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  1. At my old home course, this was about a year ago now I think, on a BIG uphill par 5 where you can easily see your ball fly and land the whole way (it's a grip it and rip it hole, wide open) I hit a killer drive and split the fairway. As I was walking up to my ball maybe 100 ft. out a fox ran out from the right, grabbed my ball, and took off left! It was freaking hilarious! This was during the day time so I notified the clubhouse, since foxes being out at that time of day means there's a good chance it was rabid.

  2. I've had the shanks for about 6-9 months. Took a while off then finally it looks like I've cured them by starting from scratch again with notes I took during my lessons way way back now (2-3 years ago now). A couple weeks have passed and I'm hitting the ball consistently well again with a completely different feel (before it felt awful over the ball and mid-swing).

    @RussUK I have a similar story. Probably most people know at least one person that has a similar story. Friend of mine in middle and high school played tennis. Everyone said he'd be a pro one day. Played every day for a a decade or more and was instructed nearly every day of the week by the most elite instructors in our area (cost his parents an absolute fortune). Was one of the top players for our school team, but couldn't get a scholarship or anything. He was growing and getting bigger and slower. He was naturally more big-boned, so he just couldn't make it across the court fast enough to get to the next level. My interpretation was that hurt him a lot, although he ended up fine in finance/banking somewhere. This is why I'll steer my children away from ever wanting to actually commit to improving in a sport "to one day be at the pro level." Competitive sports are one thing, practicing hard to be better is also one thing, but the mindset to "one day I'll become a pro" over years of dedication and work I feel is just not that great of a way to grow up... By the way when I say "pro" I mean a playing/touring pro. A teaching/other pro ("paid in the field of") I'd have no issue with.

  3. I'm surprised nobody's commented.

    You've always got to ask yourself what you're objective is in doing these type of regressions.

    If your hypothesis was that a centered hip turn was NOT significant in the golf swing (and you'd be damned if you let the world not know the truth! :P), then this is the type of data and analysis you'd build, to see if it it was or was not significant. That's not what this is. Even still, regression may not be needed because you could likely just categorize your variables and see the frequency at which a quality golf shot was produced with or without a centered hip turn. 

    Also, a regression like this you're supposed to run in multiple different ways. Rarely do you you throw all of your variables into one regression and expect it to spit out something meaningful. Run a couple variables against themselves. Correlation/covariances. Run different steps. Etc.

    Regressions are fun, but they need to have direction. It's well known that all of these variables are critical to a golf swing, so this data has little meaning. A regression actually will not spit out anything useful here even with hundreds of thousands of data points from thousands of different people and conditions... because they're all significant! 

    Also remember that a regression can only be as good as the data. Subjective data (IE you determining the quality of these parameters) tears at the fabric. 

    Last point is that a rating of 1-4 is nearly categorical. It's not, but it's close to it. 

  4. Last year I was planning on spending some vacation money on playing at a really nice course or 2 but we decided to rent a house in Marathon, FL.... only 1 freaking golf course within reasonable driving distance. 

    I haven't played at any expensive courses yet, only up to $55 I think and only because it was a holiday weekend. I think that's my max. 

    This year we're going to Myrtle Beach. I'm planning on playing 2-3 courses in the $150-200 range if the first one turns out to be worth it. Otherwise, if I'm not feeling the reasoning behind the higher greens fee, I'll hit the cheaper courses and have just as good a time and a few more beers on the 19th to boot!

    Upper limit? Would probably be $250 for any other course other than Augusta National I'd probably pay up to $1k for that. Everything else in-between, including Pebble Beach and stuff, wouldn't be worth more than $250 for me.

  5. On 2/28/2018 at 1:33 PM, iacas said:

    I don't feel as though you really read the first post.

    EVERY course would have to be dramatically altered. EVERY course.

    Truthfully, I didn't read all of it. Shame on me.

    I do get your point about the 20% aspect versus your reference to 10%. I get that. I also see how all courses would have to be dramatically changed. I just feel like that would be... manageable, still. Then again I'm the furthest thing from a course architect. Hell I'm sure my depth perception alone is below average!

  6. Well I guess I'm in the minority opinion here, since I honestly like the idea of "rolling the ball back." 

    It seems all relative, to me. 

    But then I'm not the guy who would be butt-hurt about hitting it shorter. It wouldn't bother me in the least, so long as I'm in an even playing field. 

    Sure course dynamics changes, but I feel like it could be managed.

    It's not a perfect solution, surely. Far from it. I'm just saying it would be kind of nice not having to walk so far to get to my drive! lol.

    I also have zero problem playing more forward tees.

    But I would feel for the seniors and ladies, if courses didn't put in new (shorter) boxes.

  7. They may not be actors, but I would bet that those players do a ton of shots, all of which are filmed, and they use the BEST shots to show "just how great" the club/gizmo is.

    That, or they take a bunch of people and only show 2. So sure, those guys that say "I picked up the club and it was instantly better than XYX!" was likely because they were having a good day. You guys know what I'm talking about: you've had a bad week of golf hooking everything off the planet, you're about to give up, then you go to the range and somehow you're puring everything!

    The one I've been seeing a lot is the Square Strike wedge. Don't get me wrong, the club is probably fine or whatever, but I think it's comical how they show absolutely horrible golf swings where people are thinning and chunking standard wedges and then miraculously have 1000x better TECHNIQUE when they use the Square Strike... lol. Also, something I noticed, is they show a guy who's a "5 HC" put one really close to the hole from off the green. Notice that there's a TON of other balls on the green nowhere near the hole... whoops! I've also seen on other wedge commercials where there's like 20+ divots in the same spot and no balls on the green... but the one they filmed got up and close! Again, lol.

    It's (nearly) all just a gimmick. 

  8. I don't know how long I take. But I can tell you I'm probably one of the shortest shot routine people out there. I grab my club, address, look up one time, and swing. No real waggle, zero practice swings. Just step up and hit. I started enjoying golf a lot more when I stopped taking practice swings and waggling and crap. Been doing it this way for a couple years now, probably.

  9. I read yesterday that the higher level graphics cards are completely out of stock, and nearly ALL retail outlets have jacked the prices WAY up. People buying the same graphics cards today are paying 2-3x what they were worth 1 year ago... the exact same card. Not a new year's card, or a revision. The 2015 or 2016 cards. Used for mining. And they're sold out everywhere!

    Some OEMs are the only ones sticking to MSRP but they go out of stock insanely quickly.

    Same thing for RAM. Ridiculous prices.

    So people that are wanting to build new desktop PCs are getting HOSED on graphics cards and RAM. Most people are just delaying their builds because it's so ridiculous.

  10. This is one of the easier issues. Yes, I agree that it's ridiculous to tip-toe around a bunch of things in public schools (K-12) to avoid parent confrontations... but just let the child go to the restroom. If it becomes a problem (they take advantage of that time frequently) you just call their parents and tell them about it. Let them deal with it.

    My wife is an elementary (K-5) music teacher. She sees ~200 kids a day (I think), 600 kids in her school. They do take advantage. She's brought this up before, and I gave her the advice above.

    It's ridiculous how much CYA public teachers have to do. Some do, some don't. I told my wife, ALWAYS CYA. I'm NOT going to court over some bull**** from a parent. 

  11. I would love to take my dog with me. I'm sure it'd take some getting used to, but I bet it could be done. I'm sure she'd love it. I don't  have a lot of time to take her on walks much anymore. We have a fenced in backyard so usually every day I'll throw the ball (not a golf ball) with her in the yard for several minutes so she gets some good exercise. Lately it's so dark when I get home I just use a laser pointer and she chases that thing like crazy; probably runs a mile every 2 minutes!

    I wouldn't let mine roam free. I'd probably just toe her on my push cart with a good leash :)  

    I'll probably ask my club sometime soon if they'd allow it. They probably won't... as I've never seen someone do this. But worth a shot! 

  12. Very cool.

    Honestly, I've always told myself that my target lifespan is something like 85 years old. I don't see a lot of 85+ year old guys having a swell life. Then again I'm only 30 so what the hell do I know, lol. But what's this guy's secret?? If I were 103 and still able to get up and off a golf cart and swing a golf club and just make CONTACT... that'd be pretty cool! I'd be okay with that!

    I'm guessing it's largely to do with genetics, ON TOP OF having a great diet, getting good exercise, etc. 

    Kudos to that guy.

  13. Update to this sort of blog post.

    I went ahead and replaced the downstairs unit this past weekend, myself! :-) 

    Went back to my old quote from more than a year ago for $6,900 just to replace that one unit. I couldn't bring myself to pay that kind of money. The downstairs unit is a self-contained, packaged unit (a/c and furnace are all in one unit - condenser, blower, evap coil, burners, everything is within the unit. it even comes precharged with refrigerant).

    I researched more than I really needed to, largely due to the fact that my RETAIL parts, pallet jack rental, and permitting total added up to only $2,800 or so. And this was with express delivery of a 400 lb unit, inside delivery, and over-nighted some parts (my father was in town for only a week and I needed his help moving the unit out of and into place). So I kept looking for the reason why there was an extra $5,000 on the quoted price to install.

    I found none. 

    Sure I was pretty nervous. "Did I miss something?" "Am I going to get burned finding out there's some piece I can't do myself and have to pay someone anyways?"

    Turns out, no. 

    This thing was pretty flipping easy to install. Just as I had researched, the unit has an extremely limited number of connections: air inlet/outlet duct lines, 3 electrical cords, 1 thermostat cord, gas line, and condensate line. THAT'S IT. It took my father and I 7 hours to install, and ~3 hours of that was me being an idiot and forgetting parts "rushing" to home Depot 3 times. 1+ hour was spent just moving the old unit out and the new unit into place. 10 minutes to swap the breaker.

    Since the unit comes sealed and pre-charged with refrigerant, I didn't need a license for this. I merely pulled an OTC permit through my city for the mechanical and electrical install (including the gas line work) and all work was 100% legal and to code.

    The thing I love most about this is that I know I did the install right. Unfortunately when it comes to these types of installs a lot of contractors will use shortcuts because there's very limited accountability. For example, in this case, contractors may not follow the specs for the condensate line and they'll just slap some PVC pipe together in the right "orientation." They may use the wrong type of sealant for the gas lines. They may not adjust the gas regulator so that the burners fire correctly (which can dramatically reduce the life of the heat exchanger, and even cause a dangerous situation. They may not seal off holes through the unit where water can get in over time to the boards and prematurely fail. They may not adequately insulate the duct connections to where there will be condensation on surfaces that'll get into the insulation and ruin it, causing mold/bugs. They may go with the pre-charge refrigerant and say "I'm sure it's good enough" even though the factory charging isn't very accurate - which can be the difference of the compressor lasting only 3-4 years... or 10+ years. They may not set the correct fan speeds for proper temperature change across the exchanger/coil. All these things I now know were done correctly. I can't guarantee my unit will last 10+ years... but I know that if it doesn't, it was just a manufacturing defect, not a shoddy install.

    I'll follow that rant by saying there's tons of fantastic contractors out there. I've just had a very, very bad run of them the last 2 years.

  14. Lol I never see this problem. All ranges I go to are just areas, no stalls. The divot bomb zones are definitely a problem though.

    I try to take divots like in the picture that someone posted (and multiple people quoted) but I'll also move in so that it's one square at the end of my session. I was told by someone (cant remember who) that the greens crew would rather re-sod an area with one piece than a bunch of chunks or replacement grass.

    But now that I think about it.... I'm pretty sure all ranges I go to don't even re-sod... I think they just sand-fill. So Maybe I'm making the problem worse for them? :hmm:

  15. They already call me "Speed Golf Guy" in my clubhouse. Maybe I need to take this on!

    My only 2018 golf goal this year is to finish 9 holes in < 1 hour while walking. I did 1:15 pretty frequently last year by lightly jogging between holes. 

    It's a combination of 2 things in my current life: 1. my first child was born 2 weeks ago, so time is scarce now. 2. I've been running a lot more the last year (5k's and even 10k's now) and dropping my times. So I thought it was a cool goal to set.

  16. My 401k did quite well last year, over 22% return in a moderately risky group since I just turned 30. 

    My wife and I are holding onto quite a bit of cash and while the market is looking strong and people say "buy low, sell high" they also say "don't just wait for it to be low, you could spend years and lose out on returns on the way."

    I'm looking to put a decent chunk of money in for the long term. If the market goes down, I'll just hope it can recover in 2-5 years and even itself out, and start gaining at from there. 

    With the new tax policy and other political shake-ups, I'm wondering what folks' opinions are on the near-long run (next 2-5 years) state of the market. Do you really think we'll see some good growth as a result of recent policies? I'm thinking of maybe just putting our money into a good chunk of blue chip stock and hoping they pay some dividends on their returns. 

    The only bubbles I hear about often now are cryptocurrencies, but I don't think that could have too much reach/roots on the rest of the market?

    I think the first thing we'll do is max out Roth IRAs for 2017 for both of us since we didn't contribute to them at all this year. The money leftover, including this year's bonus, I'd like to put into our TD Ameritrade account. Whether they be index funds, or a handful of blue chip stocks, or whatever.

    Any investments we do I'd like to be at least fairly liquid (say, money in hand in < 30 days if we had some monstrous emergency). Nothing like real-estate or other non-liquids.


  17. On 12/26/2017 at 11:33 AM, chilepepper said:

    Our bill is pretty much zero. Of course we put in solar, break even will be in about 3 more years. 

    For our next home, which we plan to buy a little more rural we think (if it works out), I plan to install solar panels. And a NG tank-less water heater (if the NG/electric rates are similar to where we live now, which may or may not be the case once we move, NG I get a much better bang for the buck here). They seem like fun projects, and I'm capable of doing them myself.

    I had a pretty high electric bill for 2 full summers before I start asking around and wondering "why is my electric bill on a 2,600 sqft house $400?" Turns out the old air conditioning system upstairs that I knew was on it's last leg was running the compressor really hard, all the time, and apparently that's enough to nearly double your electric bill. Had the ****ing HVAC people recognized this earlier and I replaced it at that time I could have saved something like $1,500. I knew it was going to cost more... but I had no idea it could cost that much more running poorly.

    Still not 250 billion dollars though :)

    BTW I love the random-ass fact drops these articles do: "GDP of Chile." #handclap you went to the internet, found a GDP list, scrolled down the list until you were around that # and viola! 

  18. On 12/25/2017 at 10:32 PM, Buckeyebowman said:

    This reminds me of one of Erik's challenges from earlier this year. He wanted people to put a dime sized dot on the back of 5 different balls w/a Sharpie, and hit them w/a 6 or 7 iron to see where the club face was contacting the ball.

    My first was very close to the hosel! It wasn't a shank, but it wasn't a very good shot either. I've battled hitting close to the hosel for a large part of my golfing life. This caused me to remember a bit of advice my Uncle, a country club pro prior to WWII, gave me. He said that he had a tendency to swing "out" at the ball, so he would set up with the ball a little toward the toe and not in the middle of the face. Let me see if I can find the pic.

    Here it is. The last 4 flew very well, although I caught one a little high on the face. I was very happy that Erik suggested this, and I think it's a good thing to do from time to time.

    That's basically what mine looked like, except i was even farther into the heel. I'm amazed that I was able to hit ANY good shots with this swing, but somehow I did. A testament to game improvement clubs, I guess!

    I've gone back to the range ~3-4 more times and hit many balls. An immediate, significant improvement overall. Looking to get out this weekend and play a round or 9 holes. Although our first child was born a week ago so..... it's unlikely :)

    I'll be keeping a dry erase marker in my bag at all times now and will use it every range practice session or warm-up before a round, now.

  19. I have to share this. I've haven't played much golf lately. We have our first child on the way (the little stinker was due 3 days ago...) so I've been nesting and getting stuff in the house ready (building the crib, dresser, changing table, hanging curtains, cleaning, etc., etc.) for the last several weekends. Not to mention helping my wife out since she's huge. I only played 1 round of golf in 2 months I think, on Friday after Thanksgiving with my father in law where I shot a 99 I think. 

    Now I used to be a low 80's shooter on this course, but I wasn't very frustrated because it was very nice weather, calm, and I hadn't gotten out of the house in nature very much at all for a few months. So I walked away happy breaking 100. But was was a little frustrating to me was how I could completely lose my swing in ~2-3 months of playing sparingly. I figured I could at least make contact. I was keeping my head still, ground control was acceptable, path was in to out, my face angle seemed totally fine, but I was shanking the ball very frequently.

    Well, since my wife hasn't popped yet I have some free time this weekend (everything is done...) so I ran out to the range to have a real range session yesterday. I was hitting them like dog crap. Frustrating in a sense, but I'm not the type that gets angry for hitting bad shots after not having played at all in a long time haha. 

    So I brought my old iPhone 5 out with the alignment stick attachment thing and took some videos. I'm not expert, but I couldn't really see any GLARING issues with it... hmm.

    Then I took out the dry erase market and painted the face of a 7i with it. Took a swing, and it was actually a decent feeling shot. Look down, the ball is ALL the way into the heel! "That's weird..." took another shot. Same thing, but a worse shot. Another, same thing. Another, another, another. A lot of the shanks I would look down and not see a mark. So I start painting the hosel...... yep..... was hitting the shaft! lol.

    Of course, I told myself "I need to fix this, what am I going to do?" I didn't feel like changing my swing, especially after reviewing the video and thinking I was doing "okay." So instead, I just tried to hit the ball on the toe of the club. After ~10 balls of moving farther and farther out of the heel, the final PERCEPTION was to swing through the ball TRYING to hit an entire half a ball OUTSIDE the END of the toe! That produced remarkably consistent ball striking for 60-70 balls. So I told myself "don't get all hyped up on a 'fix' for just one range session, let's try and make it out again tomorrow."

    Sure enough I go out today with a large bucket. Same thing. I had excellent ground control (for me), great aim, and MUCH more manageable misses (typically a pull).

    I honestly believe that for the last 6+ months, even when playing well, I was hitting inside the heel and never knew it. I was a shorter player (7i ~140 yards or so) but a relatively longer driver @ ~240 carry or (estimating) which always perplexed me. I think these game improvement clubs nowadays are so good that my swing was pretty consistent, but pretty consistently wrong and I couldn't tell because even a heel shot on my clubs would feel pretty good. 

    I was hitting every club much further these past 2 days. I need to go re-shoot my distances now. I couldn't figure out why I could only hit a SW ~60 yards before, and my gaps would get larger and larger going from 7i on down. I was hitting the heel. But now I was overshooting the green I usually aim for by 10-15 yards. for every club.

    Isn't it amazing that even keeping your head down and still, and not looking up quickly after impact, that your perception can be that far off? AMAZING! I'm literally aiming to hit half of a ball outside the end of the club to get in the sweet spot!


    TLDR; use a dry erase marker on the face of the club to track impact point. My perception was WILDLY off! This helped me TREMENDOUSLY!

  20. 1 minute ago, Patch said:

    I never looked at green that sloped slowly from the fairway to the surface of the green as being elevated. A green you could run the ball up on to it. I see this type of green a high percentage of the time. 

    Elevated to me is a green that raises abruptly up from the fairway. One that presents a sloping wall of sorts to the golfer. A green you would need to fly the ball on to, or maybe use a bump, and run shot, where the ball pops up on to the green. 

    I'm still not sure I understand. Meaning I'm not sure if the greens I play are elevated or not. I consider them elevated, but maybe they're just regular.

    The slope up to the greens isn't severe enough to where a flighted ball that hits the fringe will back up (assuming no spin) and roll down the slope. It'll usually stop pretty quickly. It'll roll SOME, but not all the way down the "steep" slope or something. But you usually won't putt through more than 2-3 feet. You'd want to chip (I would think), which I do. And I'm not scared to putt through fringe.

  21. 30 minutes ago, nevets88 said:

    If you have a commute on public transportation, can easily burn through data, especially if no underground wifi or commuter train is above ground and train has no wifi. Some cities only recently got wifi on their buses and trains.

    Those social network apps burn through data - you'd think it's just text, but whatever they're sending back and forth, it's a lot of data. Plus as you scroll by video, it autoplays. Don't even get me started on Facebook, which I purposely don't even install.

    Stream a movie on your phone, that's like 750 megabytes. I'm always curious to see what people do on their phones on the train, I'm a nosey body. I see a lot of people watching video on the train.

    IP cameras don't you just scrub right through? Most video is static, unless you have a camera that has a moveable head.

    Video may look static but it's typically feeding constantly. Depends on your settings. But just because it's the same "static" imagine doesn't mean it's not downloading it over and over again. I have different "record" video encoding settings than I do streaming settings (streaming is typically lower quality so that you don't have a HUGE data usage hit). I have 5x 4MP IP cameras I've installed around our house. If I streamed those at the highest quality, that would be some hella data usage! but instead I stream them at ~150 kbps ea. But if I'm live feeding from all 5 cameras at once then that's 0.75 mbps. Of course, I'm just checking on the dog usually, which only takes a couple seconds.

    Edit: I also don't use any social media platforms like FB, twitter, instagram, etc.

  22. I don't understand how people can use so much data through their mobile phones...

    I use ~1.5 GB/mo average on my phone (non-wifi). But I don't use a lot of wifi on my phone because if I'm on wifi.., I'M AT HOME. So I'm not usually putzing around on my phone. Work won't let me use their wifi and I don't trust any wifi networks other than my own and my work's.

    And that's even including me occasionally checking on the house with 5 IP cameras streaming, checking to see if my dog is being a little turd or not!

    I'm on Project Fi. I love it. I got in on the $200 Nexus 5X deal (my wife and I both did). Saves a ton of money over Verizon, only paying for data we use, at $10/GB.

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