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  1. One Hit Wonders @ Golf Course - Market Survey

    I was a, no I would never buy used balls. We have a Costco nearby and shop there for groceries etc. about once a week. They sale Callaway Super Hot 55 for about $1.25 a bakk (Superhot is very similar to the Supersoft). That is what I buy. I'd rather play a new one of those than any used ball.
  2. Do you exercise with golf in mind? Why or why not?

    I'll be 60 in two weeks, my primary objective of exercise is to maintain balance, flexibility, and strength. The objective is to fight back father time. Any golf benefit is secondary to that.
  3. How Important Is a Straight Left Arm?

    It's not an optical illusion, the arms do not remain in front of the chest. Rather they are bending thier left shoulder seemingly as far as they can. Just worked my way down the top 4 world ranked players.
  4. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    GPS watch for courses I'm familiar with, Bushnell rangefinder for courses I'm not familiar with. Neither slow down the pace of play. It's the slow players somewhere ahead that I'm often waiting on that are slowing the pace.
  5. Tethered Golf Tee for the Mat

    Not much difference. You don't have to drill a hole in them to tie a string to them.
  6. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    What? Increase pace of play, that means players play faster, right?
  7. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    I think rangefinders increase the pace of play (help players play faster). Where is that choice on the poll?
  8. SoCal Gatherings December, January

    I'm interested in Coronado. My schedule opens up after the 10th of Dec., currently wide open after that...
  9. Par 5 Strategy in a Mike Malaska Video... Do you agree?

    It's situational. I don't have a 3w but I'm more likely to be in the fairway with my 4w than my driver... there is no question in my mind about that (fairways hit, 51% vs 44%), I'm more accurate with my 4w (probably because it has more loft and goes shorter). Even still, I hit driver probably about 8 out of 10 times on both par 4s and par 5s. They have recently made the rough high and fairways narrow at Torrey Pines in preparation of the PGA Tournament. For me, landing in the rough cost me at least a stroke. I went to my 4w a lot more often on my recent round in those conditions. The rough was pretty ridiculous, they even announced a free drop in the rough as a temporary course rule when you couldn't find your ball in the rough which was about 1/2 the time with our entire group looking. Hitting out of the rough for me was a wedge shot in an attempt to just get back on the fairway. Everyone in my group agreed that they wouldn't play there again until after the Tournament and after the rough was cut back down. Given it is a public course it is pretty disapointing that they have these conditions already... two months before the tournament.
  10. SoCal Gatherings December, January

    I'd like to join for the Coronado outing.
  11. Tour Pro Scoring on The International-Pines Course

  12. No Yardage Markers

    I wanted to add that my Bushnell GPS watch does give distance to hazards, the screen that is active all the time gives front middle back of the green, push a button and another screen shows hazard distances, push again and another hazard screen is there if needed, I think it is 2 hazards per screen up to a total of 4 hazards per hole. My GPS is often right on with my rangefinder, overall I'd say + or minus 2 yards is it's accuracy.
  13. Short of the Green is Better?

    Exactly my thought. It seems obvious, mishit shots are more often than not too short. The study really says, players mishit shots sometimes and they tend to be short. It has little to do with club selection
  14. Do You Play the Correct Tees?

    I'm answering this for only the long courses. It doesn't make sense to me to include short courses where I can't even decide to play "too long" tee boxes. I mostly play a short executive course that is about 3,100. 2nd most often course is Torrey Pines which both courses are long. So this is pretty much about when I play Torrey. I choose 71 to 85% play from tee boxes that are too long based on the chart. I choose that I usual play tees that are too long. I usually play from the white tees (= green tees on Torrey North 6,346, there are five tee boxes, the greens are the middle ones), I carry about 210 with driver, roll out to 230 to 250. I'm longer than the majority of the people I play with who usually want to play the same tee boxes. I don't agree with the tee box chart. So what if I have to hit 3 hybrid after a really good drive to reach the longest par four. Why is that a problem? (I still play almost always faster than the course pace, walking)
  15. No Yardage Markers

    I've used a rangefinder, a GPS watch and an app on a phone. The one dislike the most was the app on the phone, I really didn't like pulling my phone in-and-out of my pocket and the difficulty of seeing the screen in the sunlight. My favorite is the GPS watch just a quick glance and I have the yardage

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