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  1. Just received my swing speed clubs and swing radar....I plan on using the protocol training system for this month and all of Feb. My first golf tourny is March 7. Living in NJ, I'm thankful I have access to a 24 hr indoor driving simulator with all the bells and whistles regarding swing speed/launch monitor/spin rates/ distance/ etc....Hopefully I can re-find my drive this year. Last year was so pitiful.Hopefully THIS INVESTMENT will be worth it.!
  2. I have TWO questions Mike.... 1: you said " If you want to hit it farther without changing your swing, have a positive angle of attack with your driver."... Can you explain this to me, I'm having a hard time trying to visualize this tactic.....Thanks... 2:......who uses the phrase " dope thread " anymore ....
  3. I just ordered my super speed golf and the speed detector thing...gonna try this out.....I have a 97-98 mph driver swing now with a 235-240 yd average....hoping to gain 10-15 yds after training with this for a month
  4. What's the difference using these speed clubs(which cost a few sheckles) then say a golf shaft w/o the head on it to "speed train" ?...Or alignment rods...?....wouldn't it feel better swinging a light weight women's club(driver or 5 wood)....
  5. What's your view on swinging a power fan, instead of a weighted club?
  6. I joined a indoor simulator, where for an extra 25.00, I can go(make appt.'s via the internet) at any hour...I've been there @ 4:30am...and s ome nights @ 12:30am...It's a great way for me to dial in my distances, if even in a controlled environment,but at least I have something to go on.I also am using impact tape.My question is I wish I can find somewhere, where I'm hitting the ball(toe/heel etc...) and how to correct that so as to where I am hitting more on the center sweetspot. Thanks for any info on this... Happy New Year Sinn
  7. I am able to hit my sand wedge around 150-175 yds........unfortunately it usually happens when I'm in a greenside bunker.......
  8. What is the percentage of up and down from just off the green....from rough vs. from fairway?
  9. sorry...I meant "height" on the ball
  10. IF I incorporate the 5 simple keys plus the 4 magic moves.......that's only 9 thoughts that I'll need to think about in the (how many sec.'s?) swing movement...!!! just kidding but the only issue I seem to have is when I have my weight forward when I strike my golf shot, I seem to be so far in front of the ball with my head/body....I cannot get any eight on my ball...
  11. After reading "LOWEST SCORE WINS"....does one think that incorporating the moves in this book(FOUR MAGIC MOVES) would help or hurt?...With Lowest Score Wins, it seems like the author likes that 5 simple keys to playing a golf shot, does this new book contradict that idea or further it along.? Every other day I recieve email alerts with Mike Breed's method or the "SQUARE TO SQUARE" method etc.... If this book(4 magic moves) can co-exist with LSW's I'll read it...if it's a different philosophy, I probably by pass it. Thanks for any feedback guys Sinn
  12. I'm going to splurge on myself a gps watch for XMAS... any feedback on the GARMIN's S-2 or S-6's..? Thanks for any feedback Guys.. Sinn
  13. on my IPHONE I use two apps for practicing with a camera..."SLOPRO, and Ubersense"...both have great features. But the difference between camera and mirror are, with the IPHONE, there isn't any handy dandy tripod I can use so I have to keep asking my wife to film me. AND THE F@%KING criticizing that I have to put up with when she's behind the camera.... "you look fat", "with all this practicing you do why aren't you any better" ,etc...and etc....one time she video taped my feet !!...thinking it was a joke(ok...that was a good one)...but all in all w/ the slo mo you can get with these apps
  14. I just joined an indoor golf simulator studio....after every shot,, you can select a shot analysis of every club/shot you hit.It's information overload....Is there a website or anywhere that I can interpret what this data means and how I can correct and improve my indoor practice sessions...some are self explanatory ,,, these I can figure out------ CARRY BOUNCE AND ROLL BALL SPEED CLUB SPEED SMASH FACTOR LAUNCH ANGLE these are a lot harder to figure.... HORIZ. ANGLE SPIN
  15. I love playing 9 before or after I work ALONE...it's the best kind of practice....!!!1 there's a 36 hole muni course 15 min.'s away from my house, I get there and I'm the first one in line waiting for the lazy disgruntled self important starter to open his window in his little shack only for him to say " no playing the back 9 solo !!!!.. WTF not...? A#@%HOLE...so i go out as a single with a threesome and after the first hole, I veer off and hop on the back 9 and play 6-7-8 holes by myself.....at 55 I'm still jumping around on a golf course trying to keep one step ahead of the ranger !!
  16. no offense to you or your son...hopefully he'll be as accomplished as one can get in this silly game we play. But clicking on google and youtube, this Lohren seems to take the Hogan method of teaching to his students.Not saying it's wrong but I for one will stick w/ Erik,Preston and David's teaching....I'm reading their book for the second time now,underlining and high lighting sections to go over in more detail the 3rd go around this winter... My advice is to stick with ONE teacher, One swing philosophy and get THAT right, (like your son)....I went from so many swing thoughts to
  17. Pebble, Spanish Bay, Spy Glass, Stay @ Spanish Bay which I feel is a notch up from Pebble. Play Monterry and maybe a course in San Fran when You are driving down to Pebble...Play Fort Ord and do at least play the back nine @ Pebble Muni.... I go in Jan(4 trips out there)...great priced compared to other months, but weather is iffy at best.
  18. I play with a 3 handicapper who carries one of these in his bag....he never holds up play. For three years now he supplies the guys in my league with whatever golf ball they're using...I haven't paid for a PRO V in so long I can't remember !...(I have on occasion finished a round of golf with him, and gone back to a long par 3 or 4 over water and fished out 400-500 balls)!!!
  19. you could hear the Europeans going crazy with joy during the American press conference outside of where ever they were...emotions were very raw...I did not like Tom Watson as a coach, I didn't like the American team, they were over matched on Fri and Sat,. That being said, if everyone watching on TV could hear the celebration, I'm sure the team could hear it as well...if the press conference was a day later...??
  20. It was tough listening to the conference w/ the Americans and Phil sorta throwing Watson under a bus w/ the celebration going outside....jeez, thought they could've waited a day for the emotion to settle after another loss and to collect ones thoughts.....oh well...
  21. I also believe you have to read it a few times as well....but after seeing Erik in NJ for a lesson, it really tied everything together, WOW...it was a blast, the dude is really that good of a teacher getting a theory/point across....
  22. I'm not sure if this is the correct thread, but a BIG Thanks for meeting up with Erik in NJ with Preston Combs. Both got me 'STRIPING' my ball like never before....I made a mess of my game in Atlantic City the next day, but it was my own fault for over thinking, instead of just playing golf...I'm going to continue to work on what was taught to me this past Friday... Damn...that was a lot of fun !!!...E...you have my permission to use my video as a what not to do swing !!...hoping to get my 15.5 GHIN down a couple/few notches during next season.. SIN...
  23. What's a 28 day squat work out found ??..is this on a app..?
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