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  1. I have developed a hobby that grew out of a curiosity about how golf balls are constructed. I make objects like clocks from golf balls that have been cut in half to reveal their interior. (For more information on this see: http://interiorgolf.weebly.com/). In the course of cutting some golf balls in half I came across one (older Callaway model) that looks like it was manufactured incorrectly, see attachment below. Notice how the core is off center, or lopsided. I imagine this would affect the flight of the ball if the density of the core and the second outer layer is significantl
  2. I just got one as a gift, and tried it out for the first time this past weekend. I wore a GPS watch to compare the yardages on drives etc to the yardage the watch calculated and they were spot on. Overall I'm very impressed so far. BustinRuston
  3. Every wonder what the inside of the new golf balls look like? Check out this site which displays the interiors of all the major manufactuer's models of golf balls: http://interiorgolf.weebly.com/. The slide show is particularly interesting. BustinRuston
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