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  1. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Just joined here a few days ago.....I'm a full time international transportation consultant and a certified teaching pro which I do part time. T the more instruction I give the harder it has become to put together a good round without all the instructions for different fixes clogging up my swing thoughts.
  2. Fitting Question

    Thank you again to all. My hcp is the highest its been in five years mainly because I was missing more greens than prior years. Shot 73 today with 35 putts. Didnt miss a lot of greens, my yardages didnt change and the irons actually felt more solid and compressed the ball much better than they had the prior months that I had them. Maybe I should be worried about the swing weights and lie of my putter...because clearly that isnt working the way it should. Or its the guy holding the putter. All joking aside thank you for all your insight and knowledge, like I said before I don't know as much as I should about club fitting and the technology behind it, I have always trusted the fit and swung freely. This was educational for me.
  3. Fitting Question

    Thanks guys. I'm going to play with them today they have already been cut. If things don't go well I'll be calling the fitter and subsequently calling Ping if the fitter doesn't fix what is wrong. Reason I haven't sent them back to Ping is that I have a 4 ball this weekend and a regional qualifier on Tuesday. So I would rather give these a go instead of abandoning a partner and doing a WD on Tuesday. I'll let you all know how today and the upcoming days play out. I truly appreciate the help and insight. As much as I understand golf swing mechanics I equally don't understand the science of club fitting.
  4. Fitting Question

    Thanks fellas, I'm perfectly ok with my setup changing...in fact I should have noticed it changed when I started using these irons but shamefully I didn't. I'm hoping the swing weight isn't a big change now either. I guess I'll find out in the first fairway tomorrow when I play my next 18..or shortly before at the range before my round. I appreciate all the feedback. If anyone wants to chime in on swing weight I'm all ears.
  5. Got fitted for S55's back in May. Been playing them since June. Just figuring out in last few days that they aren't the standard length they were supposed to be but approx 1" longer. (yeah I know I should have picked up on this sooner, that's on me) The fitter blames it on factory, I have the fitting slip and is does list length as standard. Regardless the fitter is going to cut them down the 1" for me and regrip at no cost. My question is will this shortening to standard effect the lie angle? The fitter tells me it will not however at this point I want to be sure and not just have the fitter get me in and out. Any help, advice, opions appreciated.