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  1. At my old home course, this was about a year ago now I think, on a BIG uphill par 5 where you can easily see your ball fly and land the whole way (it's a grip it and rip it hole, wide open) I hit a killer drive and split the fairway. As I was walking up to my ball maybe 100 ft. out a fox ran out from the right, grabbed my ball, and took off left! It was freaking hilarious! This was during the day time so I notified the clubhouse, since foxes being out at that time of day means there's a good chance it was rabid.
  2. I've had the shanks for about 6-9 months. Took a while off then finally it looks like I've cured them by starting from scratch again with notes I took during my lessons way way back now (2-3 years ago now). A couple weeks have passed and I'm hitting the ball consistently well again with a completely different feel (before it felt awful over the ball and mid-swing). @RussUK I have a similar story. Probably most people know at least one person that has a similar story. Friend of mine in middle and high school played tennis. Everyone said he'd be a pro one day. Played every day for a a decad
  3. 1st round: funny, somewhat entertaining Rounds 2-4: old (So something else, I guess) Do it in the first round as a team announcement type of thing... but I see zero point of doing it for rounds 2-4.
  4. I'm surprised nobody's commented. You've always got to ask yourself what you're objective is in doing these type of regressions. If your hypothesis was that a centered hip turn was NOT significant in the golf swing (and you'd be damned if you let the world not know the truth! :P), then this is the type of data and analysis you'd build, to see if it it was or was not significant. That's not what this is. Even still, regression may not be needed because you could likely just categorize your variables and see the frequency at which a quality golf shot was produced with or without a cent
  5. Last year I was planning on spending some vacation money on playing at a really nice course or 2 but we decided to rent a house in Marathon, FL.... only 1 freaking golf course within reasonable driving distance. I haven't played at any expensive courses yet, only up to $55 I think and only because it was a holiday weekend. I think that's my max. This year we're going to Myrtle Beach. I'm planning on playing 2-3 courses in the $150-200 range if the first one turns out to be worth it. Otherwise, if I'm not feeling the reasoning behind the higher greens fee, I'll hit the cheaper cours
  6. Truthfully, I didn't read all of it. Shame on me. I do get your point about the 20% aspect versus your reference to 10%. I get that. I also see how all courses would have to be dramatically changed. I just feel like that would be... manageable, still. Then again I'm the furthest thing from a course architect. Hell I'm sure my depth perception alone is below average!
  7. Well I guess I'm in the minority opinion here, since I honestly like the idea of "rolling the ball back." It seems all relative, to me. But then I'm not the guy who would be butt-hurt about hitting it shorter. It wouldn't bother me in the least, so long as I'm in an even playing field. Sure course dynamics changes, but I feel like it could be managed. It's not a perfect solution, surely. Far from it. I'm just saying it would be kind of nice not having to walk so far to get to my drive! lol. I also have zero problem playing more forward tees. But I would feel fo
  8. They may not be actors, but I would bet that those players do a ton of shots, all of which are filmed, and they use the BEST shots to show "just how great" the club/gizmo is. That, or they take a bunch of people and only show 2. So sure, those guys that say "I picked up the club and it was instantly better than XYX!" was likely because they were having a good day. You guys know what I'm talking about: you've had a bad week of golf hooking everything off the planet, you're about to give up, then you go to the range and somehow you're puring everything! The one I've been seeing a lot i
  9. I don't know how long I take. But I can tell you I'm probably one of the shortest shot routine people out there. I grab my club, address, look up one time, and swing. No real waggle, zero practice swings. Just step up and hit. I started enjoying golf a lot more when I stopped taking practice swings and waggling and crap. Been doing it this way for a couple years now, probably.
  10. I read yesterday that the higher level graphics cards are completely out of stock, and nearly ALL retail outlets have jacked the prices WAY up. People buying the same graphics cards today are paying 2-3x what they were worth 1 year ago... the exact same card. Not a new year's card, or a revision. The 2015 or 2016 cards. Used for mining. And they're sold out everywhere! Some OEMs are the only ones sticking to MSRP but they go out of stock insanely quickly. Same thing for RAM. Ridiculous prices. So people that are wanting to build new desktop PCs are getting HOSED on graphics card
  11. This is one of the easier issues. Yes, I agree that it's ridiculous to tip-toe around a bunch of things in public schools (K-12) to avoid parent confrontations... but just let the child go to the restroom. If it becomes a problem (they take advantage of that time frequently) you just call their parents and tell them about it. Let them deal with it. My wife is an elementary (K-5) music teacher. She sees ~200 kids a day (I think), 600 kids in her school. They do take advantage. She's brought this up before, and I gave her the advice above. It's ridiculous how much CYA public teachers h
  12. I would love to take my dog with me. I'm sure it'd take some getting used to, but I bet it could be done. I'm sure she'd love it. I don't have a lot of time to take her on walks much anymore. We have a fenced in backyard so usually every day I'll throw the ball (not a golf ball) with her in the yard for several minutes so she gets some good exercise. Lately it's so dark when I get home I just use a laser pointer and she chases that thing like crazy; probably runs a mile every 2 minutes! I wouldn't let mine roam free. I'd probably just toe her on my push cart with a good leash :) I
  13. Very cool. Honestly, I've always told myself that my target lifespan is something like 85 years old. I don't see a lot of 85+ year old guys having a swell life. Then again I'm only 30 so what the hell do I know, lol. But what's this guy's secret?? If I were 103 and still able to get up and off a golf cart and swing a golf club and just make CONTACT... that'd be pretty cool! I'd be okay with that! I'm guessing it's largely to do with genetics, ON TOP OF having a great diet, getting good exercise, etc. Kudos to that guy.
  14. Update to this sort of blog post. I went ahead and replaced the downstairs unit this past weekend, myself! Went back to my old quote from more than a year ago for $6,900 just to replace that one unit. I couldn't bring myself to pay that kind of money. The downstairs unit is a self-contained, packaged unit (a/c and furnace are all in one unit - condenser, blower, evap coil, burners, everything is within the unit. it even comes precharged with refrigerant). I researched more than I really needed to, largely due to the fact that my RETAIL parts, pallet jack rental, and permitting
  15. Lol I never see this problem. All ranges I go to are just areas, no stalls. The divot bomb zones are definitely a problem though. I try to take divots like in the picture that someone posted (and multiple people quoted) but I'll also move in so that it's one square at the end of my session. I was told by someone (cant remember who) that the greens crew would rather re-sod an area with one piece than a bunch of chunks or replacement grass. But now that I think about it.... I'm pretty sure all ranges I go to don't even re-sod... I think they just sand-fill. So Maybe I'm making the prob
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