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  1. You and I would probably get along then, lol. When playing with my buddies (who live out of state now) I would say crap like (after they hit one OB) "No, you're supposed to hit it towards the flag. See? The flag is over there." lol
  2. Anyone else feeling like Tiger is starting to turn a corner and be "bad" for the game of golf? I know it's a stretch. But I'm sure there's a bunch of us out here, especially those of us only having been playing a few years, that are getting kinda of disappointed when we're expecting him to come back and see some cool action (whether it be the old Tiger or a new Tiger) because we didn't really see Tiger during his glory years. But now, he's letting us down over and over again. I'm feeling like he's stringing us along for way too long. That may not be a function of Tiger personally, at all, and instead maybe it's all the media's fault. I don't let my current opinion discredit his achievements. I still like Tiger a lot. Always will. I just feel like now it's getting disappointing. I think I'm finally in the boat where I want Tiger to retire and focus on the First Tee and other good golf programs.
  3. It's dead for me, personally. Of course, things can change. But right now I use a 3w, 2h, 3h (because the head on my 3i came off ), 4i in my long game. Love my 2h and 3h. I'll go back to the 3i when the bermuda start coming in. I could hit that puppy like sweet butter too when on soft grass. But I'm also hitting my 3w SO NICE (for several weeks now) and that ball comes off the face like sweet butter. So Maybe since I'm learning how to hit the long woods I could possibly go to a 5w some day.
  4. Shot a 39 par 37 yesterday walking on a beautiful day. Who knows, may be doable! I can feel my game is coming back, and the putting is getting MUCH better!
  5. Yep, I have the Rexing V1P picked out :)
  6. I went mid-size and will never go back. If you get fitted, it's part of the process. They should measure your hands and recommend a grip size/range. I was borderline regular/midsize. I went up and also add 1 extra layer or tape. It was a game changer for me, personally. Then again, the grips themselves were significantly better (CP2's vs old stock ones).
  7. I would never put my brakes on that hard. As someone above said, it endangers others around them. However, yes, I got a lot of satisfaction watching the tailgating clown go into the median (and not hurting anybody). I also will just slow down until this guy gets the point. I'm particularly mindful of others' speeds on the road and always move over if someone comes up behind me. But if they'er just being an ass about it... well tuff. I just slow down even more. I gotta get me an in-dash cam. I have one picked out but can't seem to pull the trigger.
  8. I will. Someone recommended them for putting stroke as well so I may look into that too. Oddly enough I played 9 holes after work and shot 5 over (42 par 37) with two 3-putts and a penalty. My game is a mess, but at least it's a good mess at the moment lol. My putting was actually much better, I only had 1 bad putt. The others were from the greens having been punched yesterday evening. So the greens are a mess as well, not just me! I'm hoping this isn't a fluke but I'm being reasonable. If it's not a fluke and my game is coming back quickly I may have a shot.
  9. Couple of new developments leaving me questionable about my participation as being an applicant but I've just taken a big bite to try to get my game up to snuff for being a legitimate candidate signing on again this year with my "club," for greens fees being included for the next year (weekend included this time, last year I just did the weekday membership so I'm trying to get a bunch of play time in!) 1. Playing with my Saturday group more and more now, and they keep track of my handicap. 2. Unfortunately for me, keeping my handicap is really hurting because the last 3-4 rounds I've blown donkey chunks. Sure it was winter golf (in the 30's for those rounds on PACKED bermuda). I'm at a 16T right now trending up. My last 3 rounds have been 94, 96, 95. Just terrible. 3. Putting in those rounds was beyond atrocious, but the good news is I've started breaking down my putting stroke and re-teaching myself as I did last year and it has already helped tremendously (it did last year, I was down to about 1.8 putts/hole if I'm remembering correctly). I try to break out my putter every day and putt at LEAST 20 balls, but trying to putt around 70-100 balls per day. My last round was a significant improvement but I played by myself so I can't apply that to my HC. 4. Strangely, my driving has been stellar. All day, every day. 5. Sadly, my instructor left the state a few weeks ago to take a job at another CC. I don't have anyone here I trust so I'm SOL. I need to contact him though and ask if he would recommend anyone in this area. That should be where I start. 6. With the daylight being out past 7:30pm I'm trying to get out after work and fit in 9 holes or some focused practice. Probably playing 2 balls more often this year. 7. I starting my MBA in January while also working full time (evening MBA program) so this will likely affect how much time I can put towards golf this year. But I'm trying to work it out. A lot going on! At the end of last season I FELT like a ~12 HC player although it was mainly playing on my own after work, so not real. Was about to break 80. Shot an 81 at my home course. Several 82's and 83's. Average was probably 84. I'm hoping to get back down into that range quickly. My driving is on point but the putting and approaches are garbage. Needs work.
  10. But if you're attempting to take advantage of that, are you that confident in a lag putt that you'll hit the stick?? If not, your ball is going to go sailing by. Also the 'pegs' (didn't know they were called that lol) on practice greens (at least in my area) are a lot thinner so I think they're a different animal. Maybe yours are regulation size though, just shorter?
  11. I'm leaning toward the side of rejecting this rule change (flagstick) but I'm curious where the data is that shows putting is 'significantly' easier with the stick in? I may not have a good grasp of the physics of this but I feel like even from 3-6 ft it's not going to help me. And yes, I'm saying this not so much challenging it because I believe you guys and am giving you the benefit of the doubt... but I just don't see it. It'd be nice to see this in some type of data set. I don't like the "backboard" example. From 6 ft. can't you hit the speed of a putt the equivalent of 10+ ft. past the hole in the center and it still go in? I feel like the limited space around the "non-center" of the hole is now a more compromised region in that you can deflect off the flagstick and jump out of the hole. Of course, I always keep the flagstick in if I'm off the green and it's not severely tilted towards my putt line Edit: oh, on the speed of play side, I don't think this is going to speed up play and do agree it could slow down play in many instances. Remember, you can only go as fast as the slowest group ahead of you. So if even one group decides to do the flag in, flag out thing multiple times it will slow everyone down behind them.
  12. Well this is embarrassing. I've put in a few more rounds the past 3-4 weeks with groups and I have absolutely blown it in terms of scoring. I'm absolutely terrible. Thought I could come back swinging since I (thought I) had good swing thoughts in my head still but I'm really struggling. I've shot 94, 95, 96 my last 3 rounds. Absolutely garbage putting - looking at some instruction soon. There's 0 chance I will be a legitimate single digit HC player for this. Maybe not even this season even though at the end of last season it looked like I would be able to achieve it. I guess too much time away from golf has hurt a lot more than I thought it would... Best case scenario I would be trending single digit if I get my game back together quickly but that's not what y'all are looking for I'm sure. Best of luck to you guys though, have fun out there.
  13. I've played Linrick a few times. It was better than most muni's but I don't know how I would compare it to some of the semi-private courses in the area. This was at least 3-4 years ago though, and I was a much more terrible golfer than I am today!
  14. I cut 3/4 inch off my stock driver shaft over a year ago. I forget my shaft type but it's the stock R1 in stiff. I always felt uncomfortable over the ball because I felt like the angle of my shaft at address was far too shallow. After cutting, I had a lot more confidence. I also hit the ball further. How or why, I don't know. Maybe better or more consistent face contact. This may just be a byproduct of fitting, as I'm a short fellow at ~5'7". All my clubs are cut down.
  15. 1. Not at my 3 local muni's (although one of them doesn't have a driving range at all) 2. Eh, you get used to ball marks. But I would have to say that at least on my courses they aren't usually in my line of putt, if that speaks to the frequency of them on our greens. 3. I don't play at peak hours typically, but yea around hole #5 is surely where you'll start to hit that 5-5:30 pace >_> 4. Not sure what this one means, but I don't think I've ever witnessed a cart incident. 5. Yes this one is true... people are turds and pick up your ball 6. No way, at least not at my courses. There's usually always some good tee times available. Even the day before. 7. Completely agree. Marshals are nearly non-existent and COMPLETELY non-confrontational. 8. Agreed. Most are nice where I'm from though. 9. Yup. 10. YYYYYYEP. Sand traps are complete garbage at ALL muni's I've played. I don't think I've ever hit out of a clean one. All of the traps I play are either super hard sand that's all chunky and wet/packed, trash in it, rocks in it, pine cones/leaves/pine straw in it, or HUGE puddles covering ~75% of the bunker. That's what we get. 11. Yep. 12. Our mats are okay at one of the muni's I play. My home course is turf all year though which is where I practice mostly. 13. ....I would never leave any of my belongings in an open locker. That's just common sense.
  16. I use bitdefender. It goes on (steep) sale regularly for the 5-device, 1-year licenses which is enough to cover my home's devices (2 desktops, 3 laptops). It's well rated and is pretty clean.
  17. I chose #1 but what I don't like is heckling and mid-swing jeers and such. But that's more out of respect for the athlete than defining if it's a "party atmosphere" or not. Players should be able to handle a general low-key roar of crowd noise from the course, I feel. So as long as they aren't immediately disturbing the player for a targeted jeer, shout, heckle, then I'm okay with all of it. I'm not a big drinker but the guys that go out there to have a good time, so long as they aren't in the players face and they're in the background somewhere or up in the stands, I have no problem with it. I love the cheering aspect of a good golf shot. This whole "act like you've been there" mentality with the pros kind of irritates me. My father in law told me he hates when players celebrate after a touchdown because he thinks they should "act like they've been there." PFFFT. If I spent my whole life dedicated to MAKING TOUCHDOWNS I'm sure as hell going to celebrate the crap out of it and bring on the fans cheers!
  18. This seems like an obvious answer. Even if I was a very lucky golfer, I would enjoy the game MUCH more if I were a SKILLED golfer. I'm sure many of us can agree that we would take those nice, clean, crisp shot feels that consistently land near our target rather than hitting even a handful of flub shots and the "lucky" shots landing very near the hole, bouncing off a tree into the fairway, or making hole-in-ones or something. I'd pick the pureness of a clean, consistent golf shot to my balls bouncing of trees and rocks into favorable areas. Not knocking your question. I just feel like it's an easy answer for me I like your Napoleon reference btw. Kudos.
  19. Interesting. Would you say that's average "good" forward tee separations? My courses are like @Blackjack Don is stating (I think). I've attached my home course with the delta distances. Would you say these are poorly spaced? I kind of feel like they are? Edit: I updated to include championship-senior (full width) of tees. Appears 42.5 yards/hole average. Is this better?
  20. I look forward to hearing your debriefing, comments, and opinions from this! I really like the idea of grounding in hazards, particularly. Also removing loose impediments - also interesting. What do you mean by "dropping eliminated?" So you mean the actual physical act of dropping from shoulder height and instead you can kind of just drop it however? It would be nice to cast a wider net over ground-under-repair. Especially for the local muni's. Sure some of them have local rules but it would be nice it there was a blanket rule now.
  21. Oh great. I'll definitely look him up. I like the idea of aimpoint but I think I need to first get my putts online and some more consistent distance control before doing the Aimpoint thing. I'll look him up, thanks! That name sounds familiar...
  22. Just finished a big (multiple week) job on my truck and I wanted to point something out to anybody willing to read this. I sometimes get crap from people (mostly co-workers and stuff) about "how can you afford this/that, you must make the big bucks." No. I would have to say the #1 reason my wife and I have as much money in the bank as we do is these top 3 reasons: 1. We don't have kids (lol, that was an easy/obvious one) 2. We don't blow money on big $100+ drinking nights out or fancy restaurants even though we can afford to do so. We enjoy the little things and we are happy to have a nest egg to keep our stress levels lower 3. I do a lot of DIY, including with our vehicles. And it's the vehicles that pays off BIG TIME. Case in point: My truck is old but I still love it. But it had creaking and wobbly sounds that were tough to diagnose. Not a single mechanic I brought it to could properly diagnose it (by a LONG shot). So obviously they all recommended to start replacing the typical suspects and see which one ends up fixing it: wheel bearings, front rotors and pads, ball joints, sway bar bushings, tie rod and bushing, sway bar end links, control arm bushings (I ended up not installing), and shocks. Those were all suspect. All of this work was quoted at >$4,000. The lower ball joints alone was $1,000 just for labor, by the way. The truck is only worth probably $3-4k. I bought all of the parts for $180 + $50 for 2 nice new deep socket sets + $75 for some harbor freight tools including and angle grinder, some better jack stands, an air chisel, grease gun, etc. + $40 for a NICE Milwaukee metal drill bit set So total was $305 for parts and NEW tools. Plus I rented a couple things that I turned out not needing. BTW I did the wheel bearings a few weekends before this but that wasn't long and only $100. That wasn't in the shop's quote since I had already done them. The work took about 22 hours total over 2 weekends. Car was safely drive-able after each weekend no problem. 1. I'm a ROOKIE mechanic at best lol. 2. This is on a freaking DODGE. Dodge's are notorious for being a royal pain in the caboose. 3. 2/3 of the total time was spent on one side of the car learning how to do this stuff as I went (and youtube). 4. Everything was rusted to hell. That takes time. 5. I don't even own a freaking impact gun guys. That's like the fundamental mechanic's tool to have, and I don't because I'm a cheap guy haha. So bottom line, $300 for parts and some new tools I can use anytime in the future, and I now have $4,000 in our bank account that is free to use. I also know that it was done CORRECTLY. And isn't it funny that the rookie mechanic (who hit his own thumb with a sludge hammer in the process... yea that hurts (still...)) completed this job with rookie tools, rookie knowledge, on freaking jack stands, in less time than the quote 25 hours to complete the job that the shop quoted? I understand they quote based on worse case (having to cut parts out because of rust and such) but EVERYTHING on this truck was rusted beyond belief and had to be cut out basically. I still handled it in < 22 hours. Ask yourself: would you be willing to work hard for 22 hours at a rate of ~$168 per hour? Granted there's some risks involved. Maybe some people they aren't worth it. But I even factored in if I had to rent a car for a few weeks because I royally effed up I'd still come out way ahead.
  23. I'm absolutely a budget golfer. The only club I bought new was my Scotty Cameron putter which about KILLED ME lol. My last 2 drivers were used on Cragslist for CHEAPS. Irons were used on ebay. Wedges were 2nd hand online golf retailers. My aeroburner 3-wood was on massive sale on Amazon, I think I paid $80 for it. And my hybrid was from Rockbottomgolf (I love that store). That said I never think about technology improvements in my purchases. I fee like it's mostly a gimmick, except when comparing decades apart between equipment. but 3-5 years? Nah. Also I personally feel the most important part of fitting is just shaft length and flex. The loft/lie and stuff like that not so much. Again, many MANY people will disagree, but I'm more about learning to play with what I've got while I'm still improving my swing mechanics. If I were you, I wouldn't even bother upgrading your clubs - at the frequency you play. I do think the putter and the driver are the most important clubs to "get right." But even then, I feel like people should mostly just play with what they have and learn to swing it. I kind of regret buying my putter, honestly, because I still can't putt worth a darn! lol
  24. Thanks. I forgot about people doing that. I'll look into doing that this evening.
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