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  1. Assistant Golf Professional at Holly Tree CC in Simpsonville SC
  2. Just to give my input on this subject, Bending a club is easy to do and forged clubs will bend far. I have personally bent some 10 degs (for Fun). It is recommended that now more then 4 max should be done. Also every 1/2 inch above standard you go, that adds 1 deg upright to the head and vice versa.
  3. I carry just a Driver and a 4-wood. Most courses that are played (atleast by me) do not require a hybrid club. The 4-wood gets me the distances off the tee i need for short par 4s and on the par 5s, if im not going for it in two, im laying up with an iron. All in all I believe that unless you have trouble hitting your 3-6 iron, you shouldn't need the hybird. Those were made to replace or be an alternate for these long irons.
  4. I play a lot during high school then took a break during college and have now started back up. Over all I have been playing for about 8 years now. After i finish here at the SDGA I hope to continue in golf and become a pro at a club somewhere.
  5. Hello to everyone. I was trying to do some research on some clubs and the forum popped up and has been the most help. So thank you to all and i look forward to reading more and sharing what i can. I currently live in Myrtle Beach, SC and attending the Golf Academy of the Carolinas. Which is part of the SDGA. Thanks again Grudz04