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  1. I have plastic tubes in my bag, and just found that the graphite shaft of my driver has a very nasty chip where the shaft meets the edge of the tube. Fortunately for me, the rest of my clubs have steel shafts, but I like my clubs to be in good shape (I clean them very often, even during a round after every shot), and having my driver damaged really bothers me. I thought the the idea of the tubes was a good one (I was looking for a more organized bag, and protect the grips while pulling the clubs out of the bag), and it never occurred to me that this could happen. I just found that this has
  2. I have to thank the ugly graphics on the new clubs, because they forced me to look somewhere else for something that didn't look like one of my kids toys, and I ended up buying my MPs .
  3. None. I am learning, so I think that if I learn to hit my long irons, I will be able to hit hybrids in the future, when I start worrying about my handicap instead of my fat shots .
  4. I am probably one of the bad players that are blamed for lying, so this is what I have to say in my (our) defense: - The only time I measured my swing, it was 103~108 MPH with a Callaway Hyper X driver and 115~125 MPH with a TaylorMade Burner driver. Of course, I was trying to hit it hard and I don't know where the balls would end, but I have worked a lot in my swing, so I think that I should be in the 105~110 MPH range. - I definitely do not average 300 yds, not even 250; but I can certainly hit it 270 yds. - For me it is normally safer to aim for a good hit and fail short than aim for my
  5. I have a good CHS (>105), and started much later than you (seven months ago, at age 40). It helped me that I played baseball for many years, but the secret is the coordination of your movements (coil, feet, loose arms) and mostly, the quality of the impact. Even when I was able to swing really hard from the beginning (about 240 yds of carry), I was using my arms mostly and the results where unpredictable; my ball use to flight as far to the right as forward. Now, I am starting to use my body as a coil, and not only I can hit the ball straighter, but longer (270+ yds of carry). My recommendat
  6. Alex, I am also relatively new to this game, and I disagree with you: I can really notice a BIG difference when I play my clubs from the ones that I can borrow from the tee range (old blades, mostly). The feel, distance, weight, balance, forgiveness... there are a lot of variables that make a difference. I am sure that you are good at something that requires a tool (any other sport, or maybe your job), and I am sure that you can tell the difference in quality of two different tools; the same logic applies to golf's tools.
  7. I agree, forgiving irons are really exaggerated. I am a new player using MP-32s, and the only difference that I can notice is that my new irons feel much, much better when I hit the ball. For me, my biggest problem comes from hitting the ball fat, and no club can help me with that.
  8. I just did what you are doing: I replaced my TM RAC OS2 for a set of MP-32 blades, and I have no regrets! I haven´t been playing for too long (less than a year), so I am certainly not candidate for "players" clubs but, just as you, I believe that a club that delivers a better feedback will help me be a better golfer (and hopefully one day became a "player" ). There is still a lot to improve in my game; I don´t know if I was right and my players clubs are making me a "player", but I do know that I don´t miss my game improvement irons. My new clubs are not only much better looking, they fee
  9. How did golfers use to learn, 10 or 20 years ago? Even when I am new to the sport, I know that the "Game Improvement" and "Super Game Improvement" categories are relatively new. I started playing about six months ago. I looked in eBay for clubs that I've seen from my friends, so I bought my TM RAC OS irons and a Callaway Great Big Bertha II 10 deg, no offset driver. Without knowing it, I bought the proper irons for a beginners (over sized, forgivable), but a not so easy to hit driver. I heard recommendations from my friends about changing my driver for a draw version, with a bigger head. B
  10. Ping_guy, you are right: the accuracy and workability come from the player. I am just wondering if using a club that doesn't fix my misshits will help me be that player. I think that having a better feeling of my shots will actually be more helping than a club that hits the ball by itself. But I agree that I be better with some help, and the 695 CB are cavity back, with a small head and are supposed to have that feeling that I am looking for. I'll take a look to the Mizunos, based on the excellent comments that I have found in this forum. Thank you all
  11. I've been playing golf for about six months. I am a decent hitter, my driver gives me 250+ yds, straight (but not accurate ), and I get 160 yds from my 6 iron (played baseball for too many years, I think it helps ). While I am comfortable with the distance I get (compared to my golf buddies, who have been playing much longer than me, I am not bad), I am wondering if getting a set of player clubs can help me improve my accuracy. I hit it mostly with the center of the clubs face, but I still hit it fat very often (nothing that a few more thousand balls in the driving range can't fix ).
  12. I haven't had the opportunity to watch Jack Nicklaus playing... On the other hand, Tiger Woods is very, very impressive (I watched him playing the 2008 US Open, again, impressive). Because I don't have the elements to decide, I'll go with Lorena Ochoa , blood calls!
  13. This is the first public course in Mexico. It is only 9 holes, expensive (~$45 USD per 9 holes round), small and not too difficult (it is not rated yet), but at least we, non-club members, now are able to play golf! http://www.golfparquerio.com/
  14. I am the Engineering Manager for a small bussiness owned by a huge corporation, whose logo looks like a meatball
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