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  1. @bkuehn1952 beat me to it. This is essentially exactly what I was going to say (below) I'm not a golf pro. I'm just saying that my observation (take it for what it's worth) is that people try to muscle and over-hit the driver way more often than not. They get really tense over the ball and I can just see so much tension and rigidity in their swing. Then they hit it 200 yards. My driver swing is the most effortless swing I have in my bag. I'm not saying you have to play a driver. Hell, I've left my driver AND 3w at home, TWICE. But I did that just for fun to see how my game would c
  2. I always found it odd that people want to leave driver in the bag. It's the biggest faced club, you don't make contact with the turf, and it's nice and light. I think most people struggle with it because they try to hammer it. They can't hit it far, so they try to swing harder. When people try to hammer it, the most often thing I see is a massive slice. Honest to God, I can hit a 250 yard drive (with avg roll out, not sure what my carry is) with a 3/4 back swing and it be almost effortless. It's the most butter feel in the golfing world, to me. I also cut my driver shaft down
  3. So I'm proud to report that I'm officially in the "animal stole my ball" club! I played the senior tees this afternoon and on a long uphill par 4 I hit a 2h from the tee, beautiful shot, center fairway in the perfect landing area. As I'm walking up to my ball huffing and puffing (this is a super steep hill), I see a FOX dart out from the right, right across the landing area, stop in front of my ball, not even sniff the thing, pick it up, and run away! The son of a biscuit even LOOKED at me briefly has he was high-tailing it off the fairway! I laughed so freaking hard watching him wi
  4. Strangers I'll never bet. People I know and play with often, sure. Often times not a lot of money changing hands. If they're (strangers) persistent, which has only happened once, I have no problem telling them no a couple times and then making it a problem. If someone is badgering, they're badgering. Usually no way out of it unless you get confrontational to some degree. The one time it happened I said "If you want to play for money, play in another group, I don't mind playing by myself." He did end up leaving because he was miffed at my response.
  5. The hover technique gets my arms way too tense. My most loose swing is with the driver. Personally, I align it to "try" and hit it above 0.5" towards the heel because my coordination puts that in the sweet spot. If I actually try to hit the center of the face I very often hit it in the heel about 0.5". Just a hand-eye perception thing, not a big deal.
  6. I had 2 clubs do this to me. I brought them to golf galaxy. One of the club heads had come unglued and even turned on the shaft (which I didn't even know, but I guess it was slowly moving with shots). The other it was just the piece moving up on the shaft shich he said was just cosmetic (my 8i). My 8i still has that gap (probably 1/4"), no big deal.
  7. 1. Work - transitioning from engineering to management... so doing 2 jobs for a while and often times staying pretty late which means no summer evening rounds 2. School for MBA, most evenings are shot 3. House projects, most weekends are shot The last thing I'm holding on to is my Saturday morning group, but I think I'll even have to cut that back to every other week to make time. I don't even have kids yet... wife is preggo too so when the baby comes I'll probably be at zero golf.
  8. Less than 70%. I don't even take a full back swing. Might be the leading cause of some of my issues, though. But right now I hit a 7i 145 yards carry and I'm okay with that. Driver 230-240 carry probably (usually about 240-250 average with roll out). I play with guys 30 years older than me that will take a 9i to the tee box and I'll be carrying a 6i or 5i. Kinda sucks... but it's just how I play. I look at it as I'm saving my back - but that may be an erroneous assumption.
  9. Congratulations @Golf Grouch. I'm particularly glad you won it considering you already use a push cart that is pretty old and it will feel like a true upgrade to you (especially if you're still pumping tires!). I lover my Sun Mountain micro sport push cart, so I'm sure you'll love this one too.
  10. Yea, just don't connect them. But it would be a shame!
  11. I researched TVs heavily last year. I was like you, just going to find a budget 4k or even a 1080p TV (65-inch also) because I'm not a videophile. I just wanted something bigger than the 46-inch Westinghouse's in our house that had performed fine for 6+ years (and still do). The problem was, TVs have gone downhill in terms of quality (imo). My 1080p LED Westinghouses that my wife and I bought on a Black Friday from Target for $300 ea. seemed higher quality than 90% of the models available last year. We ended up buying the 65UH9500 because we got a good deal on it, but I'm STILL not
  12. I was wanting to make a mock shot zone map for Jordan's playoff hole on the 18th with his approach shot but I haven't had the time. I was thinking I would make a 4-ft diameter circle around the hole and label it as a hazard, and I would label the bunkers green for good! Maybe make it a meme. Another one would be Jordan talking to his caddie, make a meme where his caddie is giving him advice but Jordan interrupts him saying "I'm just going to put it in the bunker, I'll be safe there!"
  13. My top sell out moment was buying a brand new Scotty Cameron putter. I have always felt like a putter is a freaking putter. If yo'er a good putter you can probably putt with my $15 Yes putter. Well I was (and still am) a sucky putter and buying a super nice flat stick likely didn't help squat! lol My recent behavior of being a sell out is using my 20-deg 3h for all shots 160-200 yards. Because my swing magically started sucking again. Yep. I'm as fickle a swinger as they come.
  14. I have 1 shot that is absolutely leaps and bounds more heroic than any shot I've ever made in my life... and it happened just about 2 weeks ago. I'm playing 9 holes after work one day. Nice weather, but I'm playing fairly poorly but not terribly. I'm still enjoying myself. I get to the 9th hole and I'm something like 9 over for the round if I'm remembering correctly. It's a dogleg left 525 yard par 5, uphill, upwind (usually) with a massive grain silo smack at the turn of the dogleg (the signature monument for the course). There's no trees but to "cut the corner;" you have to hit it somet
  15. That's really interesting. And just yesterday I was held up behind a cyclist on my narrow, weaving, blind corner back roads. What kind of idiot does it take to choose that as their path? Put your bike on/in your car, drive to somewhere safe, start cycling, obey traffic laws, finish, and drive home. It's easy. I wish cyclists were required to have identification plates including their life insurer so I could call the insurance company and let them know "hey, this guy is in a high risk category - basically asking to be killed!"
  16. I laughed out loud when he did that. I actually thought it was silly in a way that likely calmed himself down a bit. That's actually the personality I will assume when things like that happen to me. He knows it's not the iron's fault (duh) but it's a humor mechanism. I loved the way he cradled the club face specifically, looked it "straight in the eye" and said "what's wrong with you!" So funny. I love that about him. I think it's a positive thing.
  17. I'm not a doctor, but I believe this is valid. I wouldn't recommend full 180 degree inversion for any length of time but the inversion table things nowadays seem to have a pretty sound reasoning behind them. I've actually been meaning to try one as I feel some of my early back pain is a result of constant compression, as you've said.
  18. I have a 4-wheel push cart... and I always take it up to the tee box... I can't see how that's damaging at all - and I do understand the sensitivity of the tee ground. I would even speculate that the people with stand bags when the two small stand points come out that they plug into the ground to some degree, doing "damage." Is this not even worse? I'll ask our clubhouse today but now I'm afraid of the answer
  19. I'm shocked that a lot of you are surprised. It clearly shows his character... for those of you that are surprised. But is he doing something physically damaging to the course? Meh, probably not. He also owns the course. So it's not like an "I can do what I want on any golf course, I'm a big shot!" It's his property, so really, he can. Should he? No. But we shouldn't be surprised based on what we know about him. So it's just a question about class, and that ship has sailed for this man. <I've reviewed my comment, and I feel nothing here is political - merely character>
  20. Agreed. That data needs to be normalized, heavily. A start would be average hours spent in an automobile per person versus hours spent on a bike on a public road.
  21. My company golf tournament last year (nearly a year ago to date, as our next tournament is this coming Saturday) I played in a 4-some of "friends" of the company, so I was the only company employee. We played captain's choice and we played the "string" game and also each had a mulligan. I was probably playing around a 12hc or something that time of year, and 2 of the people in my group were probably an 8 and a 14. The other guy was probably a 16-20. We played ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENALLY! It was the most awesome round of golf of my life. So exciting to have 3 people miss big and then someone h
  22. Lol that's an awesome idea.
  23. Because it is; terrifying. I think people that cycle on public roads have at least a fleck of insanity. (Speaking as a US citizen) Do you really trust our fellow Americans THAT much? All it takes is one goofball, one clown, one psycho, one driver that's driving without their glasses, one teenager fiddling with their radio/phone, or one mentality unstable person, and the list goes on and on - to end your life or seriously harm you. Question to those that cycle on public roads in the States, if you're on any forums or are knowledgeable in the statistics: what percentage of US drivers
  24. That's not my quote. My quote is I don't care where they ride, so long as it's safe for everyone that already uses the road, doesn't impede traffic, and everyone obeys the traffic laws (..."safety"). There's a (big) difference between a "get off my damn road" mentality and a "I'm going to make you want to get off my damn road" mentality. I am the former. I'm not going to jeopardize someone else's, and my personal safety to express my opinion/point.
  25. 1. Somewhere that does not put themselves in danger, and at the VERY least, does not people others in danger. 2. First off, why are you assuming I think it should be banned? I just want people to be smarter about where they cycle and understand it's not all about them. I don't believe it's "share the road," it's "cars first, bikes second (safely)." If there's a long straight road with plenty of visibility and low traffic, knock yourself out. If you're on a windy road with extremely limited visibility - get the eff off the road; what a freaking hazard to everyone involved. 3. I'm not
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