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  1. I edited my last post to protect the guilty, but as you mention bunkers man the sand at the course i described was like hittingof black top, but black top has more give
  2. Not to offend anyone and drum up negative publicity, I was thinking the other day what are some of the bad courses other people have played. the Layout was decent, but the grounds were not all that well maintained, cart paths were built for jeeps not golf carts, the one water hazard had green slime like a swamp on it. the One thing I have to sa was most commendable was the grounds crew, On the start of the back nine they were moving the lawn and removing fertilizer every spot that we would play on that hole wether it was from the tee to the fair way, to the green they would shut their engin
  3. I am very new to golf and love the fact that its a different game for everyone. Some people are driver, pitchers, putters, better in the bunkers etc.... I noticed yesterday that I would have to agree with the Chipping and putting then the putting, Iron shots then woods/drivers. You can take a pretty crapy drive off the tee follow it up with a decent iron shot...Now if you can get a great shot with the pw youll get right next to the hole. I had a shot with my pw on the just a foot or two outside the fringe of a 20 ft green hit the bottom base of the flag(if it wasnt there I would have bird
  4. Alot of people have different beliefs about what should be concentrated on by new golfers. What is everyones take on what should you concentrate more on Getting your Driving down first or Iron shoots? Or Chipping and Pitching? All Views are welcome and encouraged. Hope this becuase a long laundry list of different/same views
  5. I ve seen a couple I was wondering what were some of your guys favorite Tips Videos. (also list what they focused on if it isnt in the title i.e. pitching, putting,driving, bunker shots)
  6. I am not anywhere near pga tour but I just atrted had the same issue. 100 to 150 yd drives. I teed up with larger tees and used more trunk rotation, no im hitting 200+yds just by rotating my torso. But I am just learning now there are so many things to a good swing, and there are an infinite amount of things that go into the "perfect" swing
  7. I just recently went to the range and have been trying to find what I have been doing wrong on My drives. I have always hit in between what I would consider a hook and a fade. So today I decided to take a more closed face grip and it reduced my fade and even went dead on b@ll$ straight at 200+ yds. The Thing Is I dont want to go forever with changing my grip. So My question is: 1)What training aids would help me 2)What of the following could be effecting my hook/fade is it: a.Wrist b.Coming from outside in c.stance d.elbow bend My personal opinion is that I have "no swing." By tha
  8. Lots of usefull information from everyone. Does Graphite/Steel matter when starting off?
  9. I am sure this will stir up a lot of difference of opinion, but I just recently got into golf. I am looking to buy clubs, I dont want the cheap set from Kmart(not knocking Kmart.) What I am looking for is a set that I can grow in to and develop but dont have to replace in a couple of years. I know everyone says to start with preowned, but I jut have this quirk(I need to be the original owner......Yeah I know its stupid.) Money is not the issue so much as long as they are a valuable investment. Thanks for All Feedback thats about to come my way
  10. I am a Fireman, Just got into golf recently. Used too be a golf basher , please dont shun me I just came upon a new apreciation for the sport . I used to say what is fun about chasing after a ball and trying to get it into alittle whole. I have nothing in my bag, or a bag
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