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  1. Cool I'll try that. Also, I didn't realize how closed my feet were against my target line. That might explain my issues hitting it left. Thank you for the feedback!
  2. I learned recently that you can record in slomo on iphones at get a lot more frames. I'm still fighting a hook with my driver, but I seem to be keeping my head a little more still than I used to be.
  3. Yea I'm not denying that there is a correlation between handicap and driving distance, but I just get the impression that the two factors I mentioned have a stronger correlation. I think the data that suggests that 5 handicaps on average hit their drives 240 or however far includes a lot of folks who started later in life, and in my experience (which is purely anecdotal evidence) those that start later in life usually struggle to create a powerful motion in their golf swings. I guess a better way to put my hypothesis is I think that handicap probably has a very good correlation with average smash factor, but it may not be quite as strong for average distance.
  4. I quit playing golf for 3 years and when I came back I was hitting the distances I was used to after a few weeks, I'm in my 20s though. My dad was a long hitter most of his life, but started losing a lot of distance in his mid 50s without taking any breaks from golf. I do stretches (almost) every day to help me get a little more distance out of my swing. There are a bunch of regimens online that may help. For me, hamstring and lat stretches have been the most effective. I hope you can find some more yards out there!
  5. I feel like club head speed is more correlated to genetic luck and age that you started the game than handicap
  6. I think it's good to learn to play with small distractions like that. If you can't get used to them when practicing, they'll really bother you when competing/gambling.
  7. I'm starting to develop a lot more confidence in the new motion with my irons, and I'm noticing my mishits are becoming a lot less severe! I'm still doing some leaning back through impact, but I think it looks a bit better than it did two weeks ago.
  8. brice


  9. I ended up getting a lesson and I found out that I need to start my hip rotation earlier in my swing, which will lead to me needing to flip my arms less and create less of a reverse C position in my follow thru. I'm working on implementing this change, but it's tough to make myself do something that feels so novel. I feel like I'm starting to see some minor results though. I seem to be finishing with a more vertical angle for my swing path like the instructor told me I would and my stock shot is going a little straighter!
  10. One thing I notice is that you seem to be placing the ball at different points in your stance. You won't be able to see a lot of consistency in your ball flights until you start putting that in the same place most of the time. I usually try to put the ball just behind my left arm pit (also right hander) for all my stock shots. YMMV with that ball position, but I think it would be good to find a place in your stance to put your ball routinely
  11. Heya guys. I started getting back into golf recently after taking 3 years off. It seems like my swing held up a lot better than I expected, although my short game definitely didn't haha. What do you guys think I should work on first? (Other than the belly I have now)
  12. My biggest question is should I get lessons. It's taken a lot of practice, research and help to get my swing where it is now and idk if I'm comfortable letting someone work on it. Lessons would probably help a lot tho
  13. I probably use my LW 4-5 times per round, only because I hit it a long way. Around the green I mostly use my SW and PW. If I didn't hit it as far I'd probably lose it too
  14. I think I made a lot of progress thanks to advice I got here. Idk how much better it is, but I'm really liking my swing now
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