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  1. Any feedback on these new clubs ? for 300-500.00 per club they're the priciest set out there. Hype or are these the real deal?
  2. any good golf specific exercises or books that are out there?
  3. Gentlemen...(...and I use that term loosely...)......Thank you for all the info that you all provided. I was looking at serial #'s, product dates etc....I guess that's because it's the engineer in me, no my 14/15 handicap that's going to make a world of difference..... Thanks again, this site is fantastic, the info that can be gleamed from these forums....!!
  4. here is an excerpt of an article.... sorry for the length... google "the truth between tour vs retail golf clubs " another fascinating tidbit....tour players wedges have at the least ...DOUBLE the bounce that us amateurs play with...somewhere in the 20 degree range.I have an extra SW and went to a club fitter the other day and asked if he either can configure my wedge to 20 degree bounce or I'd buy one (titleist or callaway) and have him configure that....He couldn't or wouldn't do it.....probably thought I was a crazy guy....!!
  5. Has anyone have some knowledge of this subject?. I just googled the title and was shocked that the manufacturers of clubs can almost "sell knock offs " of their own club line. I understand the pros have more of need for perfection with their equipment but I didn't' think the difference between say my driver and Spieth's was THAT much different. Any Thoughts?
  6. maybe with a 30 handicap you should worry about your rapid fire away attitude on the range. If someone is so distracting to you, move down range.
  7. I recently got my hands on a Cobra Fly-Z driver with the stock stiff shaft that it came with. Any suggestions on a reg. shaft that will launch the ball higher and possibly give me more yards....currently a 14 handicapper who hits the driver 210 - 225(ish) yards.... thanks for any suggestions
  8. wow Phil, thank good you don't have any agendas or else you'd really be pissed. I have spent a day @ Metedeconk wit h Eric and yes, I even spent the 24$+/- on the lowest score wins. It's not a bad thing to see other perspectives. I thought most players w/ a plus handicap were hmmm, what's that word???...oh yeah, I've found it.....Pompous....glad you didn't disappoint me.
  9. I got the book and started reading it. I like the concept of not putting a golfer into a "BOX"....Everyone has their own swing, flat,loopy,upright, feet still, feet active,long backswing, short backswing, etc...etc..The author goes on to show a myriad of different golfers with different swings,all making tons of money and collecting big time hardware.His point being that understanding clubface and path are very important factors to scoring. Most of us practice wrong. We look great doing it though, and we don't get that much better because of it. If we practice more with a purpose and a game pl
  10. DAve, you say you're in match play. What's your opponents handicap? you're down 4 after 6 holes...... what holes are you stroking on(holes 7 thru 18)...? I play match play 80-90% of the time within 2 clubs that I play in, When I'm getting strokes, the holes that I'm getting them on I feel I MUST WIN THOSE HOLES, at worst a PUSH.. when I'm giving strokes, the holes that my opponent are receiving strokes, I feel I need to PUSH those holes , if I win those holes it's like a huge hole for me. Match Play is like a chess game., You got to plan your match before you
  11. I'm 57...I'm not sure at my age I can make a substantial increase in fast twitch muscle speed relating to golf or any other sport.(I've done the Ironman competition a number of times, since 1988. Now if I really want to work on swim speed, I can only reach a certain plateau). I've used those 3 swing sticks that have been discussed in another forum, But swinging fast indoors on a simulator vs swinging on the first tee during a competition are two different animals.I guess I'm happy with 90-95 mph and hitting near the sweet spot on an upswing more then 100 mph and possibly hitting off the to
  12. first of all, get your land legs back....you're probably swaying all the time. take the patch off so you can see outta both eyes....and stop using the words fore and aft on the golf course
  13. with the different golf carts at different golf courses, it's hard trying to have a "one fits all"..... I love those covers that I played with on Rum Point in Ocean City...they were really rugged ....!
  14. My overused golfsmith golf cart cover is finially coming to it's end of the line. I'm looking for a better replacement. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations?...Thanks Sinn
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