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  1. That driver should get criminal charges. Period. I've got 2 close co-workers that are big into the cycling, so what I'm about to say I have said openly to them before. Cycling is dangerous. And I'm sorry, but the whole "share the road" thing is effing bull squat. Just because a road was put in and you "also paid for it with your taxes" doesn't mean it was "meant to be shared." It was built to facilitate traffic, or to connect remote locations (for vehicular traffic). You going 20 mph on your bike is a HAZARD to YOU and EVERYONE ELSE on the road. I absolutely HATE having to drive around cyclists because it scares the crap out of me that I'm going to crash head on into another car. Or frankly, I'm afraid I'm going to hit you and do irreparable damage to you and be sued by you or your family. I don't know if you're a gold medal winning cyclist who can stay in a 6-inch span or if you're a "weaver." So I have to make room for worst case, which means I'm almost all the way in the on-coming lane in my slow ass pickup truck. There's few thing I feel this strongly about. Cyclists should get off the road. I'm sympathetic, because I know what it means to have a good fitness hobby and frankly cycling would do WONDERS for me, but I have decided not to pursue it because it's UNSAFE FOR EVERYONE. You CAN"T argue with that. It's the fact that you're going 20 mph (or less, usually) that is unsafe. Motorcyclists going the speed limit, yes we should share the road - but they aren't going 20 mph. Sorry if this upsets some people. But I reiterate, that driver intentionally trying to knock that cyclist off the road should get major jail time, for attempted murder, in my opinion.
  2. I will do a vlog today for kicks. I'm playing 9 or MAYBE 18 holes in a couple hours. I'll be walking with my push cart so I should be able to get my existing phone mount swung around to take video of some shots. You guys just want a few shots with a good mix, right? Like some drives, approaches (long and short), chips, pitches, sand shots, etc. right? Not like every stroke of my round? But honestly I'm out of the running. My game is improving greatly now and I'm back to pushing breaking 80 (on easier courses), and my score spread is tighter again. The problem is I can't keep a legitimate handicap. I play every Saturday with my normal group but they play by different (highly advantageous) rules. Any other time I play (90% of the time) I'm playing by myself in the evening. So 95% of my rounds I can't record. I'd still like to finish my application so that next year I can be more considered when I apply again, if I can actually break into a single digit legitimate handicap. I've got to do some thinking on how to figure that one out. I've got a guy at work playing in a league down the street from my house in the evenings, maybe they play by the real rules of golf. Edit: never mind, I found the vlog instructions on the OP. Y'all aren't making this easy :P
  3. Shot 41 par 37 Friday evening from the senior tees 2,937 yards at my home course. 5 pars, 4 bogeys - an excellent feeling round after not having touched a club all week. It's nice looking down at the scorecard with no double boxes - looks much "cleaner." Especially since I play by the rules of golf when I play there. Shot 82 par 72 (+10) with my Saturday group. This isn't really close to breaking 80 with this group. They have "easier" rules so even if I shot a 78 I don't think it would count. For instance, any ball not on the green they allow you to move one club length, improved lie it's still fun golf though. I'll just can't record that for true handicapping purposes (by a LONG shot lol). But this past Saturday I made it through hole 15 only +7 with a drive-able par 4, an easy par 3, and an easy par 5 to go. I roll up to the par 4 and the dang tees were WAYYYY in the back so I'm like crap, "just gunna lay up at the dog leg." Duffed my drive 50 yards ahead. I'm like "okay no big deal dude you've been scrambling your butt off like a champ today, just knock it down where you wanted your tee shot. So that was an easy 3H. Hit that stupid fat and ended up 10 yards short of clearing the trees so I had to play the same 3H to punch under the trees and try to roll up to the green @ about 120 yards away. I literally WHIFFED. Chunked the grass 5-6 inches behind the ball. I hadn't done THAT in like 2 YEARS. The guys looked at me, I look back and say "yyyyep... that's a stroke. I actually tried to hit it." They're confused and the older guy said "but you didn't touch the ball so it doesn't count." Obviously I wrote the stroke down anyways. Then punched up fine and trickled into the front side bunker. Got out of the sand on the very edge of the front side green, pin literally 90 feet severely uphill. I felt like I had to take a full swing - the amazing part? I almost made the putt! but alas, it was a tap in triple bogey lol. But I didn't let that get to me, I par'd the last 2 holes. Final scorecard was 1 triple (#15), 1 double (#2), 5 singles, 11 pars! I think I hit 4 greens lol. I scrambled like a freaking champ though. The round included 1 duffed drive, 1 "dumb" lost ball, a whiff, a WILD 9-iron blistering newbie shank. A duffed 3-wood on 18 (that I still managed to par), and a missed 2-foot putt - you heard that right.... 2 feet But playing at my home course in the evenings I'm hoping to break 80 still. It's usually only 9 holes at a time, though. Breaking 80 is tough!
  4. Glad someone said it (politely) before I did (which may have been more demeaning) lol. But it's that type of comment that scares the crap out of me. For example, a nearly PERFECTLY similar example to that would be to say "consuming water causes death." Back in the early 2000's a radio show had a water chugging contest to win a Nintendo Wii. Shockingly, nobody on the staff knew that chugging water can kill you, easily. You dilute the salt in your body so low that it can't conduct electricity (which is what your brain needs to communicate with your muscles and organs). A well known fact. The woman died. Water is essential for human life. ...so is glucose. It's literally #2 essential to humans.
  5. I'm back up to speed on my game where I'm starting to push breaking 80 again. Swing feels good, putts are decent, chips/pitches are pretty good, approach shots are a little weak (getting very few GIR but a LOT of nGIR so not terrible). I was 4 over through 13 last weekend and wasn't fatigued or anything, still feeling good, feeling positive. I really didn't feel like it got in my head either, but I did end up pulling my drive on #14 into the woods left and thought it was an easy find.... nope. Re-teed and hit it left rough on a dogleg left so I had to lay up. Ended up triple bogey. The only reason I feel like I have blow up holes is because I start rushing, because I don't want to slow my playing partners down - I learned that about myself this past weekend. The next few holes I had some poor shots that ended up costing me. Only shot an 85. Oh well, it was still a lot better than I had been playing (score-wise). Also noticed this past weekend that my shots are NEVER long, always short. I need to club up way more often than I currently do. I think I'll be pushing low 80's again soon. I feel like my swing is there, but probably not my overall game. It's still early in the "season" here. From May-Nov is the best time for golf here so I have plenty of time.
  6. Only if he/she brings me a $95 Amazon gift card!
  7. I already own a Sun Mountain cart, and I LOVE it. It's the best golf-related purchase I have ever made (narrowly beating out my Golf Pride CP2 grips). I would love to win a Micro-Cart GT in White-Royal! https://shop.sunmountain.com/Micro-Cart-GT-20129-detail.html These are very easy to push, do not fall over, have tons of room for ALL your gear, including a drink, umbrella holder, towels, score card holder, you name it! I leave nothing behind at home when I used this.
  8. I finally got to watching the video last night. I'm with most here that he's human. He made a mistake but I don't think this is "I'm above the law" or "I'm a bigger deal than everyone" type of thing. The fact he blew a 0.00 is great. Maybe he took too many pain pills and didn't stick to the correct dosages but maybe the guy is in pain, he did have surgery after all. I especially like that despite the fact that he was COMPLETELY out of it, he 1) stopped driving and was on the side of the road, 2) appears to have treated all officers involved with respect, 3) didn't "lawyer up" immediately 4) was completely cooperative. I won't pass too much judgement for Tiger in my mind for this. Still not a good thing though.
  9. I think it falls apart with the fact that it's one person. It'd still be reaching even for college teams and match play. There's also a lot of overlap. Strokes gained was an amazing insight, but it's not Moneyball caliber (in terms of utility). There's no "reset" to a normal condition in golf. Unlike in baseball, where every play resets to the exact same position but with different players in the field (but not all the time) - same with football, every play resets to the line of scrimmage. Each hole in golf is only played 4 times, and it's a small fraction of the total 72 holes of a tournament. Makes it tough.
  10. Ah cool. I forgot about that. I'm playing 9 holes tonight and 18 tomorrow so I'll get on board!
  11. Fun (and what I need). Too bad I don't have my GG anymore :(
  12. Do what I do, "try" to hit the toe end. I seriously have done this for a while now. In my brain I'm okay with it because I know it's a perception issue. I'm aiming to hit the center but that's just not where the club is travelling, even though my perception is that I'm spot on.
  13. The only think I can offer for a carry bag is... get the one with the back-pack style strap. Using a one strap bags is brutal and I'm sure it can't be good for your back in the long run; although I'm sure people will tell me "I've done it my whole life."
  14. I cut about an inch off my driver shaft (from standard) I couldn't hit it worth a lick. Then I learned to hit with it. Now I hit it like a freaking champ. In the last 36 holes I've played I've hit 24 of 28 fairways <<<<braggggg>>>> so obviously something is going right. A lot of people try to change their club to match their swing. I try to change my swing to match the club. Maybe I will never be a scratch player because of it, but it seems to be complimenting my cheapness buying used clubs on ebay and craigslist I also NOW hit my drive much farther than I used to. 250 versus 220 back then.
  15. I usually do wave people in or through, especially a single in a cart. I also wasn't hitting extra balls per se. What I was doing was waiting for the group in front while I was on the tee box and I would hit a few 7 iron shots to a nice landing zone for easy pick up. When they cleared I'd play my tee shot with driver, 3w, whatever, then just pick up my iron shots on the way too my ball, which I had plenty of time to do. I guess I just wasn't feeling social that day.
  16. I didn't realize this was a rule. But it makes sense. They parked their carts on the shorter side of the green. So they were at ~160 yards or so. No way I would hit with them there. And the path even dipped in towards the fairway at the location they parked them. I would normally do this but since I was wanting to play a few balls and was easily keeping up, I didn't really feel like dealing with it today knowing I only had 3 holes to go. Also, this was later in the evening. There was nobody behind him when I saw him on #5 green for at least 2 full holes. Yea, I don't mess with being even remotely close. I've carried a drive ~290 yards at least a couple of times so I know I wouldn't ever hit with a number under that.
  17. I guess I've learned something then, because I thought that was a faux pas to move someone else's ball without their permission. Regarding your par 3 example, that's never happened to me, actually. Maybe I haven't been playing long enough to have that experience. Good to know though! Edit: I missed your "range" comment at first. He had already waited like 4-5 minutes. So I had to have been within his range. Otherwise, he would have just hit.
  18. So I had an unusual pace of play situation this past Sunday. I'm curious as to how some of you may have handled this. I played 9 holes, walking. This happened on #8. Background: I had been keeping up with the group in front of me all round. I played a couple extra balls at times because I had the time. I play pretty fast by myself walking but they were at a ~2 hour pace (4-some) so I didn't want to interfere. No big deal there. One hole #6 I had a single in a cart I saw behind me waiting on the tee box for only but maybe 1 minute as I was in the fairway waiting for the 4-some on the green to clear. They go, I hit in and hit the green. It's a severe dogleg right with a massive hill so I gave the guy a thumbs up that he could go ahead and hit because my ball hit the green. With a poor shot you can really be in someone's range if you're crazy and try to "drive the green" which is realistically more like just a short chip shot to the green, I don't think there's a realistic line to the green - and it's RIDDLED with hazard if you try. SO I gave him the thumbs up and he waits for me to clear, and hits. Good. The walk from #6 to #7 is the longest on the front 9. I walked briskly and made it to the tee box. Hit my shot, on the green. 3-putted but the guy still wasn't on the tee box so I'm like... hmm. Ok, guess I'll just move on no big deal. Go to #8 where I crush my drive but then I'm really waiting on this 4-some in front. I'm like.... "double-u-tee-eff." The guy behind me goes from playing #7 to being on the tee box waiting for me for about another 2 minutes. A long time I guess. This hole is also a severe steep downhill to the green so I give him a thumbs up that it's okay to hit trying to signal that my approach is ~4 yards off the edge of the green. So he hits in. No problems still. The situation: What happens next is what's funky. I'm 4 yards off the green about to chip up. This ball comes flying up from BEHIND the green and lands on MY green.... and literally lands exactly where I was planning on my ball to land and roll out. So naturally I'm like "umm.... what do I do?" So I'm standing there... waiting to figure out who's freaking ball this is. So I wait... and wait. About 2 minutes go by and I'm about to just move this ball. The guy behind me is now at the top of the hill at about 100 yards with a "what the crap man???" face on. I point to the ball literally directly in my line and I'm like "I don't know what to do." But I know he can't hear me. Maybe he can't even see the ball, I dunno. But then I see this group on #4 (adjacent green, blocked by a hill though. Note that my green is at LEAST 40 yards from theirs'. So I'm like "maybe it's one of theirs." I wait another minute. Nobody in their group is walking up to my green though, they've all grabbed their putters and are walking onto their green. FINALLY, about 30 seconds after THAT... one guy walks up and non-nonchalantly and I'm like "your ball is on the green in my line" so then he runs up and just grabs it and leaves. I chip up and one putt - success. When I get up to the next tee box I'm free to tee off obviously, so I do. Crushed the drive on the par 5 over a tough hill to reach and then it rolls out 40+ yards (great success!). But It's out of the tee box's line of sight. So I stand at the top of the hill with my 3h in hand because I only have 190 to the back pin to be on in 2. The group in front is on the green. The guy behind me quickly catches up and is on the tee box. I swear to goodness, the group on the green took a solid 4 minutes to putt out AND THEN went back to their carts and added up all their scores and started f***ing chatting for a solid 2-3 minutes. I've waited a good 5-7 minutes on one shot. I yelled up at them "WAITING ON YOU!" as I'm saying that I hear a ball land about 20 yards to my right and behind me..... The guy felt it was okay to hit into me I guess. So the group on the green leaves and I just wait. Guy behind gets to his ball and and tell him "If you're in that much of a hurry, so go ahead and play through." He says "Sorry but the guys behind me are pressing." I didn't say anything, just hit my shot to about 5 yards from the edge of the green and just started walking. Obviously he shouldn't have hit into me. But what the heck? He knows I'm waiting on them. He could have yelled or gestured (preferably) at me or something if he really wanted to play through - I looked back at him frequently and obviously. I'm even more curious how you guys would have handled the "mysterious ball on the green and in my line" situation lol.
  19. Absolutely have lost ball in the fairway. Often times it's because my eyes aren't very good at finding them in the first place. I typically score better in company because people are able to find my ball for me a couple times a round lol. I actually find that this is the most frustrating part of golf, because you do something well and you're penalized hard for it. Slow pace is annoying, missing a 3-footer, etc. But losing a ball in the fairway probably has the biggest mental impact going into my next shot or the next hole.
  20. I'm happy to report that I sank my first eagle putt Saturday morning on the 18th hole par 5 at Blair Park in high Point, NC - one of my regular courses! It was particularly satisfying playing with a few folks I hadn't actually played in a group with but have played with as part of our regular 10-20 guys Saturday mornings. It was only a 445 yard par 5 because we were playing from the senior tees (my cart buddy was 84 freaking years old, but was a hoot!) total 5,737 yardage for the round. I hit a monster drive that caught the hill and rolled down and to the left quite a ways leaving me 135 yards to the center of the green. Ball above my feet I knew my 8 iron downhill would be perfect, knowing that I'd rather be long than short (bunkers front left and front right). I don't do particularly well with ball above my feet or below my feet but I hit that sucker SOLID. To about 15 ft of the cup. Then sank the clutch putt! An awesome experience! My first eagle in ~3 years of playing! Shot an 82, too, which was MUCH better than I had been shooting. Albeit that's not a real representation of my skill because these guys play some funny rules. Highest HC hits from the ladies tees on #1 and #10 and we play best ball from there (on those two holes). Although both times we ended up playing my ball (not from the ladies tees this time) because I was hammering it and hitting it straight. But still, it's certainly not a round by the rules of golf. We keep "handicaps" but they aren't recorded - it's just an internal handicap amung us for side bets.
  21. 0 in 3-4 years. Frankly I haven't even been close, except the one time I hit it to within 6 inches of the cup... problem was... that was a re-tee after hitting one in the water! I've seen one ace. A few co-workers and I were playing in a vendor sponsored tournament. One of them is an excellent player and has been playing ~30+ years I think? He had never had an ace before, but he did that day. And it was a ~170+ yard hole. He hit a 9 iron... I hit a 5 iron LOL. The tee box was at a MUCH higher elevation than the green, though.
  22. Quicken is well rated. We've bought two homes in the last 5 years.We went with a small guy and then with Wells Fargo. FYI getting a mortgage through a reputable, large company has it's merits. Firstly, a lot of time they hold the loan for a lot longer. The smaller guys typically sell to other guys. We were unlucky in that our first mortgage got sold to some small Texas bank. Literally couldn't even set up an online auto-pay. That was incredibly frustrating, HAVING to write a check every month... and this was freaking 2013! The 2nd time when going with Wells Fargo I specifically asked and they said that Wells guarantees that they will service the loan for the life of the loan. That means I see the principle, balance, interest paid, and get all my tax info through Wells even if they sell the loan to someone else (who will collect the interest and be on the hook for the loan if we defaulted). So that's something to consider as well. Everything else I can think of has already been said by others. It's pretty straightforward. Mostly (for us) it mattered what cash we could have on hand in the short run as well as understanding that we're on the "rise." Our combined income went from X, to 1.10X, to 1.33X, to 1.42X in 5 years. And I'm crossing my fingers on a promotion I've applied for to push us to ~ 1.66X. We're investing in our future by working hard and will likely move one more time (to another location), or at least another house in the near future, so plopping down a lot of cash to reduce the long term interest paid isn't in our best interest right now. I'd rather be able to work hard, pay for additional education (MBA), and have a large nest egg to reduce our stress. Focus on us, and growing. We'll start fighting the home interest later. We also have no other debts, which is a big deal. Refinancing CAN be a great option, but what I don't recommend is refinancing to "free up monthly budget money." What I recommend is refinancing (if increasing the term of course) to drop your monthly payment only if you have strong plans to grow the balance of that saved money. Like if you weren't matching a 401k and can't do it with your expenses now then I would absolutely recommend refinancing and putting that money in the 401k if matched. Don't just use it to buy a new boat or car or something lol.
  23. From what I understand, the reason courses' practice areas are wanting you to place your ball about 1/2" back each stroke and to make a rectangle or sorts when you're done practicing is that they go in and fill your rectangle with sod. If you're one of the hack-a-moles that wants a full, clean strip of grass for you to hit an incredibly inconsistent shot... the employees are looking at you like because they can't fill each of your completely separated divots with sod. Municipal courses though I think do more of just moving tees up and back on a regular rotation. They also close the grass areas often, to allow regrowth. Picking the correct grass is critical. Courses in my area are mostly bermuda fairways and rough but the tee boxes (and practice areas... err, actually just the driving range) are a different grass that does grow faster for sure. I would just go with re-sodding. Probably not that big of a deal for just one person's practice interval. Probably not even that expensive. Hope you have a truck, though!
  24. The dash cam I have picked out has been sitting in my amazon cart forever... I need to just buy the damn thing. I mainly need it because there are a lot of liars out there. If someone changes into my lane and hits me... how's the officer to know it wasn't my fault? They're not going to go all CSI Miami and collect paint chips from the road for analysis and check local bank footage... that'd be a waste of money.
  25. Watching Kerr this past weekend made me want to hang myself. Now that was some slow play. On one hole I swear she picked up at least 100 loose impediments for a single putt... from outside the greenside fringe.... From something like 30 ft.
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