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  1. I think if I can keep the ball on the golf course, that'll be an achievement in itself.
  2. I'm going out to hack it around tomorrow and will report back on what happened.
  3. I just used a website to calculate my handicap and apparently it's 21, so I'm joining the race to break 90.
  4. 47-46 93 the last time I played. I made 7 pars and kept the ball on the golf course the majority of the time, so that was good. Going out again tomorrow to see if I can do better.
  5. I'm hitting a hybrid at the left edge of that bunker and then a wedge in.
  6. How about the Allergic to Walking Guy? This guy will top the ball 15 feet, get in his cart, drive up to the ball, get out of the cart, top it 15 feet again, get in the cart, drive up to the ball, etc, all the way up the fairway. I've had the misfortune of playing with several of these individuals in the past.
  7. First round of the season today. Shot something like 120, I don't even want to know the exact score. Almost every shot was topped or bladed. The only thing that was decent was my putting. Just to give you some perspective, I used to shoot consistently in the 90s. Hopefully the second round of the season goes better. Perhaps I can write this one off as just being out of practice.
  8. How did this idiot manage to hit a ball directly behind him?
  9. Good points. I think handicaps are designed to remedy this problem because they take the course and tees you play into account.