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  1. I think it completely (but not exclusively) depends on the demographic. A course being reconditioned here in this part of NC probably wouldn't get it's investment back. Lots of courses. Not a lot of money here in the Triad, and there's several good country clubs that are pretty reasonable. If anybody ups the price even by a few bucks, people start playing elsewhere, unfortunately. My course did a good bit of reconditioning these past 2 years and I was happy to pay a little up-tick in price. But a lot of people didn't want to. Whatever, it was less crowded for me this year, then!
  2. It gets pretty windy here regularly, so I just get a feel for it. I've had shots into greens 4 clubs up before and that was with water behind the green! That was a really freaking windy day though. The "grass" test flew out of my hand and went straight sideways. Probably 30+ mph. I probably take 1 to 1.5 clubs per 10 mph of wind on a typical 150 yard shot.
  3. 1. I don't disagree that 50% of people over here are overweight only because I live in the south where frankly... that's pretty true. I've people-watched enough to realize that it's pretty damn close to 50% or more, at least in MY town. That does not speak for other areas including the NE and such. The south is pretty terrible for it though. 2. Portions are ridiculous now. I've only scratched the surface of this thought so I'm sure it's riddled with holes, but the US could implement a law like they do about ordering pitchers of beer. Don't let people in restaurant establishments serve someone ridiculous amounts of food. 3. Yes, fast food is cheaper here. Leads to obesity. My wife is an elementary school teacher in a more impoverished area of town (all children's lunches are 100% subsidized by the state). She says it's really sad seeing her poorer children with guts because of it, and also because they aren't active enough 4. Cheap fast food leads to obesity, which leads to health problems, which UNNECESSARILY jacks up total healthcare costs. I hate it. But I'm also sympathetic to folks in poverty, because I get it. I had < $100 in my bank account for a 9-month stretch while in school at one point (while working 2 jobs) and nearly literally lived off of Taco Bell's $0.89 5-layer burrito for MONTHS. Luckily I was educated enough to know I needed to exercise and get at least vitamins and minerals in my system to not completely compromise my health. I really want education to be more mainstream and widely available. I want the rappers and athletes to go away in a sense that are causing these kids to not care about school because "I'm going to be a pro basketball player" or "I'm going to be a music artist!" You tell them the chances of that are 100,000:1 and they would say "but I can do it, I'm the best!" I feel like, at this point, the only way to fix this is to make it "easy" for people, or restrict the bad stuff. Restriction is tough with the rampant lobbying around the food industry (just like smoking, which is still a facepalm for me). It's a sad situation.
  4. It tickles me every time someone mentions the "concerns" or "safety" aspect of aspartame, still :) There's a lot of flub studies on a bunch of different things, but the scientific studies of aspartame is not one of them. It's clear cut, like iacas said. THAT said, I don't drink coke zero. Not any diet beverages. But then again I'm not drinking any sodas much nowadays (even though my fridge is full of them). I much prefer coke, though. And I can, hands down, do a blind taste test between coke and pepsi 100 times in a row and I will be correct 100 times. I'd put money on it.
  5. Yea the standard interest rate was 3.7% or something for most places. I made it clear that whatever deal we go with we're wanting financing at LEAST under 1%. One thing I was shocked about was we were looking at the Honda CR-V and they offered 0% financing on all of their models EXCEPT the CR-V and one other model. That makes ZERO sense to me. The lowest they would go, with excellent credit, was 3.4%. I said thank you for your time, but I'm not going to buy a car from someone exploiting the need of a family vehicle and charging interest of $30-40 every month when MONEY IS MONEY. I feel like it's borderline discrimination - although I know it isn't. Just felt like it at the time. Mazda gave us 0% for 36 months and 0.9% for 60 so we chose the latter considering we're having a child soon anyways. That way I don't have to change any recurring deposits into our investment accounts and make more money off them than the 0.9% from the payment. Glad to be done with the new car buying process. I'll take the used car market buying process (private party) any day even though it has it's frustrations too.
  6. We ended up going with the Mazda CX-5. Got it for about $2k less than the "fair purchase price," out the door including tax, title, and all fees. I don't feel like we got a stellar deal (I was exhausted from the whole process and ready to get the rest of my Saturday back) but I don't feel like we got a bad deal either. The Equinox was a close second, as was the Rogue. We're really happy with the car though, I just hate being on the car payments again! But it's for my wife and our first child so... gotta do what you gotta do. Safety first! I'll still get the satisfaction of driving my $3,700 truck around, lol.
  7. I've read only page 1 of this thread and I've determined it's been the dumbest thing I've read in quite a long time. Just... wow.
  8. Thanks everyone for your help. I've read some interesting articles around both consumer reports and sites like Truecar. Most interesting is the Clark Howard article around buying a new car.
  9. My wife and I are planning on buying our first "new" car (small SUV, actually) and I'm wondering what is realistically a "great deal" nowadays. We're highly value conscious, and practical people. The only reason we're buying a new car is because her's is 14 years old, she's 5 months pregnant, and I want her to be in something that is very safe and up to the latest safety standards. With the evolution of "Truecar.com" are they honestly showing you what a "good deal" is? I've heard of two instances recently where people apparently got fantastic deals. The one I can remember the details was someone bought a $33k sticker price toyota camry, 2017 model, fully loaded, brand new for $22k. That's like... 30% off! Truecar says his exact car is basically $25k... so he got it for much less than that. When my wife and I are looking at Truecar, the prices are basically matching the sticker prices we're seeing on the lot minus maybe 5%. What's the situation nowadays? We're not even picky. My wife wants a couple of options, most are take-em-or-leave-em, color isn't super important, we just want a decent car for a good value. So I feel like we have room to negotiate. 2018 models are coming soon, and dealers are telling us this is a slow time of year. So what can we reasonably expect to get off sticker, for a car they they may be trying to unload to make room for new inventory? Just a ballpark range? Is this even the right time of year to be buying? Should we wait? Are we suckers if we pay anything in dealer fees? I've already brought up to a couple dealers (we've gone to kia and hyundai so far) that we can either finance low (preferable) or buy the car outright in cash. So we can't be squeezed there. We're going to a few more dealers this week, we're looking at anything from a hyundai tuscon, mazda cx-3, honda cr-v, ford escape, kia sorento, those kinds of vehicles. sub $30k. Any insight/advice y'all have would be fantastic!
  10. Pretty weak bro, LOL. Besides, how is that going to help you? You're weighting your putter down, and you've covered up your point of address between the face and the ball!
  11. Pace of play is a part of golf. I don't care if you, or I, are in league play. I don't care if you're a +4 or if you're a HC - play at a normal pace. If you're going to play slow, at LEAST let the group behind you play through. You aren't entitled to SQUAT unless specifically addressed by the course that you have squat. Slow play if freaking terrible for this game. #1 pet peeve.
  12. I might do this this year rather than my annual golf membership considering we're having our first child soon. I already have a setup in the garage to hit off of a mat into a net. Would be great for winter too. I like that it's made by a reputable company with similar products in the $XX,XXX range.
  13. I'll never lay up farther away from the green if the amount of hazard relative to my target area is the same for different clubs. Never. If a 7-iron will put me at 100 yards and I love my 100 yard shot versus a 3w will put me on or close to the green, even if I hit my 3W a lot worse than my 7i, if the hazard level is the same, I'll pull 3w.
  14. We all struggle with this. Every one of us, I'm sure, albeit at different levels of play. You have to force yourself to focus, and change. You can't be "afraid" to miss big. This is the number one problem for me. I'm so afraid of hitting a massive slice that I tighten up and make my same old bad swing. Yesterday I FORCED myself to play (what I felt was) the right swing. I hit 8 of 9 greens. Just one data point, sure. But it's getting my mind right. I'll have bad days in the future, but what I need to do is continuing to try getting my mind right and make the right swing. Not the "ol' swing."
  15. I'm assuming you're trying to find the right ball for you. If that's the case, I would recommend buying by the dozen, despite the additional cost. Also, I'm pretty sure I couldn't definitively say a ball was "for me" unless I had played at least a dozen. Maybe I lose more golf balls than you, though. If after a sleeve they're a definite "no" you can still use them for those days you're playing poorly or something.
  16. This is exactly what I would do. 100% serious. It's not even that difficult to DIY. An electrically actuated irrigation solenoid valve, motion sensor, a little wiring and boom, you're done. I'm also into the whole IP camera thing so I would have a blast installing both a DVR outdoor surveillance system coupled with the motion sensor sprinklers and would be tickled every time I got notification of it being triggered!
  17. Swing changes - My grip got weak over time so I've strengthened it this season. I had more of a pull-through swing started by addressing the ball with the club shaft way forward and OPEN; I've since changed back to more flat at address and a slightly closed face (thanks to my new grip) and have room to weight shift forward with still a negative angle of attack. Decision making - The biggest one I've made is not rushing into another shot after making a bad shot. That's where my blow-up holes were happening and were quite frustrating, leading into the next hole or series of holes. Equipment - This season I think I've had zero equipment changes.
  18. Played ~102F with a heat index even higher, very high humidity, at one point last year. I was the only person to walk the course that day. I drank (4) 32-oz hydroflasks of my signature 10% orange juice and 90% water blend and also (1) 12-oz gatorade. Also didn't pee until after I got home but I didn't feel sick. So apparently I got it just right. Which is a scary thought. a few ounces less and I might have been in trouble. I also learned that day that when playing in those conditions you ought to have the phone number of the clubhouse, just in case. Someone recommended that on these boards a while back. Heat stroke can come very quickly.
  19. Did the dry erase marker test. My half-swing and full swings were hitting 1/2" towards the heel every shot. I had no freaking clue. I did this test probably 25-30 times with SW, 9i, 7i, 5i and even my 3h. All we're 1/2" into the heel. So I'm already making some adjustments there. Basically trying to hit the toe, and it lines out into the sweet spot much more often (and getting better distances). I had this problem with my driver all along. I do the same thing and aim for a little toward the toe. Has been working like a charm for many months now. My irons are new enough that I never really noticed any wear spots in the heel. Hm.
  20. My game has progressed well but I believe my full swing is getting worse. I've been shooting 81-84 again this season on the easier par 72 courses in my area, which is a little better than what I was shooting at the end of last season. I've learned that my swing is a half-swing at best. I'm terrified of a full turn. I'm hitting a 7i about 145 and irons are pretty well gapped down to AW which is where things get funny. My AW goes only about 80 yards and my SW goes only about 60 yards. Unbelievably short. Oddly, I can hit a 240-250 yard driver (with roll out) with this half swing. I started realizing that on AVERAGE I'm missing a LOT more greens now. Sure I have a good GIR day here and there, but my average # GIR now blows. I kind of realized this when I started getting "good" with chip and pitch shots. I realized I was getting "good" with them because I was NEEDING them a lot - from poor approach shots. Anywhere from 5 to 40 yards, all the time. And even though I was putting it to 5-15 ft... that doesn't mean I was making a lot of those putts. My putting is also wildly hit or miss - which means it sucks. I haven't been going to the range much at all these days. I need to. I went yesterday and "lined some stuff out" which probably means nothing for my game. But I did focus on making a full turn again. It's amazing the difference even just the sound the ball makes. I make an incredibly few amount of birdies. MAYBE 1 birdie for every 54 holes. A great golfer at work that I play with often told me straight up that I'm never going to be good if I don't make a full swing and that I need to stop kidding myself. I told him before I didn't mind my half swing because it would "protect my back for more years." But this may have just been naivety. I'm 29 years old so I've got plenty of golf left in me, but I will start working on a full swing again. I'm just terrified of the big misses that are going to come back.
  21. Is his hall of fame status questionable at this point...? I thought it was a given?
  22. It's a moot point for me. If someone is taking 6 strokes into a par 5 and they're keeping up with the group in front of them, then I'm turning my cart around (or driving back) to the parking lot, getting into my truck, going home, and cracking open a beer to curb my frustration.
  23. I imagine you take a large divot, too.
  24. As others have already said: pace of play 1st, everything else is 2nd. Especially if you're shooting over 100, and 3/4-putting every green, you should NOT be spending 30 seconds lining up a putt and practice swinging a putt. That drives me bonkers. Also, if you've taken 6 strokes on a par 5 and haven't reached the green yet, pick it up and move on to the next hole.
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