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  1. Definitely...just look on eBay... For each headcover release there are often a limited number (maybe 100, 10 or even 1) that have a slight difference and those are incredibly valuable amongst collectors. For a general release headcover (such as for one of the majors) that's new in the bag you're easily looking at anywhere from $85 to $200. For the 1/1, 1/10 etc. and the Tour headcovers you can easily be into the four figure range. If you're looking to offload I'd be happy to consider any! 🙂
  2. In the last few months I've started to get more into collecting Scotty Cameron stuff...I've been primarily limiting myself to headcovers and the odd (non-Circle T!) club. I'm more of a fan of the late 1990s/early 2000s clubs though and back in the late 2000s I bought a Pro Platinum Laguna off eBay that had been lightly customized by the previous owner. For years I gamed it with a 2004 British Open headcover...being a Brit and a fan of Scottish Terriers the design was hard to resist. I had long yearned for a limited edition Sterling and Stainless but couldn't justify dropping the best
  3. Unfortunately I'm already travelling elsewhere in the country, otherwise I'd be sorely tempted. RNK is a skip from RIC airport...
  4. Funny to see this place on here... I lived in Richmond for almost 10yrs up to 2014 and played this course quite a bit until I moved to NY as it was my regular playing partner's favourite area course. Has some nice interesting holes and I certainly wouldn't classify it as hard. For a woodland course it does incorporate some links-esque feeling on some holes rather well! Within a few miles of Royal New Kent there are several other courses of similar style; Brickshire and Viniterra being the closest. The local CBS TV station in Richmond had a screaming deal each year where for $150
  5. PW, SW and 60 here. I barely use my 60 degree wedge...I don't think I've used it once this year other than at the range.
  6. Fraser


  7. Former participant back again after a few years break... So I'm trying to find the wood from the trees here, if you'll pardon the pun....I've had the same Mizuno T-Zoid Titanium Insert irons since about 1999...yes, 1999. They're graphite shaft, which caused much amusement from the staff at my PGA Superstore when one of the shafts broke and I had to get it replaced. I hit them rather well and with fairly solid distance, about 150yrds for an 8 iron, 170yrds for 7 iron for example. However, I can't help but feel I may be losing something from my game by not bringing my clubs into, literally,
  8. Denver Airport...ok, so the artwork is weird but the whole thing is god for a giggle!
  9. Coupling was extremely well written. Friends (which I liked) was practically Sesame Street in comparison. Arrested Development falls into the genius category for me too. I try to watch mainstream American sitcoms (Big Bang Theory et. al.) but just don't get along with them.
  10. This seems golf appropriate, Nick Watney's wife, Amber. Blimey...
  11. Good call on Alison Brie, I love her character in Mad Men too: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/WwdbChp.png[/IMG] New nomination, from BBC's "Call The Midwife", Jessica Raine: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/NXzhGtI.png[/IMG]
  12. Maybe it's just me but I notice that more and more people are using "your" when they mean "you're", it's frankly embarrassing.
  13. Thanks! Funnily enough since posting in this thread I've decided to sell it! :) I was considering a CL65 AMG last year that had wheels that had been painted black by the current owner. It's all a matter of taste but it looked fuggin' awful IMO! Stock: Messed up:
  14. Talking of hashtags, I read in December that Susan Boyle (weird, Scottish spinster singer) had a new album out at the end of last year and to promote it her PR team tried spreading the hashtag #susanalbumparty Oops.
  15. 500bhp, 590lb/ft torque, two turbos, V12....bring on the Porsche 911s :)
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