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  1. Courses without "real" senior tees.

    I wish the red tees never were named the "Womens tees", rather they are just another set of tees for anyone to play from. Torrey pines has Black, Taupe, Green, Gold, Silver. There aren't any Women tees, Men and women play anywhere you want (except the blacks is by permission only).
  2. Tour Pro Tries to Make Hole in One with 500 Balls

    Do you think 1 in 2500 applies to taking the same shot over and over? I sure don't
  3. Do you exercise with golf in mind? Why or why not?

    My exercise is designed for my age and golf, I'm 59. Golf helps motivate me to exercise.
  4. 9 Hole Handicap Would be Lower than 18-Hole Handicap

    I have my best HI's when I play 18 holes, my combined 9 hole rounds seldom will be both good days. If you combine consecutive 9's as you have to for handicap purposes then I think that would be the case for most with higher handicaps. The reason is I'm not very consistent which is probably true for the vast majority of high handicappers. My best rounds come from a day when I'm particularly "on". That better golf is much more likely to carry on to the same round back nine than it is to my some other day (maybe weeks apart) when I play just nine hole rounds that get combined.
  5. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    I spend most of my time playing a nearby (to me) executive course. Four par 4's the rest par 3's. For that course I think I'll make it a 5 challenge.
  6. Should the Tour Championship Winner Win the FedExCup?

    I voted no. Even the best player's chance of winning an individual tournament is not very good, perhaps less than 1 out of 10. If you are going to try to reward the player of the year in a competition having the whole season count makes a lot more sense. This turned out great in my opinion, Xander won a tournament, the player of the year won the FedEx cup.
  7. How consistent are the green speeds on your home course?

    I play early morning, most of the greens have been mowed a few have not. Add in the morning dew and I think the unmowed greens are about an 8 and the mowed greens (0.11" per the greenskeeper) are at about a 10.
  8. Define The Bad Golfer

    I often see poor golfers that flip, sway on their backswing and don't get their weight forward and have armsy swings. Most poor golfers have a lot of swing faults in common.
  9. How long do golf shoes last

    True Linkswear shoes, about 150 rounds for me.
  10. I think I would anchor the bottom corners. A rope loop and a couple of bricks would probably do the trick and only add less than 10 seconds to setup time.
  11. Rent/Buy a course

    The course I play most of the time is near me and is inexpensive. For me to change to playing mostly at a different course it would need to meet both of those criteria.
  12. Me too, I think the narrower stance (and flaired feet) allows an easier turn and is easier on the body. I'm turning 60 in a few months.
  13. Mickelson a Captain's Pick? President's Cup

    As much as I like Phil, I'd like to see someone else get a chance, someone who has a better record this year.
  14. Do You Have a Set Budget for Golf Expenses?

    I don't have a budget but I'm not a big spender. Being a member of The Players Club has been great for my golf spending. $30 a month, free range ball, discounted greens fees. I play 18 on an executive for $5 before 8am on weekdays. I love that as I'm able to completely not consider the expense of playing there. It's close enough to free that it just doesn't register as an expense.
  15. The Nine Hole Conundrum

    I've been even par for 9 holes a few times and once was 1 under for 9. For 18, never even close (I was 3 over on an executive 18 once though) The way I figure it is about 1 out of 100 I'll play the front 9 even and about 1 out of 100 I'll play the back 9 even. Given those odds, what is the chance that I'll play two consecutive 9's even?