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  1. Big thanks to @Rob Thompson and @iacas for putting a very nice event together. Rob should be very proud of Eagle Creek which was a great host venue, and Erik should be proud of having played the greatest round in the history of golf w/ a purple ball! I also want to thank Erik for helping me realize I can still make a 3 foot putt as long as I keep my eyes closed (sad, but true). Congratulations to my partner, @Hardspoon , on his MVP winning performance. He played right to his hdcp. today, but that will be coming down soon as his game has a lot of upside potential w/ a little more experience. The Titleist backpacks were a very nice surprise to wrap up the day! For anyone on the fence about participating in this event, it is well worth your time and very reasonable investment. Hope to see everyone again next year.
  2. I see a question mark after my name for Fri. on the list that was just posted. I plan to be there for both days. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Brian - sorry we didn't get any pics of you. Wish my game had been better, but it was a great event and fun playing w/ you, Richard, and Cedric. Hope you get some good info from your new Game Golf system and hope to see you guys again next year.