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  1. Denver Airport...ok, so the artwork is weird but the whole thing is god for a giggle!
  2. Coupling was extremely well written. Friends (which I liked) was practically Sesame Street in comparison. Arrested Development falls into the genius category for me too. I try to watch mainstream American sitcoms (Big Bang Theory et. al.) but just don't get along with them.
  3. This seems golf appropriate, Nick Watney's wife, Amber. Blimey...
  4. Good call on Alison Brie, I love her character in Mad Men too: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/WwdbChp.png[/IMG] New nomination, from BBC's "Call The Midwife", Jessica Raine: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/NXzhGtI.png[/IMG]
  5. Maybe it's just me but I notice that more and more people are using "your" when they mean "you're", it's frankly embarrassing.
  6. Thanks! Funnily enough since posting in this thread I've decided to sell it! :) I was considering a CL65 AMG last year that had wheels that had been painted black by the current owner. It's all a matter of taste but it looked fuggin' awful IMO! Stock: Messed up:
  7. Talking of hashtags, I read in December that Susan Boyle (weird, Scottish spinster singer) had a new album out at the end of last year and to promote it her PR team tried spreading the hashtag #susanalbumparty Oops.
  8. 500bhp, 590lb/ft torque, two turbos, V12....bring on the Porsche 911s :)
  9. I'll quote you because you said EDM but I'm more into progressive breaks, prog house, melodic electronica and some classic late 1990s trance sounds if I feel nostalgic!
  10. I knew it was the half season finale but next July? NEXT JULY!? I can't wait that long!
  11. It really doesn't bother me if my credit card gets skimmed or cloned or whatever. I pay close attention to my bills and statements and the times when I have had an issue I'll just dispute it and it gets removed right away, job done. Chase and Amex have always treated me very well in this respect. As it see it they're just stealing the bank's money and it's not my problem until it gets round to settling the bill at month's end. People who use debit cards are frankly fools in my mind.
  12. Although given the uses of apostrophes they have no place in denoting a decade of a plural. Neither are contractions or indicating possession. I don't see why it's difficult. A plural requires an 's' on the end, not an apostrophe.
  13. Great show. I watched on Netflix from Season 1 to where we are now in a couple of months. Ace.
  14. Or the more aggressive, "Your retarded". I automatically assume anyone who incorrectly uses homophones has double digit IQ. Others that really bother me are shitty uses of apostrophes: -It's 1950s not 1950's, unless you're specifically to something from 1950. -The plural of an acronym or number doesn't need an apostrophe. "United have many 737s amongst their fleet"..."The interest rate on ARMs is variable after 3 years" -Why do people think an apostrophe is needed to make something plural? pizza's?! menu's? pro's?
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