet, anyway, I have other more important financial priorities.
  3. I set an alarm for 3am and ordered the Apple Watch 3. Smooth process using the Apple Store app.
  4. Getting Started in Disc Golf

    I tried disc golf for the first time this past weekend. I had a great time. I did use the "driver" too much and got way off line a few times, I didn't know to use the putter and mid range discs for more accuracy. Next time I will try this out. I played a "par 3" course and got a 4 on nearly every hole, mostly because my drives were so far off course that I couldn't get a recovery close enough to save par. @iacas is right about putting though, once you are within 30 feet or so it is pretty easy to make.
  5. I'm a minimalist at heart so the appeal of leaving without a phone is strong. I can also think of a few situations where I would definitely be thankful for the cell connection. 1) When I leave the house to go on a run and leave the kids home alone. I need to be reachable by them but I don't want to lug my phone with me on the run. 2) At the gym. The locker is too far for Bluetooth connection and I don't want to carry my phone around the gym. 3) The pool / beach with the kids. I usually either leave my phone in the hot car or bring it but worry about it getting stolen from a beach chair / bag etc. 4) Amusement parks. My kids and I go a few days a year. Riding rollercoasters with my phone in just about any pocket poses various discomforts or concerns it'll get loose. Better to not worry at all. 5) Work meetings. I hate having my phone in my pocket. My meetings are often out of Bluetooth range of my desk and it is frowned upon to have your phone on the conference room tables during meetings. 6) Sporting events. I often attend sporting events in downtown Detroit. These involve long walks from the car in sketchy neighborhoods. I'd rather not leave my phone in the car nor do I want to walk around town with $1000 computer in my pocket. The watch with cell solves each of these problems for me. Well enough to invest the extra $150 so long as the additional line charge is reasonable. As for paying with the watch, I was referring to the lack of enough places accepting Apple Pay that leaving home without a wallet isn't yet feasible in most situations.
  6. The Apple Watch with built-in LTE is a game changer IMO. To be able to stay connected even if you leave the phone behind has me real excited to get this watch. There are so many situations where I would love to leave the phone at home for a few hours but I bring it "just in case" I get an important text or call from kids/family. This is true freedom. Once I can pay for things from the watch, and it starts my car, I won't have to carry a thing in my pocket when I leave the house.
  7. What'd You Shoot Today?

    46-43=89 at Carrington. Holed out from the fairway for an eagle on the par 4 11th! Still allowing a few blow up holes to dampen my round. However, I am happy that most of my rounds are now consistently between 85 and 90, a 10-15 shot improvement over the last few years.
  8. Powerlifter to Golfer Need

    I don't plan to compete, so I really should move to a higher rep programs. Perhaps that would ease the tensions a bit. I really think muscle tension is the biggest hindrance to my golf game improving.
  9. Powerlifter to Golfer Need

    This is interesting. I have been doing a lot of powerlifting but it definitely lowers my flexibility. I would like to get into Yoga and get the muscles working together.
  10. Your Workout Today

    Yesterday - Squat, OH Press, Deadlift Today - Row Machine 2000m, 5x10s bike sprints, sauna
  11. Tommy Armour 845 Irons??

    I almost had a lapse in judgment and upgraded from my 20 year old set of Tommy Armour 845s Silverscot irons. Whew. Glad I didn't. I lost the 3 iron somewhere along the way, time to supplement the set with a few hybrids but the leave the irons just as they are.
  12. What rule, or rules, do you ignore?

    The idea of the shorter hitters playing first is a great concept imo and it seems a lot of time could be saved this way. Additionally, if we took it a step further, and just played ready golf from the tee at all times we could save even more. In a foursome there is always someone cracking a beer, taking a leak, lighting a cigar, etc. If you are ready while others are fiddling around, just hit. I do.
  13. Your Music

    I have been using Amazon Music and I enjoy the interface and variety of music. I no long purchase music except when my favorite few artists release an album. I even use it over cell data and it uses surprising little data.
  14. 100 Holes in One Day

    Congrats! That's great work and a good amount of money raised!
  15. Do You Have a Set Budget for Golf Expenses?

    I will have three kids in college in a few short years, hence the new emphasis on budgeting Well said, thank you. It has taken me years to overcome poor financial habits, now the key is to lock in the good ones.