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  1. Quote: ... LESS attracted to the visual energy created by an object...MORE drawn to the energy field related to an object. Drawn to a golf ball's energy field ? Maybe I'm misinterpreting what you are saying, but this sounds like a bunch of new-age mumbo-jumbo. If you are trying to say some people are more visually oriented, I can understand that. But if you are trying to say inanimate objects put off some type of energy that draws people to them, then I think you've crossed the line into the world of psychics, voodoo, tarot cards, and pyramid-power.
  2. My guess is the reason you see so few cheap balls at used golf ball sites is there is no profit in recycling them. The final cost must include: 1) selling price of ball to recycler 2) cost to ship ball to recycler 3) cost of recycler sorting the ball 4) cost of recycler cleaning the ball 5) cost to ship ball from recycler to customer How much would the typical golfer be willing to pay for a lower tier ball (considering you can get a used mid tier ball for about 50 cents each)? A quarter maybe. 25 cents isn't enough to cover the cost of the 5 items above and allow
  3. I've have good luck getting grips off with an air compressor as long as they are NOT wrap style grips (this assumes they were blown on to begin with).
  4. In the Lamkin line... A medium grip is approx +1/16 of an inch in diameter. A jumbo grip is approx +1/8 of an inch in diameter. I'm not sure how many wraps it takes to make 1/16 of an inch, but that would be the number it takes to go up one size.
  5. Maybe I'm missing something here, but I don's see how buying a better quality USED ball from someplace like lostgolfballs isn't the best answer. Taylormade RBZ urethane 2nd quality are $6.99 per doz. Sure, he's got to buy 14 dozen (180) to get get free shipping, but given given people talking about how many he will lose, it would seem he would need a large supply. And at 58 cents per ball, it's less expensive than new Pinnacle Gold or Laddie balls. Plus, he's unlikely to outgrow the TM urethane ball before he goes through his suppluy. Even the numbers on the used 1st quality RBZ
  6. Consider this hypothetical high-handicapper par-3: 1) Tee shot misses the green (short, long , left, or right), but let's say it's within 50 yards of green. 2) Lob shot hits green, bounces a few times, then rolls off far edge of the green into a sand trap. 3) Sand shot hits green and rolls off far edge into grass. 4) Short chip lands on green and stops. 5) Long putt 6) Short putt 7) Short putt What single equipment change could have lowered his score? Perhaps a ball more likely to hold the green on short 2 or 3? The question at hand is "high handica
  7. There are cheap urethane covered balls. The Bridgestone e5 has a urethane cover. Used balls with a urethane cover (particularly if you don't buy the highest grade) can be had cheaply. Learning to hit the green from short distances (say 50 yards in) is something even a 36 handicap can become decent at. Then they can move on to hitting the green from longer distances (say 100 yards in) consistently. But, that won't do you much good if the ball doesn't stay on the green when you hit it. The advantage of a urethane covered ball is it will help the ball stop on the green
  8. The one bit of advice I have is use a ball with a urethane cover. If you should happen to hit the green with a mid or short iron, you stand a better chance of having the ball stay on the green (due to the extra backspin) instead of rolling off the far side.
  9. You are attempting to set up a straw man. Sorry, not interested in playing that game. You have to weigh your risks. You obviously feel that, because the likelihood of someone being struck in the head is low, that it's not worth taking measures to prevent. I fee that, because the consequences of someone being hit in the head by a golf ball are serious enough that it is worth taking measures to prevent it.
  10. I found the following to be effective in reducing my head movement: A PDF can be downloaded here: http://www.goingleftygolf.com/2014/08/stripes-solved-my-head-bobbing.html . Just put the paper down, and then ignore it. The stripes are such a regular pattern, that if you move you're head up or down your depth perception will kick in and remind you that the paper is nearer (or farther) away. Essentially, if you do everything right, you won't notice anything. If you raise your head, you will notice something.
  11. Youtube has entire golf tournaments available online--I'm talking hours in length. Check out an xbmc plugin called IPTV. It enables you to stream a significant number of non-US channels.
  12. The goal of every golfer should be to shoot the lowest score. Being able to drive the ball off the tee a certain length may be a requirement to be competitive in certain tournaments, but being able to drive the ball off the tee and keep it in bounds is also a requirement to be competitive in certain tournaments. There's an old saying: every journey starts where you are standing right now. Some of the recent books (like "The Lowest Score Wins" on this site) have done a great service to golfers, because it they have altered how people think about getting to the next level. B
  13. You mean it's like all this seat-belt BS. People drove cars without seat-belts for decades. The odds that you'll be in an accident where seat-belts will make a difference is small (99%+ of accidents are simple fender benders; most people are never in an accident where a seat-belt would have made a difference), so why worry about it? Right? "It could have been a head shot and done some damage." Some damage? Yea, like killing you. Being killed by a golf ball is rare, but not uncommon. http://golf.heraldtribune.com/2010/11/29/death-by-golf-ball-not-all-that-uncommon/ The great
  14. $74 a month ($888) to WATCH golf? You can PLAY a lot of golf for that.
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