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  1. Loads of threads and posts requesting Carts, Water Coolers, Club Washers, Buckets of water etc etc, come on, attach a club cleaning tool and towel to your bag and take a couple of bottles of water with you to the course, it's not hard. I would rather my course spent their time sorting out the course rather than stuff a golfer can easily sort themselves.
  2. My pro had me do something similar to this a while back so I pulled my hands down and to stop me coming over the top, worked quite well.
  3. To be honest the retailer could easy argue not to replace this(but I think they still will). Looking at the scuff marks on the LH side of the heel I would say this hasn't been treat well, the club just isn't designed to be used in that way. If you don't have much luck, clean up the club and have a whinge about it on Twitter, companies hate looking bad in public.
  4. Congrats on the new site, it looks good :) Loving the drag and drop. One thing I've noticed on mobile devices is the page doesn't resize well, it looks like it's caused by the banners (one near the top (shown) and one half way/ near the bottom(not shown)).
  5. I struggle with strike on my 5i and don't even carry my 4i. I've had plenty of rounds teeing off with my 3 hybrid and using that again or my 7i-Putter for the remainder of the hole. It's good for consistency but you get pretty much stuck at bogey golf doing this as it's hard to risk hitting greens second shot on par 4's with the longer clubs so you end up laying up a lot and then chip, putt, putt. It's a bit of a false economy really, your scores may look better, but it's going to hurt you long term, you have to be able to hit the longer clubs and keep them in play at least, or it's like playing one handed. A problem I have is nearly every time I practice full swing with my irons I'm using 7i and my pitching wedge, I need to change this up to 5i and 30-90 yard shots now, in order to progress. I'm also going to try a high lofted driver and go for fairways at 210 carry rather than trying to hit 250 and smashing a couple out of bounds each round.
  6. Haha, yeah it's annoying when you loose your favorite tee, or smash it to pieces. I'm nowhere near as protective of my golf balls. There's not a chance in hell I would ever pay £300 for a driver, £150 max and it would need significant improvement over what I already have or whatever last years model you can get for half price. For my next set of irons (only switching as I want them fitted) I'm only going 5i-PW, so should only be about £400. Should leave some extra cash for a 4 hybrid which should be very handy for me. I've got the money but for me it's a bit of a false economy with new golf equipment as there's not an awful lot left for the manufacturers to change/ improve (and stay in the rules).
  7. I think unless you're somebody who is going to be troubling the green in regulation often, a top spec ball just is not worth it unless you have more money than sense. The money saved on a dozen balls can pay for a lesson or towards club fitting/ more hybrids etc. Unless money is no object (obviously take HCP with a pinch of salt): 18 HCP+: Don't buy top market balls unless they're super cheap or a lake ball variant that's not deteriorated. It's likely the extra distance and cheap cost will help, should also leave extra cash for lessons which are likely way more valuable than a 28 capper playing with Pro V 1's. 9-18 HCP: A decent mid market ball that will hold the green "if" you hit it Pro-9 HCP: Decent balls If you're loosing balls often or playing a course with a ton of water I personally would stay well away from a top market ball then also. Personally I now play with a Srixon Z-Star or Project (a), but buy premium grade lakeballs. I get the spin, but don't get the cost and if I loose a ball I'm not bothered as it's only costing £1 ($1.50) instead of £3. If I couldn't get the lakeballs I would probably use a Bridgestone e5 or e6.
  8. Had another 10 holes yesterday and the greens had been aeriated so were in horrendous condition, bobbling, bouncing, going left/ right, this is a massive shame as I was playing pretty well. Was 10 over and had four three puts (didn't even put bad, just the bobbling took most of the pace off on quite a few, not my fault really but suppose you gotta play the course). Missed every 5-10 footer too. The greens must have cost me 4-5 shots I think. With better greens this probably could have been my best round If I had the light left to finish, but saying that the SSS/CSS would have easily been late 70's then, for a Par 72 course (SSS is 72 I think, CSS usually higher).
  9. That's a really good price and set-up. Cost is practically identical to my course and it sounds the same with the range and practice facilities other than we just don't have the big green (cut to same level of the course) that you can hit little chips/ pitches on to. They say they're going to do it (there's loads of room) but never do. There's another course a bit closer to my house that has the lot but it's £1,500 a year, £1,000 to join and quite snooty.
  10. Looks like awesome facilities, wish my course had that, can't chip onto the practice green (which is about 1/4 the size off that one) at my course. What's the membership cost at that course?
  11. Randall, that all sounds very familiar ! I've not had a lesson for a while as been pretty difficult for me to book anything in with my schedule. I know there are about three things I need to sort out at the minute anyway, no matter what. Been concentrating on posture and trying not to stand up and flatten the shoulders and try and only swing back to what I feel like would be 75% (100% for a normal person). I'm overswinging massively which I'm almost certain is causing erratic iron strike. If I can iron out those and just keep putting the time in with putting and 100 yards and in for the end of winter I'll be happy. This should be a good building block to refine things the beginning of next year. Mike, I think my attitude is good and I put the time in but think I concentrate too much and get a bit tense, I can get locked over the ball a few times which is certainly problematic. One thing I've noticed is when I'm back at my course, on my walk back to the club house I walk past the range and just hit my 58 to hit errant balls back to the range. I just walk up, quick set up, don't think, 75% swing and aim for a flag. Pretty much every shot I hit doing this is to a standard that is higher than my handicap. It's weird, I've had a few guys walking past commenting how well I've been hitting them and they say "I wish I could do that", but I've seen them on course and they're much better players than me! The thing is I'm good at most sports, fit and pretty strong so would have expected this to be a bit easier, with less plateau's. I was wrong, it's the hardest sport I've played by miles.
  12. Nah that's not since this July, one of the mods renamed the thread, now it no longer makes sense but I'm aiming to break 80 by the end of next summer. I started last year and got to about 18-20 ish by the end of summer then got injured and then started back again in spring (which was when I really started the challenge) didn't take long to get back to that 22. I had a couple of good rounds to get me to 15.4 at one point but I'm back at 16.4 now, basically I adjust for every round I play and play properly. I have to do it this way for a yard stick as I don't get much chance to play comps. I've probably had a full year at it in total but been changing quite a lot "for the greater good" so to speak which has had me stalled for the last few month. You sound very similar to me. My irons were the best part of my game but the swing was flawed so had to change (which I'm doing now, still no good), short game is good and putting is now ok (used to be horrendous), I've not been hitting driver much as had no time to practice that. One thing I've gained my not using my driver much is my hybrid play has come on a long long way. Hit a green at the back got it to stick on the fringe the from 210 today, wouldn't have even dreamed of that previously. With my irons in a year I've gone from slicing, to drawing, to hooking, to hitting it fat, to flipping to now hitting it thin haha!
  13. Try a half swing wedge or 50, or a 3/4 52-56 rather than a full 60, it'll be much more consistent if you can estimate roll. Hitting a full 60 degree consistently isn't all that easy if you're just starting out.
  14. Sorry if I go a bit OT: I did the same thing, in the end I gave up on feel with poker and just played the outs and studied bet sizing and percentages. A lot of things people don't realise with poker is that someones bet may look big, but when you compare it to the pot it's nothing, they're giving you crazy odds to go for it most of the time. Most people aren't good enough to slow play. I play half decent standard with 9 guys (three are profitable on pokerstars) and we chip £20 ($30) in each, winner £110, 2nd £60, 3rd £25 and 4th £5 (as a joke). I came 3rd- 7th about 10 times playing with a bit of knowledge. Now I play the outs it's far better, but I just mix it up every now and then playing a wider range to be less predictable. I've won the last two and was 2nd before that. Only time I really loose now is when I get rivered by one of the lads that's betting when he shouldn't be. Play more hands cheaply, the ones I stay in I play agressive and get out of the crap early. I don't really try and read an oppo (that's a standard above me), just play my hand, the board and the pot. Add up the pot as each guy bets, it helps massively. Sometimes you've just got to accept what you're doing isn't right and there's another (better) way, I'm stubborn so that's hard to do for me, seems this way too with Dan.
  15. Played 8 holes yesterday and was 8 over (one par, one double), never hit one green and teed off on every par 4 and 5 with the hybrid and missed the green on par 3's with irons. Generally hitting it about 200 carry with about 10 roll, and all were fairway or first cut. They've changed the mowers on our course recently so the ball really sits into rough which makes it difficult to get a clean strike out, so I've been trying to avoid that at all costs. I've not been down the range with my driver in months so not worth risking at the minute. I've been striking my irons erratically as I've been changing a few things so effectively layed up about 10-20 yards short of each green to avoid bunkers and any trouble. Pitching, chipping and putting has been pretty good. Didn't really make many mistakes and was basically accepting a bogey each hole by laying up and hoping to get close with the pitching/chipping and get a 1 putt. Had about 3 x 6 footers and sunk one of them (would have hoped for two) but anything else I putted landed within 3 feet, no three putts. If I get these irons sorted and do a bit of work on my driver I'm feeling like I'm not far away. I've been hitting my hybrid and 3w off the deck very well, which will certainly save me some shots when I get my irons and driver back to average. Had one hybrid out of the first cut which went 240 yards! Going to try and get out of work early for 18 holes this afternoon.
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