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  1. Death shot huh? My infamous Dorf on Golf shots from Oakland Hills comes to mind from last year. @CarlSpackler couldn't stop laughing at me. When I go there this August, I will try to recreate said such terrible lie shot beside the 11th green from the bunker. My ball was just out of the bunker but I had to stand in it to hit the ball. The ball was almost chest high and I had to do a modified chest anchored wedge to try and hack it out of the 4" deep rough. Then as fate would have it, I drew a very VERY similar lie on the next hole but much further away from the pin. It was brutal I
  2. I find this thread funny to read after joining TST last year. To read the threads from 2006 before "The fall of Tiger". Now to see what those same posts might read could be quite different; especially after seeing Tiger's short game woes from February. You cannot doubt Tiger's talent but what makes a golf great. Is it his wins or what he has meant to the game and the people around the sport. To answer your question, Jack, IMO, is better of the two choices you gave us. However, after watching the Arnie 3 hrs series, Arnold Palmer has done more for this sport than anyone else - maybe more
  3. Have played Oakland Hills and TPC Michigan. They weren't too bad. Want to try Orchard Lake this summer.
  4. Gasp, what's that? A mistake young @CarlSpackler m!!!
  5. Anybody have a Promo Code that I can use for Game Golf? I'm going to order just the tags and use them with the free app I installed on my Droid phone today. Then I will compare its results with the accuracy that @CarlSpackler ing from his actual belt unit. I hope to save big money - no not the Menards theme either. But you know you are all singing now!!! mooohahahaha!
  6. You're welcome @CarlSpackler . I was super stoked to have my name drawn for the Wednesday round. Par 3 contest, skipping contest on 16 - it dosn't get any better than that. Unless of course Fuzzy picks me this time to hit a ball at Amen corner #12. He picked a guy directly next to me in 1988 and then the guy hooked it in the woods. That could have been me!
  7. If I Win I'll choose the ( Pure Midsize in Orange ) to start my 2015 golf season with a PURE advantage! ". Dustin Johnson - 12 Henrick Stenson - 11 Jordan Speith - 8
  8. My goal is simple. To beat @CarlSpackler more times than he beats me this year. Of course I'll never out drive him but I'm also hoping to gain some distance this year with every club in the bag except the putter.
  9. I have 2 tickets to Wednesday's practice round at The Masters. 27 years ago, I almost got to hit a shot on #12 Amen Corner. Unfortunately, Fuzzy picked the Asian guy beside me instead. So hopefully this will be my year to get that opportunity. Secondly, to gain about 20 yards off of the tee and get to a single digit handicap. That should do it.
  10. I'm still calling BS BTW. The most improbable defiance of physics I have ever seen. That ball should still be at the bottom of that lake! And the wall was more like 18-20" tall, not 3' Lucky jerk! I guess my most memorable shot from 2014 was at Salt Fork State Park. #15, Par 3 uphill into the wind. Playing about 200 yards. Nailed a 3 wood to about 2' for a tap in birdie. I normally hate that hole. Guess the golf gods were smiling on me at that time. Played the same hole the next day - double bogey! Honorable mention #2, Ross Bridge RTJ course in Birmingham, AL. Couldn
  11. PGA Tour Player = Work. Some more than others but it was reported that VJ used to hit a 1000 balls a day at the range before and after each round. That's a lot of work in anybody's book especially at his age. So yes, I guess many of us would love to have the opportunity to play on the tour if not for just one week. More importantly though to the comment about the Ryder Cup, I think we (US Players) need to feel the fire in our belly much earlier in the year. From the time we lost at Medina 2 years, our priority should be to win it back and to do it on their soil. It seems that US players
  12. Really, you had to go there? LOL I see you and @CarlSpackler are cut from the same cloth. Darn golf nazis!!!
  13. Well after much grief from @CarlSpackler and @Jeremie Boop ned The Sand Trap. Golf has long been a passion of mine; at some times more than others. Thanks to an uncle who loved the game, I was taught the many finer points of this game at the early age of 10 years old. Thanks to my friends and playing companions throughout the years for the tutelage. In most cases, it has made me a better golfer. I look forward to the comradery and fun that comes with joining the forum. Hope to see you guys on the links sometime. Billy
  14. Driver - Taylormade R9-SuperTri 10.5 3 Wood - Callaway Steelhead Plus 5 Wood - Taylormade R7 St 9 Wood - Callaway Steelhead Plus 11 Wood - Callaway Steelhead Plus 4-GW - Mizuno MX-300 Reg Steel SW - Mizuno MP Series 53 Putter - Odyssey White Ice 2-Ball 43" until Jan, 2016
  15. "Well, ain't this a geographical oddity! 2 weeks from everywhere!"
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