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  1. No problem! I hope so to! Maybe I'll see you on T.V. and I can say "hey I know that Guy!" Lol.
  2. Or anywhere else... (just kidding! lol)
  3. Awesome! I'm guessing with those scores we will end up seeing you on the Pga tour? Lol. Good Luck!
  4. I live in Greeneville Tennessee. About 45 min. from Johnson City, if that helps.
  5. Alright thanks, so if you are a + handicapper then that means you are pretty much even better? lol.
  6. Shot a 46 today, I kept on hitting behind the ball, anybody no why?
  7. What is the difference between a 1 handicap and a +1 handicap? If there is one.
  8. Welcome to the forum Todd, I would like to say a couple things, first, thanks for everything that you do over in Iraq, it is very much appreciated! Also, I don't live in the Augusta area but maybe you should stop on down by Tennesse sometime. LOL. How long has it been since you've hit a golfball anyways? Or do you have some clubs with you.
  9. Alright, but for the little time I tried it a month or so ago, it seemed like I would always be hitting behind the ball, any reason for that?
  10. That's gotta suck! especially on the greens! Did he ever spit when he was very close to you or near by? You would think that he could atleast get out of the fairway and atleast into the rough.
  11. Lol! Well I haven't practiced the parrallel parking yet. Hopefully I'll be good at it. Of course there's only a couple of places in my little town to do it anyways.
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