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  1. Pics From Chamber's Bay & The Seattle Show

    The tree should be fine. When it was vandalized we (Pierce County) hired an arborist to look at it and determine it's condition. We also had about 5 other arborists that called and asked us to look at it and give their opinions for free! I was down there that morning and the reaction from the local residents was amazing; if they had caught the guy that day he would have been buried alive in one of the bunkers! The concensious from the arborists was that with proper care the tree had a better chance of surviving than not.
  2. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a civil engineer for Pierce Co., WA. I have been out of golf for a while but I was transfered to the property where Chambers Bay Golf Course is located a year ago. Driving and walking by the course everyday has made me realize how much I miss playing... so here I am!