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  1. If you think you drive it further than these guys consistantly you're high. The PGA avg is 288. You don't play 7200 yd courses every day. If you did you could just add about 10 to your handicap. http://www.cbssports.com/golf/stats/stats_leaders/PGA/2013/drivingDistance
  2. I think setup is more important than design. The avg golfer is lucky to break 100. The avg good golfer who actually tracks their handicap is 15. So why "Bubba proof" the course? My home course is a prime example of a pretty good design with terrible set up. They watch the PGA and say I want our greens to run that fast... So they bought an expensive new roller and stopped watering. They're concrete right now. Seriously you might as well put a flag in the parking lot. I'd be surprised if our pro could break 80 on his own course. They stopped cutting the rough too...thanks. I flew one 270 about 5 yds off the fairway and it didn't even bounce... It just buried. It took me 10 mins to find it. It was a miracle to break 90. I'm a good player and I live a block from 17 tee box, but they're taking the fun out of it. The PGA players were lying when they said it was fun not breaking par at Merion. Everyone loves making birdies and hacks like us should be happy with birdie chanses. Scrambling for bogie or double every hole sucks. It also turns away young players... I mean who wants to take 5 hrs looking for balls and 3 or 4 putting everything?
  3. Does the 80% swing exist?

    Most weekend warriors like myself get into trouble trying to swing too hard because we over stretch our backswing (my left wrist tends to cup). I think the key to the 80% shot is to have an 80% back swing but a full swing the rest of the way through. If you watch Phil for instance his famous lob wedge shots are all the same down swing and follow through, but he controls distance with his back swing. Its the same concept.