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  1. I've got two pair... one pair on it's last miles and the other pair is almost like new.
  2. San Diego area golf round soon anyone?

    I'd add Balboa Park to that list. The 18 hole course is $32 for residents and $40 for non-resident on weekdays and $40 for residents and $50 for non-residents on weekends. Also, I'm interested in Torrey which is expensive for non-residents... but if you're a resident let's do it.
  3. Musicians who golf

    With music and golf I have had lot of practice time where I'm alone by myself. I consider golf practice and music practice to be introverted activities. Haven't practiced music for a while though. Lately, I spend most of my music time playing songs or learning songs from recordings. There becomes a point of diminishing returns coupled with age (turning 60 soon) that can change ones desire to practice. I'm definitely not at that stage with golf though. I do use musical figures with my golf swing. Putting, chipping and pitching I use a triplet which I'm hearing in my head. I start the motion on the 1 of the first triplet and contact the ball on the 1 of the second triplet. 1 2 3 1 2 3 For full swings I use a sixteenth note figure which for me creates more speed/acceleration through impact than a triplet would. 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
  4. 2017 Solheim Cup Official Discussion Thread

    Being a cord-cutter I don't get many opportunities to see the women play golf. This event was very entertaining. U.S. vs. Europe for the women has become a strange choice imo. Only 1 player in the top ten world rankings was in the tournament. The #2, 13, 14, 19 & 20 in the world for this event. You get better fields in regular LPGA events. How about South Korea vs. the rest of the world. That looks to be a perfect match, South Korea has 10 players in the top 20 of the world ranking.
  5. 2017 Solheim Cup Official Discussion Thread

    @iacas, does Natalie watch this?
  6. Is this a flip?

    Not flipping with her wrist, flipping with her double joint looking elbow?
  7. Putting

    Have the Game Golf putting stats been fixed? The stroke gain info in the past sucked on GG as many of the users didn't edit their putts, i.e. much of the data was garbage. The fix would be to somehow filter out the bad data. Not sure that has been done though.
  8. What are you doing for the total solar eclipse?

    I bought 5 pair of glasses, only a partial eclipse here though. Oregon is a long way to travel, 16 hours, I'll be staying in San Diego.
  9. Need help with Fat/Thin shots with wedges

    I had the same problem as a lot of high handicappers must. What has helped me is to have a little bit of forward shaft lean at impact and try to hold that angle such that for short shots my club doesn't get ahead of my hands on my follow through - at least as far as P9. I have quite a bit of wrist hinge in my backswing, but none in the follow through. I have to think of hitting the ball with a body turn, if my swing is too armsy I can't hold the angle through follow through. Ideally I brush the grass with no divot.
  10. Torrey Pines yesterday evening, the 16th on the North.
  11. Weight loss and golf

    I worked in the weight loss industry for twenty years and don't remember your quoted old saying, maybe memory loss with old age. I thought the old saying was "calories in vs. calories out". What works in my experience is a life style change that involves exercise and better food choices (that are nutritious and reduce calories per day).
  12. Xr or xr pro drivers?

    I use a xr16. I tried both the xr16 and the xr16 Pro. The xr16 has a slightly larger head size and therefore I'm assuming a bigger sweet spot. I hit them both about the same, I chose to buy the xr16
  13. I'm 59, after I started making a bigger turn I hit the ball better.
  14. Drilling vs. Scrimmaging

    I spend some time pretty much every day either practicing or playing. My intention is to practice at least twice for every time I play. Sometime I go astray though because of friends and/or wife wanting to play and I'll play several days in a row. But overall I probably end up at more than twice as many practice sessions as rounds played. At the range I've got a self imposed rule, before I hit the first ball I decide on what I'm specifically practicing. For example "head steady" or "weight forward" etc. Putting I stick pretty much to the same routine, 3 feet, 6 feet, 9 feet, and then lag putting from 20, 30, 40, 50 feet. I voted "yes".
  15. An Example of Bad Instruction

    I tried it. It's not going to cause me to feel the waggle any more with the left arm and forearm, it doesn't make my left side more engaged (whatever that means), help eliminate a chicken wing? - I doubt it. It pretty much does nothing except make the club less stable. I'm calling this B.S. To eliminate a chicken wing... you'll have at least as much success using my secret remedy... wear your ball cap backwards.