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  1. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Assistant Golf Professional at Holly Tree CC in Simpsonville SC
  2. Will This Ruin My Titleists

    Just to give my input on this subject, Bending a club is easy to do and forged clubs will bend far. I have personally bent some 10 degs (for Fun). It is recommended that now more then 4 max should be done. Also every 1/2 inch above standard you go, that adds 1 deg upright to the head and vice versa.
  3. hybrids and 5 woods

    I carry just a Driver and a 4-wood. Most courses that are played (atleast by me) do not require a hybrid club. The 4-wood gets me the distances off the tee i need for short par 4s and on the par 5s, if im not going for it in two, im laying up with an iron. All in all I believe that unless you have trouble hitting your 3-6 iron, you shouldn't need the hybird. Those were made to replace or be an alternate for these long irons.
  4. swing problems :(

    One thing that i learned in the golf academy is to take a peice of 2x4 of wood and put it about 3-5 inchs behind your iron. On your take away try and push the block back striaght, if it goes out then you are taking it back inside and if it goes inside then you are taking it back outside. nice trick that can help.
  5. noobie to the SandTrap.com

    I play a lot during high school then took a break during college and have now started back up. Over all I have been playing for about 8 years now. After i finish here at the SDGA I hope to continue in golf and become a pro at a club somewhere.
  6. Hello to everyone. I was trying to do some research on some clubs and the forum popped up and has been the most help. So thank you to all and i look forward to reading more and sharing what i can. I currently live in Myrtle Beach, SC and attending the Golf Academy of the Carolinas. Which is part of the SDGA. Thanks again Grudz04