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  1. What about the landowner who owned that land, zoned for residential developement, before the driving range? He losses value because a neighbor builds a driving range with balls flying into his property.
  2. Around 6300 seems to be a sweet spot for my scoring vs. course rating. Torrey Pines North Green Tee box is 6346 and is rated at 71.2/122 (They have 5 tee boxes from longest to shortest, black, taupe, green, gold, siver. I suppose the greens would be the "regular tees"). That's where I play most of my full sized course rounds. All the par fives are reachable in three for me with a short iron or wedge on my approach however there are "long" par fours of 412, 416, 422 and a 90 degree 389 yard dogleg, that for me take two really good shots to reach. My favorite course to play is in Palm Springs, Cimarron from the combo tees around 6011 yards rating 68/114 (it's a par 71). My favorite but it doesn't result in as good of differentials, perhaps I should try the blues which are 6328 yards.
  3. The fast one in the parking lot may be late for thier tee time and in general is not puctual. That may be a slow player who doesn't care about be punctual when it comes to pace of play also. The slow one in the lot might be there 40 minutes before the tee time, and is very concious of punctuality. That person would probably be concious of pace of play also. No conclusions can be reached imo.
  4. I like your course. Most courses I play, every tee time before twilight times is filled with a foursome. And the better twilight times are filled up also. FYI, Torrey Pines, Coronado, Encinitas Ranch, The Vineyard are the full courses I mostly play. Not true for the executive Tecolote course though, just the morning times are pretty filled up which is whne I play.
  5. I've never played 36 in a day so I had to guess for that question which I answered the same as the second question. 60s for both questions. I usually walk 18 unless the course is a difficult one to walk. Not so much age for me as leukemia and the associated chemo, and bone marrow transplant, and 7 months at a hospital is what had the most effect. My friends my age do better walking than I do, it use to be the opposite. My legs pretty much ache every night, walking a course or not. Health related issues are getting pretty common by the time you are in your 60s and beyond. I'd guess most walking issues are health related more so than age related, in that someone in their 60s or 70s should be able to walk at least 18 comfortable if they don't have any chronic health issues.
  6. HCP - getting super excited after being 1 over thru 9 holes. HCB - and then getting triple bogeys on both hole 10 and 11
  7. Do your research. CBD industry is full of frauds. A lot of the products have little or no cbd in them. It's unregulated, it's the Wild Wild West, you do not know what is in the products.
  8. Mostly play 18, but for me 18 holes on a full course is too much. But, the group I play with likes to play 18... 19 actually 😉 I do like to play 18 on an executive course. Twilight 12 at Torrey Pines north is my favorite (the 12th hole comes back to the clubhouse). I walk, and have some health issues. 18 on a full course just wipes me out too much for the rest of the day.
  9. My typical week is one round at Tecolote, an 18 hole executive course, and one round playing twilight at Torrey Pines North where depending on my tee time I'll get between 12 and 18 holes (often stop at 12 as that hole comes back to the clubhouse and I'm a walker and don't have enough light to finish 18). Tecolote, I belong to a players club and walk for $6 weekdays before 8 am, that was $5 last year. (Players club is $32 per month and you get free range balls and discounted green fees). Torrey Pines North twilight is $26 and that is up $1 compared to a couple of years ago. The $26 is a resident rate, costs $25 to get an annual resident card and of course you have to be a resident. I'll be 62 in about 6 months and then will get the senior rate which is $30 non twilight, still $26 for twilight as there is no senior discount for twilight. For me, I usually play with my wife so I pay double. So, finding a good rate is twice the savings.
  10. I switch around. It doesn't seem to matter much. When I play Torrey Pines north, hard greens and hard to stop a ball on, I'll try to play a urethane ball like a pro v1 or Taylormade tp5, or better yet, a Taylormade project a. But for most courses something like a Supersoft is just fine. Not sure it makes sense to play the same ball that the pros play, given that I have a slower swing speed. Could the same ball come off a driver with a 1.5 smash factor for both a 120 mph swing speed and a 90 mph swing speed?
  11. For that matter, maybe the web.com field is tougher than the pga fields in Jack's day.
  12. If you belong to Costco, buy the Callaway balls they are offering. They are usually about 1.25 per ball and are good quality balls.
  13. I'd guess 90% of the folks I play with, including strangers, are leaving the stick in. It seems to speed things up a little bit. I like the flow better, the ability to take a long putt while others are chipping or looking for a ball etc. is what I'm referring to.
  14. Golf is hard. My favorite course (Cimmaron in Palm Springs) suits my handicap so I think I appreciate that course's architecture more than a 2-3 handicap player would. After all it's my favorite course. I prefer Torrey North over Torrey South. Same reason, the north is easier for me to play. I'm guessing the majority of the better players prefer the South. Best handicap to appreciate the courses I like, 10 -12.
  15. I like Azinger and I liked Miller (and Faldo too). There are a lot of critics who are quick to find fault.
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