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  1. I've had an Adams a3 Insight XTD for about a month now, played with it a few rounds but now I just noticed a crack right where the clubhead attaches to the shaft. It's like that thin white ring between the shaft and clubhead. Don't know how it happened. The club head is still 100% intact and the shaft is still mint too. It's just a small crack and barely noticeable, but I assume it is affecting club performance because it seems the club head is not exactly at the right angle that it should be with the shaft. Anyone know what I can do about this and if it is repairable? I was thinking going to Golf USA and asking if they could get it repaired. I dunno how much it costs though.
  2. I find it hilarious. Who says golf has to be a "quiet" game? As long as they're not yelling it while the player is swinging it's perfectly OK. It's not like they're yelling "YOU SUCK PHIL" or booing or stuff like that, it's just all good, clean fun. C'mon guys lighten up a bit. But I guess most people on here are too serious to think it's funny.
  3. i think i've been getting both of those. Would using a weaker grip, choking up an inch, or moving the ball back in my stance help any?
  4. Lately I've had a problem with hooking my drives and woods/hybrids. They're always low and to the left. I can hit my irons perfectly fine, but everything above the 5 iron i can't seem to hit straight. What can I do to fix this?
  5. I'm looking to get a set of Adams a3 hybrid irons. So far I've looked on ebay and there is a great deal on adams a3's with stiff flex for $25 less and it comes with a free bag. How much of a difference would it make if I could save some dough at the cost of getting a stiffer shaft? I've never been fitted so I don't really know if reg or stiff is right for me. Right now I have a slice and I don't know if it has anything to do with the shaft flex. Any advice helps.
  6. I'm looking for some new irons for a good price as well. So far I'm interested in the Wilson Staff Di7 or Ci7, and also the Adams a3 hybrid irons.
  7. Ask the seller for the serial number of the club