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  1. Swindon

    Wedge Gap Question

    Thanks all for your advice - much appreciated.
  2. Quick question on wedge gaps: I play a 50 deg Gap, 56 deg SW, 60 deg Lob. My ‘usual’ distances with these are 100m, 90m, 80m (yes I play metric golf). Those distances with the Gap and SW are consistent, but often I’m finding I come up short (70m) with the lobber. Thinking about putting a 58deg in the bag to bridge this gap, but my question is, will the 2 deg loft difference between a 58 and a 60 really give that much of a distance difference to justify a new toy? (note those distances are carry distance, excluding roll or backspin). Any feedback appreciated, cheers all.
  3. Swindon


  4. Swindon

    Closed Courses You Formerly Played

    Salt Creek in Chula Vista, San Diego. Sad, shot my career low there.
  5. Swindon

    Casual Water in a Bunker Question

    Thanks all for the quick responses.
  6. Swindon

    Casual Water in a Bunker Question

    Agree. So if I drop in the shallowest part of the water, but then the ball rolls back down to the deepest part, can I place the ball in the shallow part?
  7. Swindon

    Casual Water in a Bunker Question

    Deepest part was approx. 6 inches deep, and of course that's where by ball was.
  8. Swindon

    Casual Water in a Bunker Question

    So with no local rule in place, and nowhere to drop in the bunker no closer the hole that isn't under water, the only option is to drop outside the bunker with a penalty stroke?
  9. Ended up in a trap half full of water from yesterday's rain (see pic). Ball stopped in water at this end of the trap. Rules say I can take relief from casual water with a drop elsewhere in the hazard no closer to the hole, but as you can see from the photo, there's nowhere in this trap I could drop out of the water without being closer to the hole. Do I drop in the far end of the trap (closer to the hole), or back out of the trap on the grass (no closer the hole, but now no longer in the hazard)?
  10. Definitely looking for solo lessons, my current swing needs some special help! :)
  11. Hi all, time to bite the bullet, stop trying to self-diagnose and get some lessons. I'm not far from Stadium Golf in San Diego - can anyone recommend (both for and against) instructors based here? Cheers.
  12. Swindon

    Grip/finger rub question

    I'm thinking this is the most likely cause.
  13. Swindon

    Grip/finger rub question

    Thanks for the quick response SS. Should have mentioned that I'd wondered if that was the cause and experimented with a firmer grip, but was still getting the rub.
  14. Hi all, First post here - the forum is a great source of info. Question on grip - RH golfer, using pretty standard overlap grip, glove on LH, no glove on RH. No matter how light I try to keep my grip throughout the swing I keep getting a rub/blister in the area shown below (even through the glove on my LH). Any ideas on why? Or how to stop it?

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