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  1. Phil Mickleson or however you spell it used to carry 2 drivers at one time. It’s not uncommon. I think I’m under 14. Most ppl carry a 60 and 56 wedge. I carry only carry a 58. But who cares if you only play with your buddies anyway.
  2. And if they are doing that (which is hard to believe 3 different ppl are doing exact same thing) giving them a club to fit their swing would benefit them.
  3. If your spin is 4400 with a driver that’s entirely too high. To lower it you need a stiffer flex. Correct me.
  4. Yea I carry 2 drivers. One x stiff 45” if it’s a thinner fairway. Then a 2x 48” if I can afford to crank one.
  5. I have noticed golf companies are making their shafts entirely too weak. My two friends are very new to golf. While hitting at a simulator they were swinging a 91mph swing speed which is average. Their spin rate with reg flex was both over 4200. With a stiff flex it was still around 3000. With an x-stiff shaft they were at the desired spin rate of 2300ish. My club head speed is only 116 and I have to use a 2x stiff to get a decent spin. Regular flex is not made for regular people. So my question is why all the under flex
  6. So you’re 50’ from the pin 15’ from the from. Greens are not too fast and fairly flat. Are you lobbing it or chip and running?
  7. There’s a 6 degree Krank with 50 inch xx stiff shaft on eBay right now for $100. If I cut the shaft 2” I’ll be good to go?
  8. I agree. Skill does have to be a huge part. What creates the sport is working hard and seeing it pay off. But at some point we need to allow technology to take part. If the current USGA commission was in power the last 200 years we would still be using hickory sticks
  9. My best friend is a bad golfer. I believe bad golfers are ones who don’t fix their mistakes. Myself I get lessons, watch YouTube and try new things. Plays a lot and loves golf but is too prideful on getting lessons. He does this weird thing with his feet where his back foot is about 12-15 inches back from his other foot. It’s really weird and causes a short slice every time. Plus he clubs down like crazy. Uses a sand wedge for 180 yard shots.
  10. I was incorrect. I did mean the USGA rules. And I don’t really believe there has been much technology advance. Just things so that the marketing teams can sell more. A 10 year old drive and a driver today can drive 10 yards of each other. I remember watching driver vs driver this year on the golf channel (loved that show) and realized almost all the competitors ideas were shut down due to USGA rules. For example the wing on top of the driver to help with accuracy. It seems to me it’s restricting innovation
  11. I’m glad you mentioned that. The rules State my clubs must be USGA conformed clubs. So does that mean yeti, Krank and brute are not conforming?
  12. My friends and I have been talking about this. Do you feel the pga is choking golf from showing it’s true potential or is it helping by keeping its integrity? There are so many restrictions on club technology that there has been no major advances since graphite shafts. Should the Pga step out of the way of club engineers and allow us to see truly amazing innovation or should they keep the rules and keep golf the way it is?
  13. It’s hard to discuss it since none of us has tested it so I’m just going with that I’ve seen from people testing it online. The twist face doesn’t seem to make a huge difference. I personally do not care about looks so I don’t comment on that. Until the pga lifts some rules so we can truly see what technology can do, we won’t see any changes. I guess the good news is the m1 and m2 which are my favorite drivers will now be sold at a lower cost. I actually just picked up a m2 3 wood for $70 from a golf shop.
  14. I hate those carts. They ruin the course for me. The feature that they shut off when 30 yards from green is awful. Even if you’re behind the flags they still shut off. Then you look like an idiot reversing 50 yards just to get it working again. Awful awful awful.
  15. I signed up for this years amateur long drive championships. This is my second year of golf. My swing speed is 118.2 average and I’m lifting to build more stronger fast twitch muscles. I hope to swing 130 by August. I been shopping for long drive drivers an I’m so confused and lost. Why are they so cheap? Yeti and brute sells for under $150. I currently use a Taylormade burner 9.5 with xstiff but 44.5” but I know for long drive I’ll need 48” xx-stiff so what’s difference between long drive heads and normal heads? Why don’t people golf with long drive heads such as low degree Krank, yeti, and such? How do I choose a club when there’s no place to test them?
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