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  1. I don't know about spin but yes, I feel like the launch is higher and definitely agree with the "marshmallow" feel - which is exactly what I want golf balls to feel like! I can't go back! I love the butter soft feel around the greens and off the putter. Yesterday I practiced 10-20 yards chip shots for about an hour and a half with these and I love this feel. Although, I think the ball get grass stains easier than other balls. But meh.
  2. Absolutely. I only touched on that in my OP but yea... so much pressure these days that it's creating a lot of bias and bad data out there to fulfill some "need." Whether it be a company needing funding, a headline, a stock price shift, whatever. I haven't read you link yet but I'll check it out tomorrow morning.
  3. I had a bit of a shower thought today, albeit not in the shower. Growth in effective research in nearly all fields is increasing at a fantastic rate with the help of improved computing power (information processing) and speed (and at a lower cost), innovations in data storage and searches, robotics, improved detection limits and accuracy, etc. But an old fashioned example stood out in my mind today: the natural glucose versus high fructose corn syrup debate. There's still people even today that go back and forth on this, while the science is pretty damn straightforward. That got me thinking, it seems like every "breakthrough" has to be taken with an enormous grain of salt these days, right? 1. How does the general public get their information? The media, obviously. 2. What is the media's motivation? To get more viewers and be the "first." Honesty? Nah. Integrity? Nah. Just "shock." 3. How many people can accurately (regarding perception) interpret results of a study? VERY few. On the flip side, what are the "researchers" (which can be a team, a company, etc.) motivations? Discovery, fame, time commitment to a study, etc. Without integrity here of course it leads to additional skepticism from the public (me included). Lastly, I'm sure there's financial motivations for companies that combat discoveries, of sorts. I'm not one of those folks that thinks there's a cure for cancer but the "man" is holding it back. But at the same time there are almost certainly companies that pick up patents and such for great potential trials and they can them because they purchase the rights. Say someone does make an incredible discovery TODAY (2017). What are the odds that the CORRECT perception is able to permeate through society, widespread? I feel like with today's media, social media, feverish indictments of the education system (rampant ignorance), etc are all stacked against research at large. The media jumps on and often puts a REALLY bad spin on published data because frankly, they aren't equipped to interpret and they may (likely) be filled with bias - yet they want the limelight. That hits those viewers who go on and play telephone on social media. Social media blows up with controversy, haters, etc. Bad info is like an infection, with little chance for a cure. Especially with how stubborn people are. There's a difference between innovation research and standard studies, though. I think studies have it harder with what I've described above. If they found out that there is an incredibly high and accurate correlation between ingesting taurine and cancer.... what are the chances the general population actually accepts it? What are the chances that it doesn't get covered up or skewed in favor of the soda/energy drink industry? I think research today has a much tougher time than it did a few decades ago, even though the effectiveness of our research is orders of magnitude better. This is the gap I'm referring to: discovery to acceptance, or implementation. Is this gap widening?
  4. We're finding out that SlingTV isn't perfect, even on a hard-wired gigabit fiber internet connection. For some reason it also crashes every 2 hours or so. The TV just goes black, but it's not off. If I hit the back button it goes back to the menu. But it will just stay black if I don't do anything. I'm also getting irritated that when it gets near the end of a show (last 30 seconds) it will drop the framerate and quality hard and lag for a few seconds. Then it'll pick back up and finish out the episode/show or whatever. The guide menu is also pretty terrible. The "ON NOW" sub menu takes like 30 seconds to pull or or won't pull up at all. Just the wheel of death. Lastly, the interface isn't great. It was much worse before... but it's still not great. The menu also hangs up sometimes where it won't let me click down into sub menus. I have to get the magic remote smart mouse out and click somewhere and then it'll let me click through. I'm not expecting it to be equal to cable at $50/mo less. I can tolerate quiet a bit of crap for a $50 savings. Like the streaming quality in-and-out near the beginning of a stream where the audio/video is bad but then it ramps up. That's not an issue for me because I understand what it's doing. Anyone else experience this?
  5. They must all use the same reservation management server or something? Kind of like how Travelocity, Priceline, KAYAK, etc all do hotels and airfare and stuff?
  6. I don't think that's going to work this time around. They had the ball available for much longer this time than before and the ball had already become pretty widespread popular - so people were able to pick them up themselves since it didn't sell out in < 4 hours like it had in the past. The ones on ebay will likely not sell this time around. They can list them all they want, though.
  7. FYI when I inquired about it to the CC (I played 3 or 4 rounds there) the lady in the pro shop didn't know, but the starter told me that it's for money. I don't think he understood me when I asked him if I could walk anyways and just pay for the cart. He looked confused and said if I wouldn't mind if I could just take the cart so I said okay lol. So weird! But on the last day and a different starter they said that basically they don't have a push cart rental system so they just say no walkers. I sure as heck wasn't going to carry my bag in Florida so I went with the cart after that too. Not even sure if I had a choice then or not either, though.
  8. I have to admit that I'm pretty crappy when it comes to supporting small businesses or brick-and-mortar (like PGA superstore, since they're pretty big fish). The only items I've bought from Golf Galaxy (actually... "Golfsmith" was the last time I walked into that store), were for my Sun Mountain C130 cart bag because there was no advantage to getting it online except a few bucks savings (like... $10 savings for a $200+ bag), balls (when I wasn't playing the K-Sigs I am now) and my Scotty Cameron (since there's no advantage to buying online, no price breaks). I just have a hard time paying for something I can easily get online for less and with less effort, and typically with better customer support. I'm all about good value too, and reviews. Things not offered in a store unless I spend time up front anyways.
  9. Sounds fun, except.... step 1 for me is "Learn how to hit a flop shot" lol
  10. I think I agree with you. I feel like the covers may be wearing down slightly faster than regular use, but I've played the same couple of balls for several rounds before and even though there's some wear I feel the ball still performs just fine for me - meaning it doesn't lose performance as it wear the cover. Just my opinion. Several rounds with a ball is acceptable to me.
  11. We're cutting the cord this week. My cable+internet bill is now $148.86.............. Granted that gigabit fiber and fiber TV... but that's with ZERO extra channels or anything. I looked at my bill this morning and there, no joke, $42.45 in surcharges, taxes, broadcast fees, and equipment costs... Yesterday we jumped back on Sling TV and it's made improvements since last we used it. With the blue plan plus the sports adder it's $35/month. They also have more news channels and have a "local" channels type option dictated by your region. So I may be able to get my local news broadcasters without an HDTV antennae, we'll see. So I'm dropping the cable and paying a premium (non-combo) for fiber internet but it's still going to come out ~$50 less per month. My wife and I literally watch 3 channels or something. It's a joke paying for this crap. In fact it may be utilizing our new 4k TV better because I think I can get full 4k through streaming. My cable box can't do that. I swear last night when I was using it the content looked sharper but maybe I was just tired lol (going back to school is killing me!).
  12. Online. My first order shipped a few hours later.... so I bought another 2 packs LOL. It was limit 2 packs per customer so I didn't want to press my luck with them cancelling an order (some people were able to immediately one after the other) but I was afraid they'd accidentally cancel both orders or something. But since the first already shipped I guess I don't have to worry now :)
  13. BACK IN STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just bought 2 more packs, 4 more dozen!
  14. Agreed. It makes no sense. I think people read the response you were given incorrectly but in looking back it appears to just be poor wording on their part. It likely reads that they are waiting on the supplier to expand their production quantities. It would make zero sense for Costco to put up capital. Zero.
  15. Some of you may find this comical and and "I told you so!" Turns out the guy that did our split system install can no longer be found. He had changed numbers once while working with me for that couple of weeks so I had a feeling he may be a "number changer." So it turns out I can't find the guy and he never called me for a tune up, which I told him I would pay him twice a year to come check everything out, no problem. Well, you guys warned me that these guys can be flaky! However! On a positive note, I had a big-box company I scheduled an appointment for a spring tune-up and checkout of my new system. This guy was actually very knowledgeable, nice, and seemed very genuine. He checked out the system and basically said he thinks the guy did a great job installing it and even pointed out some "better" features of the install that most people don't do. He said the system checked out perfect on pressure, temp across the unit, etc. So at least I have that going for me!
  16. Can someone offer some explanation(s) for me? One of the highest factors of a persons credit score is credit utilization. What I can't understand is why someone (yes, me in this instance) gets dinged for using what credit they have even if they (we) pay it all off in full every month. My wife and I are young and therefor don't have decades of credit history. We have a few cards between the two of us (5 cards) and the credit bureaus take the number of accounts you have open, total time of credit on the card, and divide by the total (what a whackball way to do that...). Because of this, they don't give us higher limits, even though we have a higher average income than most for our age. We could ask for higher limits (which we have in the past, but they only give us like $1k at a time and our credit gets hard for the "limit increase request"). If I were a credit bureau I would be more worried about debt-to-income. But I don't think they look at that? We have a low debt-to-income (great! right?) and pay down our cards every month (perfect!), plus we take ADVANTAGE of using credit cards to get cash back and points (even awesomer!). It's free freaking money. YET, we get dinged for this... because of what I've stated above. I feel like we're playing the game perfectly... yet the credit bureaus keep dinging us. Sure I could pay down the credit cards before the statements hit to avoid the utilization from showing up... but that's not my point. My point is why are the bureaus looking at it this way? Granted we're not getting dinged a lot. But I feel like we have "excellent" credit control and habits but we're rated as "good." My wife and I will be buying a new car soon and I want to take advantage of the best interest rates possible so likely I'll be paying down our credit cards to some minuscule amount to hit the statement for like $50 or something which should effectively drop our "utilization" and increase our scores (but by how much and how long will it take? no idea) Which is ridiculous though, because we pay off the amount anyways... why can't they figure out that I'm paying it down every month...? Sigh.
  17. My father in law had this surgery in ~2015. It took him about 6-8 months to heal up and continue playing golf. Not sure if Tiger is thinking golf anymore, although I'm sure he won't say so for some time.
  18. Lol I'm the only person that voted legitimate. I voted that way because I believe it's sound... for SOME people. Sure, there's the distance gaps AT THE SAME LOFTS, but most people will (should?) rectify that with decreased loft or taking clubs out of their set... so that they do have good gaps. Of course, the problem I found was that at the same club head speed trying to make the ball go further, you're going to have progressively dissimilar ball flights which may be problematic. However, only learning one swing should improve ball contact right? Trade off.
  19. I'll preface this by saying this is probably bad data, coming from someone like me. But, when I play the K-Sig it feels softer than the ProV1. I've had a couple sleeves of ProV1's I've tossed into my mix and it always seems like a hard hit, especially off my driver. It also doesn't seem to go as far (the ProV1). This could be bogus though, and I'm just mis-hitting or the ball just makes a different sound. But the K-Sig feels like pudding to me. I love it. I have a new pack of a dozen ProV1's I'll bust out this week and do side by side, mostly for my personal benefit.
  20. I HATE that crap. Not even soap and water cuts through it. You literally have to rub it off with abrasion. It takes some elbow grease. Now that I think about it, maybe a Magic Eraser would work well... hmm. I'll have to try that next time. But you won't hear from me about this problem until at least next winter! LOL. No mats here during the spring
  21. The quest to become a single digit player... easy it is not, I see!
  22. I'm also a millennial. Half of my work could be done at home, easily. The other half would be critical that I'm in the plant. Analyzing data, working on project stuff like spec'ing equipment, drawings, contacting vendors etc could all be done from home. I won't ask to do that though. Nobody does that here. Then again, we're a Japanese company with the "open work environment" that's frustrating at times. They'd never let us work from home so I don't even bother asking. And I feel like I have a LOT of pull at my work due to performance. I enjoy my job, so I put a lot of effort and drive into it. All that said, it doesn't bother me that I can't work from home. But I only live ~17 minutes from work. My brother works for one of the big accounting firms and does a lot of work out of the house. He has they key fob thing that rotates passwords for some type of secure log in. Never used one myself but the concept is simple enough.
  23. I went back and played there again today. Mde a point to ask about it because I'm so intrigued. However, the woman in the pro shop had absolutely no idea what the grass type was and seemed like she didn't even know what I was talking about when I said "ball mark" lol. Oh well. If I play there again I'll try to find someone that knonws what they're talking about.
  24. It was very strange. It was also "weird" walking on them. Like I said, it was like walking on a sponge. VERY spongy feel under my feet when walking on the green. The ball didn't bounce and higher though when hitting the green. Nothing out of the ordinary then.
  25. Played at a course that's much nicer than what I'm used to but I'm not familiar with "top notch" course quality. There were certainly areas of improvement for this one, but something that boggled my mind was that the greens felt like I was walking on a sponge. There was not a SINGLE ball mark on ANY green. I noticed this after the 1st or 2nd hole obviously. Shortly into my round I had some great GIR shots with 7i, 6i, etc that definitely struck the green.... no ball mark. Nothing, nada, zip. It's definitely real grass. You can see mold/fungus or some other invasive species type growth but honest to god they PLAYED as exact as the green surface. The surface was super uniform. No bumps, tufts, etc. I made some killer putts (a couple 15-18 ft, a 25 ft, and a 30 ft) today. My ball didn't hop, skip, jump, or anything. It rolled butter smooth. The greens weren't particularly fast either. Only slightly faster than my normal courses' slow greens. Anyone experienced this before? I'm assuming it's got to be pretty common but I just hadn't experienced it before? By the way this was Florida Keys Country Club.
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