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  1. I really think this weekend's Match broke the ice for other sporting events to start taking place without fans. Great to see The Memorial trying to move forward with fans by mid-July. Once the momentum starts to move towards restarting it'll happen quickly.
  2. Many of us will be back at work before these guys hit the course. We won't be tested daily, we won't be outside all day. There will be an inherent risk to going back to daily life. The tour pros, and other pro athletes, should accept that same risk as we do.
  3. How it works: TaylorMade Driving Relief skins match The TaylorMade Driving Relief supported by UnitedHealth Group skins match takes place Sunday at historic Seminole Golf Club in Florida. The team of Rory McIlroy-Dustin Johnson will face the team of Rickie Fowler-Matthew... I'll be tuning in Sunday for sure. It'll be interesting to see DJ carrying his own clubs that's for certain. Ranger finders too!
  4. Right!! Odd. And family members are not allowed, but representatives from manufacturers (i.e. sponsors) will be allowed? To be honest, I really don't like the idea of holding events without fans. Think how anti-climactic it would be to win your first PGA Tour even in front of ... no one? Can't even run over and hug your wife and kids? Also, if there are no fans, why travel to all of these different events? Does the venue matter that much if there are no fans. Why go to Detroit in July to play a boring low interest course? Why not just hold all of the events in Florida to minimize travel? I hate to be pessimistic, but I see a good chance of this never happening. One person will test positive somewhere along the line and they will shut it all down again.
  5. Speculation. There is little data to show people getting infected from surfaces. Almost all cases can be traced back to gatherings in close quarters. Like that call center example, almost no one on the opposite side of the floor go the virus, despite sharing bathrooms, elevators, break rooms, etc. Given they've shown that sun also breaks the virus down, and the absolute remote possibility that someone in a group ahead of me a) has the virus, b) coughs or sneezes enough then touches the rake, c) I happen to touch the exact same rake at the exact same spot within a few minutes, and d) I then touch my face with that same hand. Plus, all of this assumes that there's enough viral load on a surface to get a person sick (which hasn't been show to be true). Additionally, we have moved the goalposts. The initial measures were put in place to "flatten the curve" to avoid hospital overrun, not "eliminate all cases". The goal of "zero cases" is driving an insane amount of measures that wouldn't be necessary if we had kept the "flatten the curve" standard.
  6. The Tour released a comprehensive plan for starting on June 11. 2020 PGA Tour Health and Safety Plan - The Fried Egg The PGA Tour releases a detailed health and safety plan, Southern Hills gets another major, and Steve Stricker hires a pair of chauffeurs Highlights of the plan: Players pulling their own clubs? haha. Will they clean them and put them back too? How long will that last or how many times will they forget? If everyone has been tested so much, why do they still need to "social distance" like that? Seems overkill. From what we know about the virus, transmission outdoors on a golf course is very unlikely, seems some of these measures are too much imo. I'll be happy to see live golf on TV though.
  7. And almost none from touching shared surfaces. The whole "we sanitized everything" is just theater. Same with pool noodles in the cups. Chances of catching the virus from touching a rake someone used 15 minutes before you? Essentially zero.
  8. Yes. Younger lives are more valuable than older ones. It's a tragedy when a 30 year old dies. It's not when an 80 year old dies. Everyone feels this whether they will admit it or not, but it's true. The funeral for an 80 year old will have an accepting tone. A funeral for a 30 year old, or a kid, is a very somber and devastating. People say "he had so much life in front of him" for a reason. The loss of a younger life is more tragic, and a younger life has more "value" in the sense of time left. My life is more valuable at 40, where I am raising kids and have significant responsibilities and many people depending on me, than it will be when I am 80 and retired. Simple truth. My life is more valuable than my 96yo grandmother, and my 14 year old son's life is more valuable than mine. Would I die to save my son? Yes. Would I die to save my grandmother? No. Do they throw up a massive search operation when a 85yo dementia patient goes missing from a nursing home? No. Do they pull out all of the stops when a 9yo kid doesn't come home from school? Absolutely. Should we shut down the entire country to save thousands of 80 year olds? No. Should we shut down the entire country to save thousands of kids? Perhaps. This doesn't even account for the impact that shutting down the country might have on kids via poverty, abuse, parental suicide, etc. Like it or not, life has different values at different points and everything is a trade-off.
  9. It absolutely matters. Shutting down the economy has costs too. Like it or not, life comes with risks and trade-offs. The capitalist economy has saved millions of lives and lifted billions of people out of poverty over the years. It is the greatest force of prosperity ever known. Giving some nursing home residents a few extra months/years is not worth shutting it all down, plain and simple, especially when we could isolate those people anyway until this thing is over. Personally, my 96yo grandmother is in a nursing home and tested positive for the virus (since has recovered). During the shutdowns my Dad almost died of a heart condition he couldn't get treated because they had shut down all surgeries for a time. He had to wait for his lungs to fill with fluid before they'd make an exception and operate on him. How many people like him didn't get a slot in time? There are consequences (often paid for by younger people) to shutting everything down.
  10. They never put things this way on the news, unfortunately. Tragic, indeed, but we are reacting (shutting down the nation) as if these are thousands of kids dropping dead.
  11. Yes, thank you. Their peak may have been lower with lockdowns, however, it still came in much lower than the models predicted.
  12. I don't think anyone can explain much of what is happening. The case curve looks similar between places that locked down and those that didn't, so perhaps lockdowns weren't as effective as they'd thought. I don't know.
  13. Sweden never locked down and their deaths are plummeting.
  14. Same. I'd have to renew my cable subscription for $60 a month just to see this. Not worth it.
  15. Same. My brother and I played and we were sure that some putts that grazed the raised cup would not have gone in, but there's really no way to know for sure. Feel like our scores have a * for the time being.
  16. At the grocery store last week it was about 50/50 with masks. Many people acting as if nothing was up at all. My neighbors have been having play dates. But other than that, I have seen people keeping their distance. Went to get ice cream over the weekend and everyone was waiting six feet apart, though few were wearing masks. My neighborhood threw a "social distance block party" with a DJ, etc. People were supposed to set up chairs six feet apart but I witnessed several people chatting in groups much closer than six feet. It seems once in a social situation the boundaries break down quickly.
  17. Monroe County. Apparently the county prosecutor told businesses he would not prosecute for violations of the governor's order, so many are not following the state orders.
  18. According to this article, 50% of surveyed tour players are only willing to play if comprehensive testing is in place. I wonder how likely this is by June 11? Majority of PGA Tour pros need coronavirus testing in place at every event to return to competition, according to Golf Digest survey - Golf Digest Golf Digest asked 35 PGA Tour pros their feelings on the pending re-start to the tour season and what reassurances they needed, if any, to return to competition
  19. Any official date set for this thing yet? It's been awfully quiet. I wonder if it'll even happen.
  20. I played four times in the last week. This WFH thing is great. Anyway, yesterday was the first day they were allowing carts out. The state FAQ does not allow carts, but the county prosecutor interpreted that to be invalid and allowed courses in the county to go ahead with carts so long as they are only shared by members of the same household. The cups were still raised and all ball washers, etc were out of service. The experience is completely different based on county. The course I played Friday had no flagsticks, and you paid by dropping money into a drop box. The one I played last week was fully open (clubhouse, flagsticks, regular cups, etc.) but no carts.
  21. 46-47=93 at Carrington GC in Monroe, MI yesterday. Two water balls on the Par 5 13th dashed my hopes of breaking 90. They allowed carts for the first time yesterday. Still surreal to play with the restrictions.
  22. Yes, it has impacted my golf as the courses in MI are closed. Though I walked by the local pasture course today and there were about 7 or 8 cars in the parking lot. I think people are just letting themselves on and playing.
  23. Braivo

    2020 Masters

    That was my first thought. They fret over every detail but they have address labels from Office Depot slapped on hangers for the green jackets???
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