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  1. That's not what I said. Tell me this isn't a political statement. Again, I happen to totally agree with it but how is it different than the question "Would you play a Trump course now?"
  2. Every action we take, decision we make or conclusion we reach rests on assumptions not everyone would affirm. This is the realm of the political. Even choosing 538 as a source rests on assumptions not everyone would make. (btw, I don't have a problem with you citing them).
  3. Thank you for your comments. There are people here who have never heard about 'The Talk'. Right now, it's obviously a difficult and really stressful time. Be sure to take care of yourself, whether that is hitting a few balls or a glass of bourbon in the evening. This is unprecedented. Erik, you’re a curious nut. I’m shocked (and heartened) you started this thread. You typically take an overtly heavy hand in calling out anything that might ruffle the feathers of this demographic and now this? Good on you, mate. But let’s be clear, this is indeed political. Every action w
  4. Nothing to see here kids. Move right along. State health department tells university COVID-19 modeling team to stop work, limits data access The Arizona Department of Health Services told a team of university experts working on COVID-19 modeling to "pause" its work, an email from a department leader shows. Florida stops medical examiners from releasing coronavirus death data: Report "This is no different than any other public record we deal with," Dr. Nelson said Wednesday. "It's paid for by taxpayer dollars and the taxp
  5. Years ago I was at a conference in Vancouver and drove north for the day to play Furry Creek (built on the side of a mountain). I'm not a cart person but rented one as it was mid-week and I had to get to the airport as soon as I could finish. First tee is very elevated and it have just rained and the cart path wet. I get in the cart and start downhill and immediately realize I'm going too fast. There was no regulator. I hit the brakes and begin to hydroplane. The cart literally spins 180 degrees, ends up pointing uphill at just the part of the path where there is a 90 degree bend. So cl
  6. Eric, Thanks a bunch for this. The past 30 days have been a bit stressful with work and quarantine and I've really enjoyed this (short) portion of my day. And...I have a tee time for May 9 at 6:36a! NorCal courses starting to open. Day 30
  7. Day 29 Also liked this drill. I did get the feel.
  8. Day 27 Redux Ok, ok. I don’t really have a low gear but I did it again pretending I do…. Day 28 I feel like the last two days were written for me (obviously not). The biggest revelation was the slight move at the top. This helps preventing my lower bits from getting too far ahead. Hogan’s Modern Fundamentals I’m early in it but something that jumped out right away is the instruction at address to keep your arms together as close as possible with your elbows pointing at your hips and the inside seam of your elbows p
  9. Day 27 Had an uncommitted helper for the second drill but yes, guilty of EE in the Before Times. Before Times (a host of problems including a right elbow much, much less than 90 degrees).
  10. Day 26 Another solid drill. Thanks. It's a very prevalent sensation with during rotation.
  11. Day 25 This is my first pass at this drill but I'm going to spend a bit more time on it today. 1) I am most certainly someone who get the lower body going too early so I'm thankful for this bit; 2) It does feel like the swing plane decreases and maybe this is just in the drill but it's not something i need.
  12. Day 24 Hit the mat a bit with this and that is a good thing.
  13. Day 23 This one is really relevant. I felt pushed at 25 secs and I know there are plenty of times on the course i stand directly over the ball stiff and going through a mental checklist. I need to do away with that. Introducing a waggle feels good.
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