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  1. Crowds look sizable for a Round 2.
  2. Slavoj Zizek: “As soon as you flush the toilet, you’re in the middle of ideology.” If you look at Western history from the Roman Empire to the Middle ages, men and women washed together in State run communal bathhouses. There were also communal latrines. The pendulum swung and during the Protestant Reformation, there was a washing moratorium (long story). By the mid-19th Century, the pendulum swung again and with Victorian era values and advances in medical technology, personal hygiene became associated with Christian purity, morality and respectability. Sex segregated bathrooms arose. This rise was closely aligned with the Victorian idea that women were emotionally and physically vulnerable. It was during this time that when the fear of bodily substances took off and moved into the late 19th and early 20th century. Le Corbusier's iconic Villa Savoye exemplified how users could disown their mortal flesh and it's by-product through concealment. I have to say, I'm really having a laugh at most of these posts and not for the same reasons most of you are. Single occupancy all-gender toilets as unique? I've lived abroad and many, many places are perfectly comfortable not just with a single occupancy all gender arraignment but many with a multi-occupant all gender toilet rooms. Up-scale restaurants in Hong Kong? Abso-freaking-lutly. Stall walls simply go from floor to ceiling. Lavs are shared. This is current thinking in many academic buildings currently being designed in the U.S. and many corporate facilities in progressive areas. The tv show Allie McBeal introduced this to Americans a long time ago. President Obama declared Title IX has protections guaranteeing trans individuals access to sex segregated toilets that align with their identity. The fundies freaked and most of the hysteria is closely tied to this event. The current occupant of the white house overturned the protections. Fear is where the pendulum is at.
  3. Why do most all of Tigers drives that go offline and into the crowd suddenly appear with a clear line to the green?
  4. Radar looks like rain in about 30 minutes
  5. It really doesn’t look like they are going to get this in before the rain comes.
  6. i am so, so into a 6:00am West Coast start to this. The wife doesn't wake until 10:00am on Sundays and the daughter is out of town.
  7. https://twitter.com/PhilMickelson/status/1106271208692244481 Initially not convinced. Singer was a fixer. That was his deal. No different than Michael Cohen.
  8. Setting aside the uneducated comment on social contribution, nobody forced Kuchar to do anything. What were the "threats" he capitulated to?
  9. A common one most have heard but I still use a lot (Feherty?) "That's a great shot with that swing!" ( I like to talk smack on the course)
  10. It is indeed a challenging course. One of the more difficult par 68's you'll play. Some of the shorter par 4's lure you with opportunity but are ringed with sand traps that just wait for the inevitable miss. Unless you're hitting well, play them conservatively. Really is a fun course. There is no driving range for warm up but they do have an excellent short game practice area. Members there are known for their alcohol consumption and for the life of me, I can't figure our how some of them still hit it so straight during some events. One beer for me and my game is off.
  11. i"m actually with you a bit on this. I was taken by the media narrative during "the time of the incident". Tiger was going off the rails and Phil M.'s wife was going thru breast cancer. The narrative absolutely sainted Phil for (rightly) being at his wife's side during her battle. Tiger on the on other hand became a tragic figure. Thing is (and I speak with the experience of my own wife have a big battle with the same disease), Phil's being there for his wife and family is really only a small part of who he is (and we are) as humans. I don't know Tiger or Phil but we really can't trust the narratives. The few things about Phil's personal life (outside what I described above) don't actually paint a pretty picture. And now, Tiger is teeing off...
  12. Paid the $495 Pebble Beach fee 1) With the exception of Torrey Pines South at $230, nothing I've paid comes close for me $ wise. 2) The wife still doesn't know 3) I'm not rolling in Benjamin's 4) Totally worth it
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