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  1. I was never coached in my sports. I was an excellent swimmer that my girlfriend (at the time) was the coach of and I could hold my own without any help. Tennis, I was self-taught and played in a general league where I didn't have a couch either, but could still hold my own at a moderately high level.

    With golf, I'm kind of WISHING I had someone that was a little harder on me. I think that's important so long as the student is willing to receive it. I want to get better, so when I make a mistake I want someone to grill me a little for it. If I make the SAME mistake over and over, grill the %^&* out of me. These instructors that are just saying the right way to do things most of the time, and not actually pointing out mistakes I feel are kind of just stringing you along. 

    I guess it all depends on your goals, though. My goal is to get better, now. In what time I have to practice. Just shot a 4 over on 9 yesterday so I'm in the territory of breaking 80 in less than 18 months from seriously starting golf (starting at shooting ~105-110+). My instructor right now is great, but I think he could do a little better in the motivation category.

  2. I'm the same as @saevel25. I'm pretty quite to myself about it, but probably someone 10-15 ft from me could hear me if they tried. Usually it's "commmonnn, James! You're better than that." or "Ummmmmmm oops" or "Common-I-got-this!" and every now and then I give the "well that was the best shot of my life" lol.

    I never swear at myself at the range. I've occasionally gotten upset with what's going on with my swing at the range and will half-heatedly slam the heel of the club down a little but that's probably not very acceptable either :-\ 

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