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  1. I'm going to miss her !...she really knew how to fill out a sweater !!.. wasn't she doing "playing lessons", where she'd play a few holes and talk golf with certain pro's?... what..?..no more..????......................ah crap !
  2. I work for the medical examiner............
  3. Thanks... I'll pm you on who I saw, not wanting to flame anyone in a PMP...Also, I'm free that morning, I've played there numerous times and the course is very close to me !!.. I actually emailed Preston, but have received no response back. look for my pm Sin
  4. I'm on the fence about making a purchase for this video set. I looked up instructors for my area(NJ), found one, but I remember from a few years ago when I received a couple of lessons from him that we never really "clicked". Not saying it was his fault, but I felt we weren;t really jiving together. What I'd really like to do is #1....get a lesson(s) using this method so I can physically FEEL what the moves are...THEN review at my leisure(re:my job when the boss isn't hovering nearby) or @ home(when my SO(former SGT. USMC) isn't hovering around barking orders....The main issue with me is find
  5. I just received my copy of LOWEST SCORE WINS".... First impression is I have been utilizing my practice time soooooo wrong !!!!!!...I've always dumped a bucket of range balls in the greenside bunker, then practiced my 20- 40 yard shots around the green....THEN practiced my fairway bunker shots....oh yeah, those 2-3 footers on the putting green....by the time I got into my irons, I'm always beat !!...now time has reared it's ugly head and I have to always end up leaving the practice range. I thought though, that my short game is whats keeping my 16 handicap....well maybe my practice is keeping
  7. I always feel like I'm going to 'push' the shot right, if I try the 'hitting to right field' thought...visa-versa, on hitting to 'left field' I feel it's a pull or a slice, depending if my club head is open. But I'll keep trying !!!
  8. My suggestion would be to ask around and see who other people think is a good fitter. You're looking for a person, not a chain of stores. If possible, ask your local pro(s), they will likely have a much better idea about who in the area is decent.... BEST ADVICE ONE CAN GIVE !!!
  9. I liked hitting outside and seeing the shape of the shot....in GG I was hitting my G25 7 iron 172....in real life, outdoor with a little breeze I was itting the same G25(blue dot) 155....more like it ...it's the fitter, not the shop. Sinn
  10. I wanted PINGS, I did my research, read reviews, all of that stuff we do before we commit to buy. I set up an appt. at Golf Galaxy(Golfsmith told me I had to wait 2 weeks because they had no openings.(WTF ????).. I go to Golf Galaxy, spend over 45 min.'s between the G25's and G30's...graphite/steel shafts...OK...I make my choice !!! lets go !! I settle for the graphite G25's in a orange dot 11/2 upright....We start doing the paper work, and as I reminded him BEFORE the fitting that I wanted to trade in my 3 yr old MIZUNO's. Well...this is where it all unravaled. He wouldn't talk trade in UNTI
  11. That look like a blast touring the PING factory. As far as the G30 driver (SFT model), it turned my draw into a raging hook, I had no confidence in it. I had the 30 day 'try it if you don't like it,bring it back for a full refund' policy so I got a G25 driver that suits my game very well.
  12. Thanks...I always hear "OUT TO IN".."IN TO OUT"....I have a hard time visualizing these concepts..I'll try this shoebox method tomorrow
  13. Well,I just traded my 3 year old Mizuno MP 53's/steel shafts for PING G 25's w/ graphite shafts. I do not hit a high shot and hoping now w/ the PINGS that I might be able to launch the ball higher.( I went for 2 lessons w/ Mike Breed from the Golf Channel and he noticed that I close down on my irons as well as my woods.)...I just have to trust my swing looking at what looks like a VERY open clubface now.
  14. is the box on the outside of the ball or on the inside...?...I'm having trouble visualizing this.... Thanks Sinn
  15. Same trouble here, I'll take this "minor situation" over another thread and see if I can get this straightened out(pun intended!)
  16. I can only say this is a "IN CLUB" way we play for the GCNJ... it makes our matches ...interesting to say the least...
  17. Thanks guys...not to mention player C is some type of person watching all unfold and not saying a word !!!!...In our league we(foursome) play a STROKE PLAY (with handicaps) against the field and a MATCH PLAY (with handicaps) against the other player in our foursome. That's why I am/was so confused as to what measure to take. Sinn
  18. Right now I'm playing the PRO V's...and also the yellow NXT's as well...I miss the the nike Black's that were around a few years ago, before the vapors.. where can I find this new ball "THE TOUR Z)..?...any big golf shop?...I'd like to give them a try as well !
  19. I'm a newbie so forgive me if I'm either posting in the wrong thread or this has been discussed before. I play in a competitive handicap rule based league, and this is what happened at on a tee box....We (GOLFER'S A,B,C,& D) are playing from the white tees. On the 7th tee...for some stupid inane mental block players A & B hit from the blue tees by mistake. Player C calls them on it after B stripes a drive center cut down the fairway.(I'm player D who was off watering some bushes while this transpired).Now here's the thing...this was in a stroke play event against the field and ALSO a match p
  20. What am I working on...?...For the past 3-4 rounds I have been topping my driver,I just recently got fit for a new set of PINGS(G25,5-UW). The pro who fitted me told me I'm hooding the club and have this front lean when I go after the ball.I never realized this, so I'm trying to change the way I grip the club in my right hand and stay centered swinging the club.Also, I can't seem to hit my 5W or hybrid anymore and have been reduced to laying up a lot w/ a 5/6 iron which had produced some wicked hooks(I recently played w/ MIZUNO S53's...I'm hoping the PINGS are more forgiving. The only reason I
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