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  1. I don't get this. Is it an inside joke? You had to be there.
  2. Well not that odd but dang funny. A few weeks back I'm at my very hilly local course and I'm on the green of a par 4 which is one of three parallel fairways all with the same significant cross slope. I look back to see a three wheel cart absolutely hauling from the upper fairway across mine toward the lower fairway. It was moving very fast and straight. Just behind it, a larger, older fella was running faster than he ever thought he could. Behind him was an electric cart with passengers at full speed - which was still not fast enough to keep up with the two in front. Straight out of Benny Hill, or Caddyshack or.... 3 Stooges Finally hit a tree in the next fairway.
  3. NEW YORK (AP) — Avid golfer Caitlyn Jenner says being a woman with breasts has helped her putting game. During a spirited golf outing with "Today" anchor Matt Lauer , she explained that her newly acquired bustline helps keep her arms aligned for improved putting form. She joked that she wasn't pushing Lauer to get implants, just wanted him to consider their potential advantage. During the interview that aired on NBC's "Today" show on Thursday, the 65-year-old Jenner said she had had only one moment of doubt during her gender transition. After a surgical procedure she didn't specify, but said "sort of passed the point of no return," she awoke in what she called a "massive panic attack." Apart from that dicey episode, though, she has had no second thoughts — "no regrets whatsoever" — since making the transition. Before reintroducing herself a few months ago, she was known as Bruce Jenner, the 1976 Olympic decathlon champion and Kim Kardashian 's stepfather. http://www.sfgate.com/sports/article/Caitlyn-Jenner-no-regrets-as-a-woman-6495579.php
  4. Yes, but I honestly don't have much choice on participation. The Marketing dept will stop by my desk -"We need you to take the day off work and go play golf at this very nice country club. Paid" Am I going to say no?
  5. Played a scramble a couple of weeks back. It was work related and put on by one of our consultants. 5 ball and 3 of my partners were in their early 60's and one was 72 (Frank). All owned their own San Francisco based respective companies. I most certainly do not. Frank sank a 24' putt on our first hole and the others were decent with the irons on occasion. Most of the shots and most of the drives used were mine. I sensed some trouble upon finishing the 6th hole. Frank has a scorecard and says we're 5 under. I have a scorecard and know we're really 4 under. Took me 5 minutes to sort it out. We continue to play - and it was enjoyable. On the 11th hole, Frank hits a drive that looks like its going to be his best of the day - 175 yards down the middle. Since we're required to have a drive from everyone, I suggest we use Frank's. "oh screw that! We're going to use your's". So there it was. I could only push these guys so far. We ended up tied with low score (Frank reported it) and ended up with some serious swag and trophies. What could I do? I guess not using everyone's drive, in the grand scheme of things, is on the low end of cheating.
  6. " I know this isn't exactly what the OP is asking for but here are some numbers from my Game Golf rounds." Probably something I should already know but how is the "Scrambling" % calculated?
  7. Hey all, I'm going to be in Monterey for a conference in mid-October. I really, really want to play Pebble Beach. The conference is at Asilomar and that is where I'll be staying (not at PB). I have time on a Friday in the morning for a round and have heard singles can be accommodated if your there early enough (not a problem for me). Assuming I can 'walk-on', is there any way around the $495 green fee and $40 cart fee? Any discounts? Those kinds of numbers are not exactly something I can share with my wife.... thanks.
  8. zero (yesterday) and it was a milestone. 18 holes at the Presidio in SF. Playing with colleagues and had one of my best shots ever on the Par 5 9th hole. Crushed my driver straight down the middle about 290. Had 203yds to a flag placed on the (small) left side of the green behind a sand trap. Put it over the trap and 3' away from the pin. THEN....i missed the put for an eagle....
  9. Damn Xfinity live web app cuts out again... after JS's 16th putt.
  10. Folks, please keep the comments coming. I'm at work and my video has crapped out. Thanks
  11. Dunne was was adorned with UnderArmour hat and shirt at the interview. Did they pay a visit after the first round?
  12. Oh, I read it that you thought it was a bummer he was turning pro. Got it.
  13. Tiger was clearly, mistakenly, operating under the old New Zealand adage of: "No one misses a slice off a cut loaf." It doesn't apply to Amanda.
  14. What's a birdie loving comrade to do? http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/19/world/asia/chinas-crackdown-on-corruption-targets-golf-a-sport-for-millionaires.html?ref=world&_r=0 "... In a flurry of recent reports, state-run news outlets have depicted the sport as yet another temptation that has led Communist Party officials astray. A top official at the Commerce Ministry is under investigation on suspicion of allowing an unidentified company to pay his golf expenses... And in the southern province of Guangdong, home to the world’s largest golf facility, the 12-course Mission Hills Golf Club , party officials have been forbidden to golf during work hours “to prevent unclean behavior and disciplinary or illegal conduct.... ...“This is Xi Jinping ’s China, and it’s clear he’s intent on making his mark,” Mr. Washburn said. “Everyone’s a potential target in this ongoing crackdown on corruption, and golf is a particularly easy and obvious one.” ... The Legal Weekly, run by the Ministry of Justice, chimed in by publishing a list of 15 party officials who have been punished in the last decade for golf-related transgressions. It included Sun Guoqing, head of the Ministry of Transportation’s planning department, who was suspected of using public funds to pay for rounds, and Han Jiang, a district official in Shenzhen, who was convicted of receiving nearly $1 million in bribes, the largest single portion of which was in the form of a membership to the Mission Hills Golf Club. “Golf, because of its high cost and unique glamour, has been called the ‘aristocrats’ game,’ ” the newspaper said. “But an awkward truth is that because of ‘rotten’ golf, some officials have been punished or even jailed.” An art dealer in Beijing, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss illicit activity, said that many insider deals were made over rounds of golf. “When we play golf, we invite officials, too,” he said. “This is not something ordinary people can afford.”...
  15. Mine was an eagle on a 310 yard par four. I hit a great drive and was about 40 yards to the pin. I grab my wedge and pitch it in. One of the best shots of my life. The funny thing was I was randomly paired with three guys visiting from Vietnam - and they only spoke Vietnamese. Well, they were very, very excited by the shot and were yelling and screaming in Vietnamese. I couldn't stop laughing at the situation and they couldn't stop talking about it.
  16. I bought the 460 about three months ago. Shaft is the graphite/steel fiber mix. I couldn't be happier. Bigger story is that I'm returning to golf after many years of not playing (quit at 18). I decided to get fitted and had the pre-conceived notion that I would never buy a driver that could be adjusted. It's not something to mess with.... Spent an hour hitting different heads, shafts and lofts and the SLDR 460 ( adjusted loft down to 8.5 not up ) was the best fit for me by far. In the shop, the radar had me hitting around 255. I've played a lot this summer and was quickly hitting 270 regularly. Yesterday, I played nine and have no idea what was going on. First few drives were 285-290. Last drive, measured in two ways (from the markers and my iphone app) had my drive at 302. I could barely go to sleep last night thinking about it. Mind you, part of this is me recognizing I could/should be swinging a bit harder than I have. But I will say the sweet spot on the driver is indeed smaller than others, once you learn to hit it - yeah!.
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