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  1. This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but why not try going to the golf range every other week instead of playing? I used to practice at the range alternating clubs like you would on a course (dr, 7, pw, dr, 9, sw, dr, 5, pw etc...), although obviously you wont have the benefit of of walking the distance of a course. I found that when I used to go through 100 balls at a fair pace my body felt similar to after a round, albeit I was 25ish and pretty fit anyway so the walking was never really an issue due to playing football/soccer twice a week minimum for the 15 years prior but I digress...
  2. Imo yes. Obviously I'm not the best, however the difference it made for me when I was getting to near 20hcp was definitely noticeable, so I believe that someone who is putting in the practice regularly regardless of score will notice a difference, even if slight. Granted, a soft PE covered ball will probably do the same for them in comparison to the hard balls I imagine. As was mentioned further up, I'm sure the new clubs was a contributory to me dropping my scores also, so if your clubs are a bit of a state they probably wont be as effective for sure, but for me the combination of new balls and clubs was night and day even at 20+hcp.
  3. If you're playing that regularly my suggestion is to consider trying out pro v1's. Maybe start by testing them on the chipping greens etc to get a feel for them, as when I started getting serious I went from average balls to these and with a new set of clubs I took 5-8 shots off my best round first time round with them! They grip incredibly when chipping at the flag if you get good contact and give you the confidence to attack it a bit more aggressively rather than going for a dink and roll. And the distance off the tee is superb also, albeit the price is obviously the premium, but for me its definitely worth it if you can stretch to them.
  4. Pro v1 for me. Even as a modest player (averaged around +20 for a while) as soon as I used this ball I dropped a couple of shots the next round, and it wasn't coincidence. After buying new clubs and going to pro v1's I dropped 6 shots in about 3 rounds and can highly recommend anyone thinking of trying them to just go for it and see for yourselves.
  5. rebelrob


  6. Hi all, Been away for a little while due to other commitments but looking forward to playing the first full round of this year so will definitely give this a go. I've had a round with only one blow up hole before so got fairly close, but due to not playing on a course for over a year I'm not expecting to achieve this tomorrow,but will give it a go.
  7. I had a similar thing where there was 2 behind me and 2 other guys. There was at least 2 4-balls in front of us and probably a couple of pairs, so we saw no real need in playing through the 4-some in front of us as we caught them up to the point where we had to wait for most shot by about the 9th. As were standing about 50yds from a green, this ball bounces about 15ft to the right of me, no 'fore!', nothing, so I turn around and see these 2 pricks stood no more the 150yds from us, one with a club in his hand still. I shout 'OI!' holding my hands out either side of me to indicate a 'what are you doing?' sort of thing and I don't even get a hand raise in acknowledgement for him being a absolute cock. Waiting on the next tee, we see them reach the green, so i walk over to them and say 'Could you not hit into us, please?' and I don't even get a sorry, just a vague look and then he carries on looking at his line. I could have easily walked onto their green and picked up his ball and threw it into the woods to make a point, but I was trying to refrain myself from getting wound up. I did say to myself if they do it again I'm gonna just be hitting it straight back to them. An error of judgement is one thing, but there's no need for rudeness. I once hit near a couple of people, admittedly they were about 260-70 yards away, but I had hit it so clean it stopped short of them by about 10 yards. I yelled fore as soon as i realised it could reach them, and immediately put my hand up when they turned around. Everyone makes mistakes after all...
  8. No, but you may have missed where he mentioned the pro v in the OP, and where i said 'then go for the pro v1/x if you want to . He may be wealthy enough to afford it, does he say he isn't? You're welcome to your opinion, as am I to mine, but using a similar ball helped me as going from a decent mid-range ball to a rock solid bottom of the pile ball played havoc with trying to find my range distance-wise, especially when I was in the early learning stages, as he is.
  9. When i started playing, up until I got to the point where I had a hc of around the 30 mark, I just used any balls I had found that were in reasonable condition. I did purchase a few 'lake' balls from the pro shop for about 50p (yes I'm from England, and its equivalent to about 70 cents), but generally tried to use the same balls ie top flight or srixon, but I wasn't taking the game THAT seriously at the time. I would suggest using the same ball to remove variables and just to get used to the feel is a good idea. Anything half decent will be good enough for now. Unless you're not too bothered about losing balls and can afford too, then go for the pro v1/x if you want to. Worst case if they're not for you just don't buy any more after your first dozen...
  10. Hi All, Does anyone play this game at all? I've recently downloaded it and it's surprisingly difficult (in comparison to tiger woods on the xbox/playstation), and there's a few decent courses on it like St Andrews and Celtic Manor to name a couple. I only ask as there's a bit where you can create a club and play against each other, so it would be interesting playing against other actual golfers. Regards, Rob
  11. It's hard for me to say the best shot Ive ever hit, but I can think of 3 that really made me smile... The first was at a driving range. I walk along to the centre of the range (so I have a reference to hitting straight/left/right etc) and there's an 'older' guy than myself, at the time, looking at me as I walked up to the bay and started stretching. I'm thinking he's thinking 'look at this idiot stretching' or 'what a street rat' as I was just in a pair of jogging bottoms and a hoody and rock up with a driver, 7 iron and sw. So, I continue to stretch and take a look over at him before I place the first ball on the tee and he's still looking... At this point I'm thinking wtf is he looking at? Anyway, I decide to pick the driver instead of the sw, and blast the first ball dead straight into the back fence, which was probably a minimum 220yd carry. So I look over at him and he quickly puts his head down towards his balls... The next 2 did the same as well. The second was about a 45ft putt I made when I was in France playing. I was only 17/18 at the time, but had a monster putt as my ball was just on the green and the pin was in the far corner. I say to my playing partners 'take the pin out...' for a laugh and as they're walking up to the flag I just hit the ball after barely lining it up, and it just rolls into the cup as one of them pulls the flag out. Needless to say I tried it again and didn't even get it within 5 ft! The 3rd is most recent, and I hit a 221yd par 3 in one, landing the ball a little short of the hole and rolling out to about 5-10 ft past it. It wasn't the most spectacular shot by many peoples standards, but to hit the green with a slight fade over a tree (yes, off the tee you have to hit over a tree!) with a 5i I was pleased with. Even if i did miss the putt for birdie, but hey, that's golf.
  12. Forgive my ignorance, but does the red marker/line not indicate out of bounds? Regardless if if it does or not, you'd still have to have a crack at the green from there, just to see what happens.
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