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  1. 2014 Ryder Cup Discussion Thread

    As a standalone, made-for-tv event, this event is okay. But it's a blip on the radar in the career of a player. Just IMHO.
  2. Adam Scott and Steve Williams Part Ways

    Very interesting question and I would say no, but never say never right? I would guess the incendiary comments Williams made about Tiger would tell us no, but you never know. Just imagine if they did get back together. My guess is the websites would crash and the media would be in a frenzy for the duration of their partnership.
  3. Adam Scott and Steve Williams Part Ways

    Not really surprising to me at all given that Williams had stated that this would be his last full season. Not sure what led to the sudden parting, but I would guess that, at least, played a role in this decision. Adam will find a very willing caddy to take the loop I'm sure. Great golfer and a classy individual as well.
  4. Tiger Fires Sean Foley

    I think this is probably a good move for Tiger, as he knows his swing better than any instructor ever could. I hope to see him return to form in 2015 and would love to see him win more majors before he's done.