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  1. I'm playing exactly the right tees :) and I'm glad to get confirmation of that from this great tool.
  2. Wow 41 of us voted #3 and zero other votes. Didn't see that one coming! They're a tool to speed up play, I think. To the contrary of having a rangefinder, people would fuddle more over distances. Even when I used my GPS there's a 5% chance that my location didn't update correctly or is lagging and I could be way off, leading me to second guessing every now and then. With a laser, that doesn't happen. Point, shoot, grab club, and proceed to hit it into the bunker.
  3. If I were a life insurance company and had definitive evidence that someone wasn't wearing their seat belt... I would be pretty damn against paying up - as much as I would sympathize for the family. I always wear a seat belt. If I ever catch my kids not wearing a seat belt... that's no car for 2+ weeks. Period. Even if I had to drive them to school every day and take them to/from work or something it'd be worth the lesson. And to anyone claiming "yea, but seat belts have been known to kill people who would have otherwise survived," no safety system on the planet doesn't have backward causality. It's about putting yourself in the best POSITION, statistically, to avoid an incident. I hate when people make that argument.
  4. @iacas I have this thought all the time. Just because a movie is really "stupid" doesn't mean it can't be entertaining. Hell we watched this movie "Pixel" (2015) only because it was available in 3D and we had just bought our 3D TV so I was pumped to use it. Rotten tomatoes critics: 17%. But we actually kind of liked it, lol. Stupid as crap, but pretty darn entertaining. Another example is rotten tomatoes gave Nerve (2016) a 66%. We really liked that movie. It wasn't great by any means, but it was entertaining.
  5. jkelley9

    Fall Time Change

    I hate "Fall back." I need daylight in the evening to actually do stuff; golf, running. Now I'll only be able to run on weekends or on a treadmill.... and golf on weekend only unless I take a half-day (which I wouldn't do considering conditions aren't "ripe" on golf courses this time of year). 6 more months...
  6. 1. Totally on board with self-driving cars, long overdue 2. New cars have great features that I think should be a mandatory: radar cruise control, and lane departure warning. My wife just got a new Mazda CX-5 a few weeks ago and we got it with this package for about $600 extra and it was WELL worth it on road trips and longer commutes. 3. New cars for a while now (later 2000's?) have mostly always had bluetooth hands-free calling as a feature. Nowadays it comes in nearly EVERY new car by default. And it actually works well (the noise filters are significantly better now). This is what I installed myself in my truck and it's WELL worth it. 4. People, especially the average American, have a severe gap in the action-consequence realm. They fall staggeringly short here. It's one thing to worry yourself to death; it's another thing to have a healthy respect for the consequences of a 2-ton killing machine. 5. I would have zero problem with car manufacturers or the government somehow disabling texting while driving. Sure, I'm not thinking about all the little nuances as to why that may be a bad idea but on the face of it... it sounds pretty good to me. Then again, I'm one of those folks that has nothing to hide from or bend/break the rules that I'm not willing to accept the consequences for... so you know which side of the Patriot Act I fall on... 6. If I got a felony charge for going more than 14 mph over the speed limit on a freshly paved, divided highway, with no cars on the road, dry as a desert, in the middle of the day, in an S2000 (a very small car) with brand new Z-rated tires.... then people who text and drive should also get felony charges. And I fully accepted responsibility for my actions. This may be outdated by the time my daughter can (crossing my fingers for telekinetic texting! lol!) drive but when she can, if I ever caught her texting and driving, she'd be handing me her keys for a long, long time.
  7. These are back in stock, online. The 4-piece version, which I believe is the original. Not the 3-piece version mentioned in the last few months.
  8. I don't know much about golf swings, but that swing looks pretty stiff to me. Not that that's not to be expected, but I'm not sure what the excitement is. And I want my boy Tiger coming back and all. I'm just a little tired by the whole roller coaster that's been the last few years.
  9. Figured I would share my funny golf story from about 4 years ago. I had just joined my current company as a process engineer. I had worked ~2.5 years at my previous job (first job out of college) so I was ~25 years old. I had bought clubs about 1 year prior to that point (while working for my old company) and had taken zero lessons and played MAYBE 3 times since even buying clubs. I got pair with one of the only actual golfers in our company - a very good player (shoots low 70's). He was the R&D manager which I work closely with in my role as a process engineer. Nearly daily. It's a shotgun start and I forget what hole we start on, but the story starts on the tee box on #1 where there's plenty of people around to see. We're waiting on the group in front to clear out and so we're staying loose lightly swinging our clubs. I've got my driver out. So I'm not paying too much attention. Swinging my driver. And then on one full driver practice swing I take a beaver pelt-sized divot (WITH MY FREAKING DRIVER) and it flew right up into this guys BACK and nearly knocks him over. He turns around like His glare nearly burned a hole through me for about 3-5 seconds and I'm terrified what's about to happen as I'm apologizing but then he says "that was pretty funny" and I started busted out laughing (while apologizing). We play in vendor/company captains choice tournaments a couple times a year and usually group up and I'm pretty sure we've talked about that story every time since. Take note from my mistake if you aren't a good golfer, don't take practice swings with someone important 5 ft. down your line!
  10. 7i. Works everywhere for me, hard pan areas around tree roots, pine straw, etc. Way back in stance, closed face, pop down into it and it also goes about ~6-7 ft. in the air and can get up and go about 100 yards for me.
  11. Agreed. My point exactly. Just because it fits, doesn't mean it's comfortable. I would love something like the 5SE size again. That's the phone I would have right now if I wasn't an Android user; I don't care for iOS.
  12. My wife bought one when her hands swelled up during pregnancy (she's still pregnant). She asked me if I wanted to get one and my answer was "why...?" That usually ends the conversation pretty quickly lol.
  13. This is an issue I had before, also. It was easy for me. Pre-golf routine is to take it off and put it through the carabiner clip on my truck keys and put my keys in my golf bag. My wife knows I take my ring off for 2 things: I'm golfing, or I'm running long distance. She understands. As with your phone, wallet, sunglasses, and keys in general the number one thing that works for me (and a lot of people) is to only put them in a limited number of exclusive places. My keys are either in my pocket, in the ignition, on the key hook, or in my golf bag. I NEVER set them anywhere else. I reduced the times I lose any of these items by about 99% since starting this routine. Knock-on-wood but I haven't lost any of these items in probably 5+ years. I've had a pair of sunglasses that I've used almost every day for 10+ years now lol! Still haven't lost those things.
  14. I'm well aware I'm in the minority. I'm not saying the phone companies are making the wrong choice - that would be wildly ignorant considering they're multi-billion dollar companies... And I don't really care if you don't have issues with the size of your phone.... it's pretty obvious that most people don't; that's why they make them that size. I also don't care "if it fits." Yes, I can make these phones fit in my pocket, but I care about the bulkiness of it compared to smaller phones. Just opinions.
  15. I'm getting really irritated with phone sizes. I figured they would have shifted back to being smaller by now, but NOPE. Sure there's smaller ones available, but they aren't flagship. I want a fast, powerful phone that isn't 7 freaking inches. I guess the thing is that most people are glued to their phones. It's a part of them. So it's not so much about the convenience of size as it is the marginal size increase being "nicer" for them. And this is coming from a 29-year old who is all about some science and technology. I'm really pissed, too, at the price for a new Pixel 2. Gotta be flipping kidding me. Bought my Nexus 5X thinking it was the best budget phone for $200 and now the price of the "Google" phones are 3.5x the price....
  16. I learned the proper way to repair a ball mark from the original thread here on TST (and the subsequent lake View Country Club video). Since then I've repaired mine that way (~2+ years ago), but I don't think I've EVER seen a single play repair a ball mark properly. And I have no idea how to bring it up even with people I play with often without sounding like a pompous ass. So it surprises me when I see people on here saying they repair them correctly. Everyone I've seen does the pop up and tamp down.
  17. These things are EVERYWHERE on the market now. Nearly thousands of options. You need to be extremely careful, though, when selecting one. 1. The Asian knockoffs can be unsafe, unreliable, and straight up die on you when you need them most. 2. If you want your phone battery capacity to stay healthy, you need to match the voltage and amperage of your device(s). I have a Nexus 5X and it took me a while to find a backup battery pack that was perfectly compatible. But in putting in that effort (and paying a little more) my phone has plenty of capacity remaining and it's ~3+ years old now.
  18. I don't give a crap how one behaves around me in terms of affecting my ability to play the game: talking during swings, distracting, walking over lines, casting shadows, playing out of turn (I prefer ready golf), any of that and more. Now playing with annoying people is just... annoying. Most of the time I can still enjoy my round by just writing them off. But sometimes, I can't. Very uncommon though. I hate to stereotype, but college kids are the worst people to golf with... and I look like I'm in college still. So slow, think they're pros, and swing a lick, line up every putt from 2 or 3 sides. OMG HIT THE BALL. 50% of me going out to play golf is to just be outside away from computers and concrete. I like to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. That's the type of golfer I am. That said, I don't play slow. Ever.
  19. Apparently I'm a "that guy" at my club but I don't think it's in a bad way though. I've said told this whole story before in another thread (how I found out I was "that guy") but the bottom line is that a lot of folks call me "speed golf guy." I laughed so hard when the person (a kid, actually) recognized me while he was a playing partner one day and went "OH! You're speed golf guy!!!" LOL
  20. Glad to see there's a rule on this, that I agree with. I would have done the exact same thing.
  21. Welcome. I'm also in NC and we have similar tastes in putters :) I use a SC X7M. Although I could use my $15 Yes! center shaft mallet putter and probably putt JUST the same, to be honest. A good place to start is the "Breaking 100 Club" thread. It's either in the general Golf Talk section, or in the instruction section (I think It's in Golf Talk, though). There's a lot of good key pointers on what needs to really happen in order to start breaking a score of 100 without a lot of mechanical instruction. Then you move on to "Breaking 90," "Breaking 80," and so forth. They're good reads and have helped me. I'm on the cusp of breaking 80, myself. Do yourself a favor and don't worry about equipment. It doesn't contribute to SCORE nearly as much as people say it does. A bad swing needs practice work, not new equipment. Lastly, I wouldn't go with the "double-par" way of keeping pace. Go with "max # of strokes," regardless of the length of the hole - or something. Taking 10 strokes on a par 5 will drive some players behind you bananas! Keep a 2 hr 10 min pace though and you shouldn't have trouble (on average). USGA handicapping systems (for non-tournament play) don't even record holes above a certain threshold, based on your handicap index. It's called "Equitable Stroke Control," or "ESC" for short. Look it up. It's kind of weird in that for me now, I don't take anything higher than 7 strokes... so it won't even count the last stroke if I triple bogey on a par 5! (Although you do RECORD it on the score card - it just doesn't get counted against your handicap index) Good luck.
  22. You gotta be kitten me! What kind of idiot demands their putter back after chucking it in the water? If I were the head pro, I would have told him to eff off, too! Or better yet, I would have told him "go in there and find ANY other putter and I'll make sure my guy trades you for yours. Go ahead."
  23. I have yet to play with someone who cares enough where I stand to let me know where they want me (or not want me) to stand. I may not be a great player or anything, but it seems kind of silly to be "affected" by where someone stands on the tee box, or even on greens. Life, and nature, are full of distractions. Do you get bent out of shape when a crow calls during your putt? Someone honks their horn during your back swing (intentionally or not) on the tee box? I don't hit a "better shot" because of where people stand, or how they do/don't move. The only one I can see is a player casting a shadow over a putt line. That one has some merit, but even then if someone did it to me I really wouldn't care. That said I'm pretty non-confrontational so I always try to stand out of people's way, so I don't have a problem with anyone.
  24. Practice lag putts and virtually dismiss practice focused on getting putts on-line or green reading. I wouldn't worry about read so much. A good lag can get you close to the hole with even a sub-par read. Don't over-swing. Just make good contact. Don't care so much about distances. Practice chipping close. You're likely not going to hit a lot of greens. Practice a comfortable rescue shot. Like a knock down trap 7i to get you out of the woods under some branches and up the fairway 50-100 yards if you're lucky. Sounds like a good plan for your situation, to me! I really don't think you need to play a round. You were a 9 hc from what someone else said, so you know how to conduct a round. I'd just hit the practice area a few times. But not for too long.
  25. I've heard that North Carolina has the highest # of golf courses per unit area than any other state. So I would have to say North Carolina :) Here in the Triad, we have PLENTY of muni course options within a 20 minute drive. I'd say at least 15 courses. Probably 20-25 if you include semi-private
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