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  1. No Mulligans

    Light Leg Exercises for Balance?

    I do various light squats and lunges (I'm 60 years old). Lunges are more of a balance challenge for me. So, I recommend lunges. If they are too hard you can do them with the front foot going to a step to make them easier. With a golf club do slow motion golf swing drills using a good golf posture with your back foot off the ground, Do this with both a right handed swing and a left handed swing. Do about 8 reps on each side.
  2. No Mulligans

    USGA, R&A Limit Green Reading Materials

    How about let them use rangefinders and eliminate books all together? That should speed up the game and resolve the detailed green slope issue.
  3. No Mulligans

    Regular use of Treadmill

    +1 Why not use the rower? Engage more muscles, less wear and tear on the body, improves flexibilty, works the core too, more cardio intensity with less perceived effort.
  4. No Mulligans

    PGA Tour Players are Whiny Spoiled Babies?

    Maybe some pga players are "spoiled brats", I doubt they all are though. The media while looking for a story tends to make a mountain out of a mole hill. How many of the pga players that played are quoted complaining about the course?
  5. No Mulligans

    San Diego Fitting

    Callaway, probably not cheap though. San Diego North coastal Callaway Golf Headquarters 2180 Rutherford Road, Carlsbad, CA 92008888 223 7842 Titleist, Cobra and Taylormade also have headquarters and/or sattelite offices in San Diego. I'm not sure if they do fittings but you could check.
  6. That's a strange opinion. I think it's the opposite of look at me, I wish I could wear shorts. I always wear long sleeves, a sun hat and long pants. It's a drag, but I have to due to health risk. It's either that or no golf at all.
  7. No Mulligans

    How to get a Lean Body?

    I use to have trouble keeping weight off and was thinking how it no longer seems to be difficult at all (see post #46 above). I wanted to add that almost all my meals are prepared at home. We eat out maybe four times a month, usually dinners. Also, I drink coffee black and water and that's about it except for an ocassional beer (1 a week maybe). So I pretty much don't get my calories from fluids.
  8. No Mulligans

    How to get a Lean Body?

    You don't need a gym, a set of dumbbells is about all you need. You could add a small bench and a good rowing machine, that's what I have/use. You'll save money and time. I'm 60 years old and after losing about 25 lbs. have stayed thin for the last 15 or so years, 5'11" 150 lbs. I do light weight workouts, rowing machine and a lot of walking (I walk golf couses and walk my dogs twice a day, about 30 extra miles a week). Running is too hard on my knees and back so I no longer run. My diet is pretty much just trying to reduce red meat, cheese, and deserts because I don't want to go on cholesteral medication. I don't have to watch my calories.
  9. No Mulligans

    Would You Play A Tough Course?

    I played Torrey Pines in PGA tournament conditions, I'd say it was at least 10 strokes harder than usual. It was frustrating. Everyone in the group I played with and a couple of mens club members I talked to after the round said they wouldn't play again until they put the course back to public conditions. In what I call public conditions, 90% of the rough is cut down to where it is not that hard to hit out of. PGA tournament conditions, 1) more than half the time you won't find your ball even if you are practically standing right on top of it, 2) I had to use a wedge to get out of the rough and not really try to advance the ball, 3) they had a unusual situational local rule that if you don't find your ball in the rough in 1 minute you got a free drop (in the rough), and 4) even with the local rule the pace a play slowed down to a crawl. I guess I'm glad I played in those conditions for the novelty and experience of it, but it wasn't what I'd call a fun round. Given you pick an appropriate tee box, Torrey goes from not too hard with the rough cut down to very hard with the rough at it's PGA height. The south course is a 73.1/133 from the tee boxes I play, not as hard as it's reputation would have you believe. This can all be disregarded if you can stay out of the rough.
  10. No Mulligans

    Is Phil Mickelson Going Nuts?: Hitting a moving ball at US Open

    I thought it was the most entertaining golf of the year. It brought in more variety, an element of luck and frustration and brought the USGA and course set up into the discussion. That Koepka shot that looked perfect but ended in the trap, that sure stired me up in a pissed off at the course set up kind of way. I sure wasn't falling asleep as I usually do watching golf. The Phil thing, I'll give him a pass. There are too many examples of him being a gracious off camera here in San Diego to paint a broad stroke based on this bad act. Just makes him human. I'm not one to put celebrities on a pedestal so perhaps my expectations aren't as high as others.
  11. No Mulligans

    Telling Stat From 1977 Masters --Tee Time Spacing

    At 8 minutes how fast would they all have to play for noone waiting much (in a perfect world)? I'm thinking 2 groups on all the par 4 and 5s, one group on the 3s. ((2 * 14) + 4) * 8 = 4 hours 15 minutes, plus some time between holes and looking for lost balls etc. Say a little less than 4&1/2 hours and noone should be waiting much. 8 minutes seems doable for pros, for hackers, it would probably back up.
  12. No Mulligans

    Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    Once they put more effort and money in Marshaling the pace of play maybe I'd worry about a little paint on the cups.... no, check that, I would never worry about the painting of the cups.
  13. No Mulligans

    Which move changed your game for good?

    Steady head... I couldn't really benefit with the idea though... until I started to work with video. So, steady head and video feedback.
  14. No Mulligans

    What sunscreen do you use?

    Copperton Sport. I wear long sleeves, long pants, sun hat, sunscreen on hands and face.

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