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  1. Senden waits 22 sec for putt to drop

    Certainly it's easier said than done, and I don't claim to have the answers. The governing bodies do a tremendous amount to preserve and protect the game, but that doesn't mean that they're infallible or that there's not room for improvement - the incident at this year's U.S. Open being a prime example. That's why they make periodic revisions to the rules, but it won't happen if people don't point out the need for the changes. So no, I think that sometimes the "bitching" is not just bitching. At any rate, my primary point was that you don't have to love every single aspect of the game to love it as a whole.
  2. Hmmm. . . That's a valid point and that bid ended in failure as well. Wasn't able to make a birdie all day - if that putt at the end of the video had gone in I would've done this - So probably a good thing I didn't make it! Actually, I think seeing how quick and jabby that stroke was and how quickly I came out of it could really help me going forward, so thanks again, @iacas - always gotta find that silver lining. . .
  3. Just noticed - my last post (see above) had a lot of exclamation points!!!
  4. I'd also like to add my thanks to @iacas and @Rob Thompson! I hope that one of these years you guys get to experience Eagle Creek in dry and firm conditions - they prove that a course that is open to the public and doesn't cost a fortune to play can still be kept in remarkable shape - especially their greens! In fact, the greens are so good I'm starting to think my awful putting might actually be my own fault. . . Really enjoyed playing w/ @Jeremie Boop and @saevel25. Erik's video was fun to watch, but I wish he'd gotten footage of @saevel25's eagle putt dropping in the hole instead of my unsuccessful jab at a closing birdie! @Jeremie Boop, if you do make your way back up to Eagle Creek I'd be happy to join you if you think you can handle it again - I might even show up early enough to play all 18 this time!
  5. Senden waits 22 sec for putt to drop

    You can certainly love something, or someone for that matter, even if certain aspects/traits of that thing/person make you want to rip your hair out - just ask my wife. . . Golf has a number of questionable and complex rules that are subject to interpretation and not clearly understood by even many of the best players in the world. I've heard many golf commentators and authorities make the case that clarifying and simplifying the rules could be an important step in growing participation in the game. I've loved golf practically since I learned to walk, but it still makes me crazy. For example, I understand the concept of "rub of the green" and, like life itself, nobody ever said the game was supposed to be fair, but how maddening is it when you do what you're supposed to do by busting a drive down the center stripe of the fairway, only to discover that you'll be playing your next shot from deep w/in the trench that some bozo ahead of you was kind enough to leave in his wake?
  6. I did message Erik last night to request one of the later times tomorrow, but it really isn't that critical. I'll be happy to do whatever works for the rest of the group. @cupslam and I would like to play together - he's also a local guy (Sandusky), but we rarely play together these days - if that's ok w/ our partners, @saevel25 and @Jeremie Boop. @Hardspoon, sorry we don't get to try to defend together, but you're probably better off w/out having to carry me on your back to victory again! Looking forward to the event and thinking very dry thoughts. . .
  7. I'm in for both days. Thanks - looking forward to it! @iacas Both @Jeremie Boop Both @mcanadiens Both @saevel25 Both @vasaribm Both @Slice of Life Both @GolfLug Both @georgep Both @Hardspoon Both (?) @macdaddy18
  8. Big thanks to @Rob Thompson and @iacas for putting a very nice event together. Rob should be very proud of Eagle Creek which was a great host venue, and Erik should be proud of having played the greatest round in the history of golf w/ a purple ball! I also want to thank Erik for helping me realize I can still make a 3 foot putt as long as I keep my eyes closed (sad, but true). Congratulations to my partner, @Hardspoon , on his MVP winning performance. He played right to his hdcp. today, but that will be coming down soon as his game has a lot of upside potential w/ a little more experience. The Titleist backpacks were a very nice surprise to wrap up the day! For anyone on the fence about participating in this event, it is well worth your time and very reasonable investment. Hope to see everyone again next year.
  9. I see a question mark after my name for Fri. on the list that was just posted. I plan to be there for both days. Thanks.
  10. Thanks Brian - sorry we didn't get any pics of you. Wish my game had been better, but it was a great event and fun playing w/ you, Richard, and Cedric. Hope you get some good info from your new Game Golf system and hope to see you guys again next year.