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  1. Day 2 yesterday a co-worker and I hit up a course called Carnoustie located in Port Coquitlam B.C. I shot a nice little 80 while he broke 100 for the first time. I was working on my putting alot in this round and to my amazement I was a +3.9 handicap in my putting according to Arccos Golf. I typically use a line on my ball when on the putting green and to free up my stroke a bit I used a ball without a line and my putting improved. I found that when I did this it free'd up my stroke and let me visualize the putt much better. I also worked on playing to my strengths and playing from the green back instead of playing from the hole to the green. I think I'm onto something!!
  2. love this! I've been thinking of somewhere I could post about my training progress. I had a calendar in the garage with what I worked on that day but nothing in detail like this. last night I went to the green for an hour and 15 and worked on my touch/feel with chips from 30' to 10'. I set up an alignment rod 10' from me and another one 30' from me. my goal is to get the first one as close to the back alignment rod, second one inside of the first, and so on until i'm chipping to the 10' alignment rod. it takes a lot of feel and touch in order to get them close and put a lot of balls inside the two alignment rods. my most was 6 balls. I was working on ball position and trying to visualize my landing area. I find when I can visualize my landing area its much easier for me to "feel" the shot. I am trying to use more of a putting stroke in the sense the club doesn't get behind me. I find when the club gets behind me its much easier to shallow out too early if my transition isnt perfect. If I use more of a putting stroke I can be more aggressive and control the spin. #myjourneytobetter
  3. 35-45$ to watch professional golf is a steal for us Canadians. I would be jumping all over that deal. i think its one of those things you take for granted being able to see these events all the time. I would have loved to have gone out and watched this event. basically what i'm saying is I am very jealous of you guy's who get the option of watching these guy's tee it up live.
  4. we went down to pebble beach last year for a wedding in Monetrey and thought it was the most beautiful place on earth! there are some beautiful golf courses in that area! did you ever play northlands? gibsons is a very nice place as well but a tad bit too small for my liking. I live in Kitsilano right now and im only a few paces from the beach. its a great place to live. I play alot of university golf course and mccleery and fraserview I will look into purchasing that as well. I just bought Phil Mickelson's book on his short game and im just getting through that right now. finally a book for a lefty in the game of golf that I dont have to change aroudn the word right arm to left arm etc.... hahahahaha
  5. im guessing you are a Steve as well? where abouts in Norcal are ya? what courses do you play?
  6. where abouts? thanks rjh, hows the golf in norcal?
  7. Hey everyone! I am recently new to the site ( yesterday I joined ) and just wanted to say hello! I am an avid golfer and have been going hard at golf for 2 years now. My background involves lots of hockey which has helped me alot with my golf swing. I am a 10.5 handicap. I look forward to chatting with all of you avid golfers in the near future! cheers, Steve
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