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  1. IMHO if you are hitting the ball straighter and further, don't change a thing. It doesn't matter what other golfers do, or how they do it. You have done a better job of aligning the "sweet spot" center of gravity of the club head to the ball. When path and club face align you will get longer and straighter shots. Good Job!!
  2. I would love to win a Sun Mountain push cart in lime green. Getting exercise and being more visible on the course with a Sun Mountain push cart, excellent !! There are a couple hills that just get to be too much, with this baby, my opponents will be buying me beverages at the 19th hole.
  3. Okay, for me a, right hand golfer with a flying left elbow, keep the left upper arm against the chest longer, helped to get a in to out swing and a draw. Now I'm able to hit pull hooks all day long. Hope that helps.
  4. Hi Gary, go on they have a large selection of shafts, and a fitting guide. You can check your recommended shaft flex and kick point. Low for higher flight, mid for lower flight. Hope this helps
  5. When I first started we walked to save money (I'm a cheap booger). Walking allows time between shots to relax, check distances and forget the everyday concerns for a few hours.
  6. I'm left hand low, 10 finger grip, I seem to do better on lag putts with it.
  7. I chose other, left hand low.
  8. It looks like he may be playing reverse- left instead of right- handed? Note the glove on the left hand, and low.
  9. Understand completely. Just nice to know I'm not alone. lol
  10. Ernest, thank you. I have the same challenge you described. Too much lag, hooding it, out to in.
  11. Team USA 14.5 - 13.5 JB Holmes wins 4 points 4-1-0 Jordan Speith will clinch the Cup on the 17th hole. My gamegolf profile