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  1. Hi Gary, go on @golfworks.com they have a large selection of shafts, and a fitting guide. You can check your recommended shaft flex and kick point. Low for higher flight, mid for lower flight. Hope this helps
  2. When I first started we walked to save money (I'm a cheap booger). Walking allows time between shots to relax, check distances and forget the everyday concerns for a few hours.
  3. I'm left hand low, 10 finger grip, I seem to do better on lag putts with it.
  4. I chose other, left hand low.
  5. It looks like he may be playing reverse- left instead of right- handed? Note the glove on the left hand, and low.
  6. Understand completely. Just nice to know I'm not alone. lol
  7. Ernest, thank you. I have the same challenge you described. Too much lag, hooding it, out to in.
  8. Team USA 14.5 - 13.5 JB Holmes wins 4 points 4-1-0 Jordan Speith will clinch the Cup on the 17th hole. My gamegolf profile http://www.gamegolf.com/player/bste
  9. I've found that if my backswing gets too fast, I can push slice really well. lol Your downswing might be smoother if you pause at the top of your backswing, but it doesn't need to be slower.
  10. I am Staying ahead of the game with Sun Mountain Jordan Speith - 5 Louis Oosthuizen - 5 Henrik Stenson -5 And thank you to TST and Sun Mountain for making my day.
  11. Played 9 holes today and started out pretty good (for me) w/ 5 bogies in a row, then doubled the last four. Still, not a bad round.