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  1. Shoulders slightly closed at setup ,At setup keep hips toward target which to gives your hips room to rotate ,this also allows room for your right shoulder to drop and come to ball on an inside path as you fire the hips at top of backswing .As important is spine tilt it should be slightly towards back foot and at impact and follow through your head should feel like its out over the area behind the ball ,like laying your head on a pillow this keeps you on plane in the follow through and keeps you from jerking your left shoulder out,and your center of gravity behind the ball .Another thing that helps me is keep left shoulder as high as possible on backswing and rotate right shoulder toward shoulder blade or toward your back not up ,Hope this helps not an expert just know this works for me
  2. Slice is my miss to ,power k setup ,light grip ,feel club head turning over ,avoid dipping left shoulder down to low ,feel right shoulder go back ,keep spine angle behind ball and it feels like head goes out toward tee on follow through works for me to hit a draw