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  1. I'm starting to develop a lot more confidence in the new motion with my irons, and I'm noticing my mishits are becoming a lot less severe! I'm still doing some leaning back through impact, but I think it looks a bit better than it did two weeks ago.
  2. brice


  3. I ended up getting a lesson and I found out that I need to start my hip rotation earlier in my swing, which will lead to me needing to flip my arms less and create less of a reverse C position in my follow thru. I'm working on implementing this change, but it's tough to make myself do something that feels so novel. I feel like I'm starting to see some minor results though. I seem to be finishing with a more vertical angle for my swing path like the instructor told me I would and my stock shot is going a little straighter!
  4. One thing I notice is that you seem to be placing the ball at different points in your stance. You won't be able to see a lot of consistency in your ball flights until you start putting that in the same place most of the time. I usually try to put the ball just behind my left arm pit (also right hander) for all my stock shots. YMMV with that ball position, but I think it would be good to find a place in your stance to put your ball routinely
  5. Heya guys. I started getting back into golf recently after taking 3 years off. It seems like my swing held up a lot better than I expected, although my short game definitely didn't haha. What do you guys think I should work on first? (Other than the belly I have now)
  6. My biggest question is should I get lessons. It's taken a lot of practice, research and help to get my swing where it is now and idk if I'm comfortable letting someone work on it. Lessons would probably help a lot tho
  7. I probably use my LW 4-5 times per round, only because I hit it a long way. Around the green I mostly use my SW and PW. If I didn't hit it as far I'd probably lose it too
  8. I think I made a lot of progress thanks to advice I got here. Idk how much better it is, but I'm really liking my swing now
  9. If you can jog 18 holes, you can walk 18 holes. I never had stamina problems playing golf when I jogged 6 miles a day
  10. I'm surprised more people aren't saying yes. I mean most non-pros don't play with regulation size footballs or wooden baseball bats, why's this any different?
  11. Maybe his SW is going 120mph on his way back from the golf course
  12. I had to change a few things in my swing because of a back injury. I'm not hitting it nearly as far as before, but it's a pretty easy swing to repeat at least
  13. Any manga readers out there read parasyte??
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