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  1. Ok, I am getting into the S&T; wagon (I just order the book, should arrive in a couple of days). I have a question: I am planning to play a local tourney next month (09/17) so, should I start changing my swing to S&T;, or should I wait until I play the Tourney?
  2. Nice thread, it really gives a perspective to us, mere mortals
  3. This is curious, I was thinking the exact same thing the other day, after hitting a blocked drive OB. I aim for a draw, so my well hitted blocks get me into a lot of trouble.
  4. I'm ok with my clubs right now, but I am definitevly going to take a few lessons in the very near future
  5. Well, this is exactly my dilema... I don't exactly have extra cash, but I am tempted!
  6. I currently use my blackberry (with GreenFinder) for distance measurement during my rounds (sometimes, like when my phone's battery is low, I just play with the yard marks in the course). My question is, should I spend $300 on a rangefinder? I like the option of having a exact distance to the flag and the scan mode, but I'm wondering if maybe it wont make such a big difference from what I have.
  7. First of all, 260 is a very decent distance. We have a similar handicap, so maybe I can help you decide. I also bought the Dymo driver for the same reason, and my previous club was a Titleist 905R. Judging just by a good contact with each driver, I prefer the Titleist, its feel was so much better. Now, considering that I don't have a good contact as often as I'd like, the Nike is a more forgiving club; in the proper hands, the shot shaping capabilities of the Titleist are an advantage, in my hands not so much (the mistakes are magnified). Once or twice per round I manage to hit my Nike drive
  8. I believe you will need your putter more than any other club, specially since your long approach shots will not be as accurate as they normally are (so there more than likely, you will face many long putts). If your course layout allows pinch and run shots, I would take the 4i for long shots and low punches over 100 yds, and a wedge for 100 in and around the green. If there is a lot of trouble around the greens and you need to fly the ball, then instead of the wedge, I would select a 9i/PW; these clubs can extend your "accurate" approaches to 130~150 yds, and are still manageable inside 100.
  9. Congrats!, it was your club's championship so, did you get any price? a car, maybe?
  10. Well, I switched to IE, and still nothing... apparently I've been ignored all this time...
  11. I have a laptop w/ Firefox; I did what you recommend, under the little house there is an ad, then below that, to the left I have a three menus (messages, subscriptions and settings) and on the right side I have a list of my subscribed threads with new posts. No reputation though.
  12. I have a request for the "wish list": I would like to receive a message whenever anybody quotes my posts; right now, I receive a resume of all the new posts for my subscribed threads once every week, but I'd like the option of receive a quicker message if someone is interacting with me.
  13. That link sent me to my settings page (messages, subscriptions, settings), but I couldn't find my reputation... where should I look?
  14. Where can I find my reputation? I know the we all start from 10, but I can't find my current score
  15. Mizuno MP32 (blades) P-8; MP57 (cavity back) 7-3. Use to play all MP32, but I switched to my current set
  16. I've been working in this issue (keeping the pressure point of my left armpit), and my hooks got worse! I am still trying to figure it out but right now, specially with my driver, my shots start a little to the right or straight, and then go left wildly the entire fairway, deep into the rough. I've tried to open the face of the club, but it very unpredictable because I can hit a straight push or, even worse, a push-fade (since I aim to the right of the fairway, it is a big problem to me). For what I've seen, I am hitting the ball with an in-to-out club path and a fairly square face... What can
  17. I took a few lessons (three or four) once a month, about two years ago when I started beating balls in the range. I consider myself self-taught, but those lessons were very important because the Pro put me on track, he helped me do what I was trying to do. I haven't take any more lessons since I started playing consistently, but I think its time for a few more.
  18. I also like the community, and it will be a shame if we lose the familiarity that we have now. Although, I believe that this change is for the best, since the people involved will take good care of us, and they will not accept anything less of what we have. Good luck!
  19. I found this thread interesting, and I remember something I read that is related to this discussion: Homer Kelley (THE Homer Kelley) was a 12 handicapper !!!! Even knowing this, when it comes to suggestions to improve my game, I certainly pay closer attention to those who have a better handicap than myself. It is safer to assume that they know better than me, although there are exceptions, of course. In regards to high handicappers hitting monster drives... WHATEVER!!!!
  20. I want to share my experience with GustBuster, a company specialized in umbrellas; they have a product that is second to none in quality (they make the double canopy umbrellas for Titleist and other brands), and their customer satisfaction policy is just beyond my expectations. I bought my double canopy umbrella (FJ DryJoys) because I live in southern Texas, where both the sun and the wind are constant factors when I play. I was very happy with my umbrella, good looking, well constructed, wind proof and the handle fits perfectly in the umbrella holder of my Clicgear pushcart. Anyway, the f
  21. I normally use my 60*, but depending on the lie, I also use my 54* (for both cases)
  22. I recommend you read "The Art of Putting" by Stan Utley. Look for The Putting Zone podcast by Geoff Magnum, it has a lot of very interesting information; also, look for Dave Stockton in youtube. These may be the best authors in regards to putting.
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