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  1. No Mulligans

    Walking Golfers?

    Me too.
  2. No Mulligans

    Spitting on the Golf Course

    Spit can contain bacteria and viruses, some golfers are immune compromised such as transplant patients like myself. For some the flu or cold can result in a hospital stay or worse. It is not "just water". Spit where it has no chance of touching someone,s golf ball, like behind a tee box.
  3. No Mulligans

    How Much Alcohol Do You Drink?

    3 or 4 beers a year or so. I'm pretty close to a non drinker which is pretty easy for me as I don't like the feeling of being intoxicated.
  4. The above was a post I made a long time ago. I seldom do speed training anymore as I don't dedicate as much time to golf as I use to. However, I have not lost the speed I gained even now a few years later and older (now 61 years old). My best hits now carry 220 and roll out to about 250 depending on conditions.
  5. No Mulligans

    Advice on Where to Play in Carlsbad, CA

    The Crossings in Carlsbad. Coronado. Barona. High end i.e. pricey, Aviara Carlsbad, La Costa Carlsbad. Maderias Poway. Bargain, The Vineyard in Escondido. The twilight rate at Torrey is reasonable for out of towners, the North is less expensive and is the course I prefer anyways. The rough will be nasty in January, pre pga tourney.
  6. Yep, I'm going to try to change. I wonder what the average pga speed is... maybe I'll go for that.
  7. No Mulligans

    Torrey Pines Local Rule

    It is unlikely to find your ball when it goes in the rough this time of year. Sometimes you can be standing almost on top of your ball and you can't see it, the only way you find it is by stepping on it . And the fairways are narrow. So you drop around the spot where you thought your ball would be. It is extremely hard to get out of this rough after you drop in the rough, someone like me is generally using a wedge and just trying to get on the fairway, so in essence it's worse than a penalty stroke. I'd rather there was a rule that you could play the rough as a lateral Hazard and drop with a penalty on The Fairway. I'm sure my score would be better under that rule. Many locals won't even play that course this time of year, it's just too hard. This is a pace of play issue as people are constantly looking for their balls in this situation. And yes you can't post your score under these rules, however my score is easily 10 Strokes worse than what I average playing under normal Torrey Pines conditions.
  8. No Mulligans

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    I struggle to think of the names of any commentators that retired more than five years ago. For me, and I believe many people, they fade from memory. The only ones that come to mind, Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford (only because of his connection to Cosell), Vince Scully. Sports celebrities I can remember a lot of them, too many to list. By the majority he will mostly be remembered as a golfer.
  9. No Mulligans

    Light Leg Exercises for Balance?

    I do various light squats and lunges (I'm 60 years old). Lunges are more of a balance challenge for me. So, I recommend lunges. If they are too hard you can do them with the front foot going to a step to make them easier. With a golf club do slow motion golf swing drills using a good golf posture with your back foot off the ground, Do this with both a right handed swing and a left handed swing. Do about 8 reps on each side.
  10. No Mulligans

    USGA, R&A Limit Green Reading Materials

    How about let them use rangefinders and eliminate books all together? That should speed up the game and resolve the detailed green slope issue.
  11. No Mulligans

    Regular use of Treadmill

    +1 Why not use the rower? Engage more muscles, less wear and tear on the body, improves flexibilty, works the core too, more cardio intensity with less perceived effort.
  12. No Mulligans

    PGA Tour Players are Whiny Spoiled Babies?

    Maybe some pga players are "spoiled brats", I doubt they all are though. The media while looking for a story tends to make a mountain out of a mole hill. How many of the pga players that played are quoted complaining about the course?

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