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  1. Anyone here train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ)? My son (13) recently joined a gym and started training. I've been watching and considering joining myself. It looks like a lot of fun and something I could definitely get hooked on.
  2. In the spirit of the Halloween season.
  3. I find "easy" courses boring to watch because there is a much smaller chance of leader board changes. When a big number is a possibility it creates excitement down the stretch. It puts pressure on the players to make shots. However, I do believe Rory should not have taken his anger out on the Old Course which had no wind all week and was set up to accommodate the amateurs paired with the pros. I do agree with his overall sentiment though. Also important is to not only focus on the winning score in relation to par, but the overall scoring average. Spieth won The Masters a few years back at -18, but no one was saying Augusta was "too easy" because, as became evident the next year, bad things can happen in a hurry.
  4. My 983rd post. So close.
  5. I suppose the financials wouldn't make sense because the tours are not affiliated in any way. If they were owned by the same people perhaps there would be incentive to share resources and build a crossover audience. As for getting 288 players around the course, what if the fields were cut down to, say, 75 in each field? Maybe for some select, lower tier tournaments? Rather than seeing #100-#125 on the PGA Tour, I wouldn't mind seeing #1-#25 on the LPGA tour, for example. As for personal experience, I went to the Rocket Mortgage Classic held here in Detroit in June. The biggest name in the field was Ricky Fowler. I am certain having Lexi an a few other LPGA stars (maybe with a Saturday finish?) might have increased the overall excitement of the weekend. Just throwing out ideas.
  6. The issue of how to get more attention for the women's game, including more equitable pay, has come up in various topics and I thought I'd discuss it here. After watching the US Open tennis tournament earlier this month, then watching the Solheim Cup this weekend the thought occurred to me that perhaps the LPGA and PGA Tours should play their events simultaneously, or perhaps the same week/same venue somehow. Now, I haven't vetted this out completely, perhaps the logistics would never work, but I know for sure the women's tennis gets a big boost and much more interest from being played simultaneously with the men's events than it would as a stand alone event. Maybe there is a way to play the LPGA events on the same course and the same week as the PGA events? Maybe start the LPGA on Tuesday/Wednesday and they overlap a day or two? Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  7. I am most certainly not a better golfer than a year ago. I was shooting mid-80s this time last year, now I am shooting low to mid 90s. Frustrating to say the least. I am adjusting to some new irons, but that cannot be the entire reason for the drop, or maybe it is. My putting is greatly improved as well, too bad the putts are for double bogey. I have played more golf than ever this summer and yet I'm sliding backwards.
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