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  1. I like DJ, Spieth and Rahm. So when does Tiger have to commit or not?
  2. Good news... https://www.mygolfspy.com/costco-sues-acushnet-titleist-in-response-to-letter/
  3. Or an excuse with the Mrs to get a new pair. ;) What was that brand of sunglasses?
  4. Based on my research and also clarified at Oakley yesterday, polarized glasses are not conducive to golf.
  5. Thanks Iacas. Yes, I just got back from the Oakley store and got the Prizm lenses. Very happy with them. Can't wait until it greens up around here.
  6. Yes, read that article myself this morning. Hopefully, the price does not increase too much.
  7. What are the best color lenses for golf overall? Go...and thanks in advance for your posts.
  8. I just played my first round with the K-sig in Florida Sunday. I can honestly say, they were as good as advertised for sure. Great ball flight, long and soft around the green. I wish I would have loaded up and bought more than 10 dozen.
  9. I got a call back from Costco. Guy said you are the 40th person that I have talked to about these balls. He said yes, the reason the site is so bogged down is 100% the balls.
  10. Anyone know what's going on? I've been refreshing my browser for 30 mins. They still say out of stock.
  11. I would suggest setting an alarm on your phone to log on the next release date. I did so didn't have a problem. Just wish I would have grabbed some more.
  12. I was able to jump on early and grab 4 doz, but they are already sold out again. Wish I would have bought a ton and sold them on eBay.
  13. The Kirkland vodka is actually distilled and bottled at Grey Goose.
  14. I have not done yoga in many years, but I'm going to be 45 next month and not really digging the little extra weight I have put on. I plan on doing some sort of yoga training (at home) 4-5 days a week after the holidays. I originally started doing it while I was single for the sole reason of working out with chicks in yoga pants (the person that created those is a genius). It was a hell of a lot harder than I had anticipated. I did vinyasa yoga which is also know as hot yoga. They crank the room up to 90 degrees and you sweat more than you ever have. I was a high level soccer player for the majority of my life, so I was somewhat flexible, so I thought. Anyway, it's not easy to get in these poses and hold them for long lengths of time at first. It's one of the best workouts that I have ever experienced. Your flexibility will be greatly increased as long as you stick to it. Do what you can whether it's once a week or every day. Some stretching is better than no stretching. Happy Holidays. Rick
  15. I wasn't looking to buy one just wanted to know if anyone has tried it out. I am seeing a lot of commercials on the Golf Channel and I'm getting videos from Haneyuniversity emailed to me. Thanks for the replies fellas.
  16. Has anyone tested this new wedge? Is it just another gimmick? Thanks.
  17. I just bought SwingTalk and love it. It made me realize how flat my swing was and has not only helped with distance, but also accuracy. I think there are a lot of unnecessary stats for a player of my caliber, but for a lower handicap it may be beneficial. Here are two screen shots from a swing of mine compared to a pro. Mine is the (blue) and pro is (red). My takeaway is too inside, very flat and backswing is excessive. After seeing this I was able to take my club more out, create a better arc by swinging steeper and shortening my backswing. I've only had it a couple of days, but my initial thoughts are for $150 I think everyone can gain something from it.
  18. Watched Tiger today and he looked the Tiger of old. His short game looked really good from what I saw. Phil played with DJ, Rickie and Snedaker and I know they had $$ on a few holes bc they finished three of the holes we watched before starting to practice putting and chipping. Phil put on a nice show with his flop shots for the crowd. What an incredible experience. I feel very blessed to have witnessed what I saw today. It was completely astonishing.
  19. Enjoy Carl. My wife won tickets and we are taking our fathers. We're driving from Michigan Saturday and going to play 18 in NC Sunday and then play The Landing on Reynolds Plantation on Lake Oconee GA on Monday. My father always wanted to take his father and his dad died at a young age, so it means so much to experience this with him and my FIL. I guess we'll all be able to check one off the Bucket List.
  20. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm fully aware and I wasn't referencing any particular injury, he's had multiple. Again, it's just my opinion.
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