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  1. tj yes do step away from golf........but not the course. What I mean is play my game for a spell. In the late afternoon 4 or 5 I'll drop 6 or 8 balls on the first tee and do everything in my power to put my practice swing on the ball. It's a mental thing, but if you are not worried about score then it's doable. When done go police up the balls and head to the next tee. Keep an eye open for folks and wave them through,(hunt for lost balls while their passing) I have 9..... 5gal buckets full. It's takes a bit to get your mind out of play, but when you do your awareness is indescribable.
  2. 07 Taylormade and didn't they freeze the rebound. So the other advantages would be spin rate, loft, shaft length things like that. Speak up am here to learn!!
  3. At 6'5" ish do you have a good view of the ball at full backswing? I'm 5'10" with short legs and a longish torso. Also my chest and shoulders are bigger than average for my height. At full backswing I only get a peek at the ball, unless I bend way over at address, also I use a 50"shaft. I've tried bending way over still not much of a view. It's a bit bothersome, but not sure it matters much.
  4. Bruce.......... Thanks for that link. My Dog went everyday.......and I do mean everyday, she had great manners.........better than most, me included!!! Then one day after about 6 or 8 years she just wouldn't go anymore. When the annual dues time came I always threw in an extra 100 for her, it wasn't required, but was appreciated. If anyone complained ( I play by myself ) I just said hey, she's a dues paying member. At any rate I walk and waved everyone on by. To be perfectly honest she was most likely more welcome than I was, as she had much more patience!! The new puppy doesn't have GC manners yet, but I gonna train her to find lost ball, so I can add to the 11 or 12, 5 gallon full buckets that I already have. You can never have too many. To anyone interested there's about 325 or so in a 5 gallon bucket. Instruction for washing...........attach synthetic grass to your cement mixer blades, dump in a bucket. In 15 min your done.
  5. OK Patch I'm wantin a game with him!! That is if doesn't mind waitin around till I get to the green!!
  6. It was a typo, you are correct 22 putts, score 44. Hit 5 or 6 greens missed a couple by only a few (5 ?) yds. Also one topped fairway shot resulting in a bogey. If you recall my goal was to make a correct turn, and like I said, I barely looked at the short game clubs. I did not care about scoring (just that one day) only about the turn. You make it sound like 22-44 is not believable, but to tell you the truth my numbers have been closer to 18-40, or 36-80 if you will for over 40 years.
  7. Lihu If you read my reply, please note I did not insinuate that he was a genius only that his profession deals in numbers. I didn't say he worried about money only that he spent everything he had to understand and bring us his findings on scoring. billchao I respect your opinion. I have read all (?) of his stuff and I never got the feeling that he did it for any other reason than the love of the game.
  8. He's also a Rocket Scientist and they deal in numbers. Are you saying all his years at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center mean nothing to him and that he's going to "self promote" so as to sell you a book. From what I read (and remember ?) he spent all his retirement money (over 100,000 ?), refinanced his house and basically went broke bringing us this information. I am sorry, but it's hard for me to believe that someone with that training would risk his reputation to sell something. I had 42 putts on Monday and shot 44. That's admittedly worse than usual (putts)......but not much!! Also I count strokes just off the green when using a putter, and a couple of putts were hap hazard at best. Also have been working on my turn and basically haven't looked at any short game clubs in 2 years and I go most every day.
  9. OK Jon You do mean 100 per month right ??? Surely that's not 100 per year. That Caberfae Peaks that you play at is worth more than what I pay at Paris Landing State Park. I'm guessing I pay 600 or so per year. At any rate I'm out there most every day. They aren't making much off of me at the golf course, however they do make it up in property taxes!! Ain't life Grand!
  10. I don't doubt that for a moment, but isn't that more to my point? I'm sure he plays from the tips and I play from regular tees, also my up and downs would be much easier...........but I'm not doing it much, but he seems to be doing it every time, and at much more difficult courses. It's the missing 9 greens and still under par that has me stumped. Still scratching my head!!
  11. Ah stick around joro......Pelzy gets beat up on this site also. In my opinion you are in good company!!!
  12. GV.... You are +1 yet you only hit 9 greens on average per round? Doesn't that mean you're getting up and down most every time? I too hit 9 greens a round give or take, and have for many years if memory serves, but my scores are usually 80-82. Almost never getting it up and in.. I once hit 16 greens at Ft. Ord, Bayonet (I think) and shot 74. If you think about it for a 10 hdcp 74 is a good score, but not for hitting 16 greens. I'm guessing if I give you 16 greens you'd post what 68 or 69??? Straighten out my understanding if you will. Thanks
  13. Don't know about carry yardage for sure, only that I see pitch marks just behind the ball. I hit four drives today on #1 at 365, three had about 150 left and one had 139 left. I hit a 6I to an elevated green and it was miss hit to about 3 yds. short. I used a Tempo Timer at home to tell me the SS and a Garmin at the course to read the distances. Like I mention to Yanni I'll schedule a driver fitting for next week, hopefully that will clear the air. To be clear the 6I was mishit from the 139 yardage. According to your chart I sort of prorated my63 mph 6I speed and yardage should be around 120. That seems pretty pathetic even for a geezer.
  14. Yanni.......Don't you ever sleep?? First off my course is 6433yds, while (short in my opinion) it's rated 71 with a slope of 124. First tee (from memory) about 350. Yesterday I hit 8 balls off #1 all were right at the 150 marker with two exception, one leaked into the trees on the right and the other was 20yds + or - past the 150. That swing was the first big swing (all the way back to parallel) that I have made with my new turn. This is winter time distance, while I can't see the roll, lots of times I see the mud on the ball and a pitch mark about a foot behind it. Now I just read a member posted "as a non athletic 57 year old" he hit his 4I=170. To me that sounds about right, but I use woods in that instance. We have a par three that's 175(?) and I use a 20 degree which is plenty. How is it that he is hitting his 4 I just 20 yds. short of your driver? I can't say for certain about the accuracy of my speed meter, I do use a Garmin on the course. Next week I plan on a fitting for a new Ping G 400, just north of me in Ky. I think they do all kinds of analysis, that should tell the story. Honestly my guess would be your are closer to 280 with a swing speed of 90mph. BUT if you're anything like my other half, she points out my "wrongness" many times a day!!! At any rate I'll post the results of the fitting for all who are interested.
  15. I've got a swing speed radar tempo timer. It shows my 6I speed at roughly 63mph 67 if I swing hard. My driver speed is 73mph give or take. I have a good turn with no arms. Winter time carry (today) was 190 to 210 with a 3/4 backswing, 0 roll. In the summer time the ball rolls out to 235-255. I'm beginning to understand my turn and today I took several backswings back to full parallel and carry was about 220. I am 72yrs old, 145 lbs, and fairly athletic. I use an 07 Burner with a 47" shaft (50 over all). I don't understand why my distance is very respectable with such a lousy swing speed. Could it be my machine, or the length of the shaft? Any input would be appreciated.
  16. I've lost 20 yards of so in the last month. If anything my turn has gotten a little better I'm hoping it's the colder weather. To get to your point I use a 50" driver figuring it gives me more time to build up speed. I have several drivers and all have the 50" shaft, which includes 2, 07 TaylorMades. Tonight I'll cut 5" off my backyard driver and take it to "work" tomorrow. I walk everyday and play is light this time of year so I should be able to give it a decent "working man" test You folks have me wondering, we'll see.
  17. I agree, a turn (not swing) that is "almost" slow motion will get you 200 yds. of carry with varying degrees of rollout. No tight muscles to slow your turn down.
  18. Willing to bet that at 6'7' and 400lbs and 200yds consistently you are swinging your arms and not turning your body. What helps me is to retain my spine angle that I had at set up. I try to think of it as being "measured to the ball". For me any movement of that angle would need an equal but opposite reaction to get back to the measured to the ball address position. That includes up and down movement as well as back and forth. I don't think your weight or flexibility has as much to do with your lack of distance as you think it does. If you start your backswing with your hands (while maintaining your spine angle) your hands will bring your arms, your arms will bring your shoulders, and your shoulders will bring your hips, and all you did was start your swing with your hands. Even if your backswing (turn) gets you "only" to 9:00 (and preferably with a full wrist cock, the shaft would be straight up) you still are in a powerful position. Think of yourself in a batters position and the pitcher is trying to get you out with a low and away pitch, but you like low and away pitches. You are not going to swing at that pitch you are going to "turn" into that pitch and with 400lbs you don't even have to turn that fast to get the ball to jump like us little guy would have to do. Turn into=start the downswing with the hips (exactly opposite) of how you got there. Now the hips will bring the shoulders, the shoulders will bring the arms, and the arms will bring the hands. Try to finish your swing as best you can. If you are turning correctly but stop just after contact the ball will start straight but leak right at the end. One other thing you might want to do is use the railroad track setup i.e. ball line on one track and body alignment on the parallel track. I know you want to (work) the ball, but get the turn down first.....well only if I'm right. About your "bigger belly". I once read where a young lady asked her coach what she should do with her boobs during her swing. His reply was........ take them with you!! I would assume the same thing goes for your belly. Even Hogan said he found no advantage to smallness. He was something like 5'7" and 137lbs and he could bang it 300 with 50's style equipment. All these things have helped me, but with your football injuries you may have to make adjustments that the rest of us don't. Many well read folks on site. Just pick the things that sound like they might help you. Good luck with your journey
  19. jkelly9 If you are not talking about the Zero Gravity (ZG) bag, the one with the waist belt, then I'm not sure about the strap system you are talking about. However I'm retired and walk everyday, so I will look into the strap system you mentioned.
  20. ZG............ if you carry this is the bag for you. The belt even acts like a lower back brace. The first one I bought used and have had the second one a couple of years now, and am looking to get a 2015 model as a backup. I did replace the belt with a weight lifters belt because it's Velcro and more convenient and faster for me. I do have a Clicgear hand cart but don't use it anymore.
  21. The very first thing Dave Pelz says In his book----- after the acknowledgements is. " I want to start this book with a short explanation. Look closely at the title. Notice that I don't claim this to be "THE" putting bible. I call it Dave Pelz's Putting Bible because it truly is "my" bible on putting. It is a compendium of my research, my studies, my test results, my teaching philosophy, and my beliefs about the art and science of putting. It is my bible or if you prefer, my notebook or data log book-into which I have transcribed my thoughts, interpretations of test results, observations, and theoretical work that have been instrumental in forming my understanding of putting. It is also from this work that I draw my philosophy for teaching the putting game in the Dave Pelz Scoring Game Schools". As far as the 8 seconds is concerned, and with apologies to Mr. Pelz let me summarize on page 122 5.6 Two Types of Muscle Memory Ridding a bicycle is one type of memory (long term) you never really forget. Your mind remembers only the body's most recent sensations (short term memory), and these, too, fade by 30 percent every 8 seconds. True or not I will still take his word for it. As it was done as scientific research. "about as accurate as the story of Noah's Ark"...............don't know, can't say, wasn't there, but will say this. If a booming voice coming out of the sky tells me to build a boat....trust me, I'm building a boat!!
  22. Sounds like your "season" is much shorter than ours as we can play most every day, which would explain your modest price. My club could not survive with a shorter season. We just don't have population to really support a nice golf course. Two hours each way is a commitment that I understand well. I think our Ft. Ord trip were about that long but we had three drivers and we played from sun up to sun down so it was worth it. I understand the ( but I've known to many that aren't) as those are the ones that the owners are worried about.
  23. If your course is hosting those kind of events then I would guess it's one of the better ones in the area. I imagine those prices are fairly close to what my course charges. Fourputt mentioned his annual fees are under $400. which includes a cart. . I don't know how they survive at those prices. Your course reminds me of Ft. Ord, a military course (s) in California. We used to go every Monday as my workmate was a retired small bird Colonel. We could play for 12 or 15 dollars all day (course that was like a hundred years ago) if memory serves. They had the U.S. open qualifying there one Monday. You are lucky to be able to play on a course that hosts those kinds of events. I think my course is tough enough 74.6/136 from the back tees but our fairways aren't as lush. I would guess that your county can afford more maintenance than a "for profit" course.
  24. You are correct sir I would not like to encounter that "sort of loose impediment" either. If you will note I did mention that I pickup up and look after her. My comment about the greens (all of our greens have at least 12" elevation change) being Augusta like was only in my imagination as I've never played there. I did not compare my course to Augusta only that our greens were Augusta like. You are indeed lucky to be paying under $400. including cart for an annual membership. I really don't know much about G.C. management but I don't see how they manage at that price. What is the name and location of your course? How much is it for a walker? If it wasn't too far away I would gladly become a member there too. Don't worry I'll leave the dog at home!!
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