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  1. The President just shot 73 at

    Trump National Golf course. http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/354978-graham-stands-by-claim-trump-shot-a-73-in-golf-game In related news, Kim Jong-Il once shot a 38 under par 34 with 5 holes in one: https://www.thestar.com/sports/golf/2011/12/19/kim_jongil_once_carded_38under_par_at_pyongyang_golf_course.html
  2. I have to say, I prefer my courses where golf carts are NOT allowed on greens. http://www.denverpost.com/2017/06/25/president-trump-angers-golf-fans-driving-golf-cart-on-green/ https://twitter.com/RyanBallengee/status/877892248544854016/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.denverpost.com%2F2017%2F06%2F25%2Fpresident-trump-angers-golf-fans-driving-golf-cart-on-green%2F
  3. The topic seems to be catching on:
  4. Admittedly, the world we've created is complex enough that making those determinations require information that is just not available. There are, however, times when it is clear a threshold has been crossed and any involvement with the entity in question either a) demands a response; or b) overrides any possible positive involvement on your part. If it's clear a clothing line you are considering purchasing was made by forced labor or helped prop up an apartheid dictatorship, would you buy it? A reasonable person wouldn't. More complex would be your note on driving a car - I'd say many of the protests oil companies receive are misplaced. Petroleum has been so fundamental to daily life that it's hypocritical blame them for that fact. Our focus (and positive energy) should be on finding replacements. Trump? He's run a misogynist, racist campaign from the start and it's amazing that it's taken a video/recording for some people to see this (and some still don't!). For me, the threshold was crossed some time ago.
  5. 2016 British Open at Royal Troon Discussion Thread

    I'm with you. That course (with the wind and rain), looks ridiculously difficult. And hitting it into the gorse is something I can identify with (so there's that).
  6. That's a great addition as well. Gonna work on that.
  7. Thanks for this. I tried it out on the range and a practice green this morning and initial impressions are positive. In addition to 'dialing distance', the focus of my left arm parallel to the ground is super helpful (chronic elbow bender here!). I'll be on the course tomorrow and we'll start to have opportunities to see more. Best.
  8. Question: I've recently started using my 60 lob wedge around the green but a problem has emerged. While previously, I (almost) exclusively was using my 52 gap and was able to dial distance with the single club I now find that switching between the two is really creating distance problems. Now, the 52 feels like the ball explodes off the head and I tend to hit it too far. I know it's probably just more practice but is there anything clever that can help as well? For longer shots, I've actually taped distances for a full, 3/4, and half swings on a tag on all my wedges and i've found it helps a bunch. Any tricks for the short shots? Tx.
  9. Who Is Your All-time Favorite Golfer?

    Walter Hagen. I would have loved to have partied with that guy.
  10. Changes to Handicap System for 2016 Released

    I'm with you. I don't play tournaments. My handicap is a very personal thing. I play often in the very early morning before work (daybreak) and am typically alone. Having a handicap has been the single most important thing I've done to improve my game. It actually means something to me even when alone that my score counts for something. I take joy in good shot that would otherwise mean nothing. I follow the rules. This actually takes some of the joy out of the game for me.
  11. The Architecture Thread

    This was a place I once spent a bit of time... (Doe Library at Cal) "But books as we go into the future will take up less and less physical space. I never liked studying at the practical low ceilinged claustrophobic hear every single thing no space to think libraries of my university. I always preferred big high ceilinged spaces - it was less oppressive." One of my current projects is an interior library renovation at UC Santa Cruz. I have to say I'm a bit old school and have conflicted feelings about the speed that books are being tossed out of libraries. On this team, I'm pretty much alone with this position. The Uni has two libraries and the primary one will not change - the stacks will remain. The secondary library (Science Library which is indeed large), has removed floors of stacks to create study/collaboration/"maker spaces"/computer stations. What makes me question my initial reservations is the popularity of the spaces. The space hasn't even been renovated yet (only the books have been removed) and kids are sitting sitting everywhere in groups collaborating, working on laptops, and generally (seemingly) being productive. It's quite a sight - and it makes me feel old...
  12. The Architecture Thread

    I'm afraid you missed the purpose. The purpose of architecture is to inspire. To lift the heart, the soul, the spirit. This is what sustains us. Ito is the real deal. I enjoy his work in a similar way I used to I enjoy Tod Williams/Billie Tsien's stuff. The germinating idea comes from anywhere and is followed relentlessly. Ito is miles ahead of course. Beautiful library.