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  1. I'm new to the site and have not ever posted before. But when I see a topic I think I can provide some in-sight I thought to do so. My attempt to help others. I do not want to get caught up with a bunch of negatives, How can anybody have a opinion without testing the product? Either you have tried it or you have not. Please give feed back if you have, if you have not stay silent. It's not that difficult of a concept. Hey Erik; Where else should I post? I am not a golf pro just a guy who responded to a question about a product that I have tried. Have you tried golf fuel or just blowing hot air?
  2. I understand how you can have that point of view. I have tried many products that do nothing for me. Golf fuel works. I just received a new order. My last order lasted a year. I did not take it every round or every tournament. I won't be forgetting to take it anymore. I take 2 an hour before my tee time then I take one at the turn. I shot a 70 last Monday. I won my club tournament for the third time. I won three times last year.