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  1. The MGI Costco cart is a bit counterintuitive for both my wife and me. The forward button is also an accelerator button, a tap will start it off at the speed of "2" a slow walk, two more taps and you're at "4" a fast walk. But, it seems intuitive to hold that forward button down which quickly puts it at the max speed of "9" which could quickly crash it into a tree or a curb or a person etc.
  2. After a heart issue and getting two stents, I'm getting back to golf myself. My wife really wanted me to get an electric push cart instead of using my previous regular push cart. I got the MGI from Costco. I do find the remote distracting but I've only used the cart 3 times. Hopefully with more use I'll get to where I don't have to think about it. What I've done is rent one cart for me and my wife and bring the MGI, we each walk nine. But a nice way for me to ease into it, on the hills I hitch a ride with my wife and we follow the MGI up the hill (driving the MGI with the remote from the cart.
  3. Hopeful that you'll be good to go. Watch this:
  4. A course marshall about an hour an hour after we tee'd off told us two cars were burned. From the looks of that video, it doesn't look like it. However, that lot was pretty full, maybe they moved some cars?
  5. Balboa Park - 18, Golf Course, San Diego. We couldn't go back to our car as that fire was adjacent to the parking lot. We just went ahead and played golf, a couple of cars got destroyed, but ours was fine. That is my wife in the foreground about to tee off on hole #1, hole 18 green in front of her.
  6. 38, or 2 over Torrey North from the Greens 35.7/122, shot 42 on the back... still haven't broken 80 on Torrey.
  7. 15 handicappers can have a lot of variance. With only two competing I think it would be maybe a 50% chance that one of them would run away with it which would make it less than interesting. Unless they modified the scoring to more heavily weight the later holes.
  8. I think it's a problem when I do it. At least for me it's not very effective as a release, it just puts me more on edge which is bad for my game. It's also a little bit uncomfortable for others to be around an emotional outburst. It's not so much the F word for me, after all it's just a word, it's the emotional outburst, not fun to be around, not fun to watch... unless you get joy from others pain.
  9. Finally broke 80, Bear Mountain golf course. Not sure it counts, it's a par 70, but you play the same 9 holes twice to play 18, which I did and shot a 78. Surprisingly for me as it's one of the hardest courses I play because of the speed and slopes of the green.
  10. Start with the principles behind the rules of golf. There are only three of them. PLAY THE COURSE AS WE FIND IT. PLAY THE BALL AS IT LIES. IF WE CAN'T CARRY OUT THE FIRST TWO, PLAY FAIR. The third one is complex. In your example, you should be penalized for being in a hazard, don't improve your lie seems fair enough. Nearer the hole, come on... the rules shouldn't be left up to each individuals interpretation. What are you going to do, just move a bit closer to pick out the nicest lie. That is taking advantage. If you move your ball in the rough you should access yourself a penalty.
  11. A fun course. 9 holes par 35. Lot's of trouble if you don't keep it straight. The greens are fast, probably too fast. And some photos: The plume of the Apple Fire 10 miles away with nothing but forrest between the fire and Big Bear. Is there gas in the car? Yes there's gas in the car... a full tank.
  12. Lob wedge, hold on tight, make sure you get out and don't have to repeat the same shot, I'm playing for the center of the green.
  13. I'm a bit limited on this as I haven't played many of the expensive courses in the area, of the ones I've played and like the most: 1. Torrey North - I play here most every week, a great value at $31 for city resident seniors ($122 for nonresidents), bonus points as it's a great course to walk. 2. Torrey South - If I can't get a tee time on the North, also a great value at $44 for city resident seniors ($202 for nonresidents!), also a great walking course. Minus some points as it can be a bit too difficult for me with it's length and well bunkered elevated greens that seem to repeal my "good shots". When the rough is up, forget about it. 3. Grand Del Mar (not in my price range, did play there as part of a wedding event) 4. Rancho Santa Fe Country Club (invited to play there by my boss's boss) 5. Coronado - a good value and a good place to take out of towners as the price is the same for residents and nonresidents. Coronado is an easy course to walk.
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