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  1. I think it's a toss up. They both have holes bordering the ocean, I'd put the North at just a tiny bit more scenic. But the south, that's a U.S. open course. It's nice to have the experience of playing an Open course (but more expensive). Right now you wouldn't have a choice as the North is not open for any tee times after 2 PM, maybe that will change soon. As a walk on you might want to just request first available and let fate decide.
  2. The low budget course I play on had tee boxes that became uneven over time (maybe about 60 years). They brought out a tractor, some labor, etc and leveled about half of them, that's all they had budgeted for it last year. Fortunately they take good care of the greens instead on their limited budget.
  3. Torrey South is the course I'm familiar with. Last I played there I hit a 93 from the Green tees 73.3/133, that equaled a differential of 16.9. The back tees are 78.1/144 so the extra distance would add 5 strokes for the rating 6 strokes for the slope. So now I'm at 93 + 5 + 6 = 104 due to the extra length and slope. Now assume I miss the fairway 50% of the time and since the rough is "rough" I can't do much but chop myself out. I'll add another .5 strokes for each time I get in the rough (.5 harder than getting out of the shorter rough when I played, the rough was still high enough when I played that you could lose your ball in it). (93 score minus 36 putts) times .5 times .5 strokes per incident= 14 additional strokes because of the rough. So 104 +14 = 128... Now add a bunch of putts because of hole placement and green speed, ah say 10. 128 + 10 = 138 I predict I could shoot a 138. And, I'm not a 20 HI.
  4. The North, due to the remodel and extra related maintenance, is currently only offering tee times to about 2 pm. The North is less expensive, about 2 or 3 strokes easier, and 80% of the San Diego resident rounds are on the North. The South is the U.S. open course. (Both courses are played when the PGA plays the regular yearly tournament at Torrey, North and South on Thursday, Friday; South only on Saturday and Sunday after the cut) Right now this is what is available today on the South as of 4 PM. I'm guessing they drop the times from this list that are within an hour, there are most likely spots available for a walk on for the 4 - 5 PM slots. Note that only locals with a resident card can use that online system. Also note, those are the resident rates. As a single on a weekday you have a good chance in the afternoon as a walk on. If you don't want to risk not getting on you can pay extra and use the advanced reservation system: https://www.sandiego.gov/park-and-recreation/golf/torreypines/reservations Here is all that is currently available on both courses for tomorrow; only Torrey South afternoon/evening times are not taken. Edit, I was wrong there are currently some times on the North available this Saturday. That is encouraging to see times available on a Saturday. It's starting to become less impacted after the novelty of the remodel is wearing off. Granted it's only 4 times with room for a single only, but believe it or not, this is the best I've seen in the last 7 months.
  5. Not my worst ever but a recent one in memory which was a 6 with a 5 putt. Short par 3. Shot 1 - hit the green ball mark was 4 feet past the hole, rolled back to 18 feet from the hole. Shot 2 - putted to 1 foot in front of the hole but rolled back to 8 feet from the hole. Shot 3 - putted missed left, rolled back to 9 feet from the hole Shot 4 - putted again missed left again, rolled back to 9 feet. Shot 5 - putt 1 inch short and it stopped there!! Shot 6 - walked quickly to the ball and quickly tapped in Mentioned to a greenskeeper later in the round that they may want to rethink the hole placement on number 10. He said, "I'll look at it. The new guy placed the holes this morning, he's not a golfer".
  6. I estimate that I walk at least 9 out of 10 times I play golf (I use a push cart). I often play an executive 18 and an executive 9 but I like to walk the big courses also if they are good walking courses. I like getting the additional exercise. I like the "feel" of a course when walking as I feel more a part of the course, I can enjoy the details of the course and nature better. I like that when walking I more often have all my clubs with me as I get to the ball. I like the additional focus on my game when walking, most often I'm walking straight to my ball, sizing up my next shot while walking to the ball, and paying less attention to my playing partners situations. I sometimes ride even on good walking courses. That is determined by the temperature and/or what else I have going on after the round. I'll ride if I think walking will wear me out too much for later activities. (I'm 59 and do have some chronic health issues). I play better when I walk.
  7. I wish it was that easy... find the right ball and your handicap drops by six strokes. Seriously though, it's not the ball.
  8. My claim of 340, where is that? And carry distance? I said distance (as in total distance).
  9. Hard to do. Take Stenson, last year he seldom used his driver on long holes, he used his 3w the majority of the time.
  10. If you are referring to the PGA driving distance stat, not all of those tee shots are with driver. I wouldn't be surprised if tour average with driver is over 300 yards.
  11. As a higher handicapper I try to give advice by posting pictures like this (this is me vs. Adam Scott at A6). The picture tells the story, my hands aren't as far down and forward...
  12. I use it as a streatching/warm-up/exercise device. I think it works well for that. Maybe it helps my tempo also.
  13. When using a cart don't wait for your fellow player sharing your cart to finish their shot and get back in the cart if it is quicker to drop him off and drive to your ball while he is getting ready to hit. You have to use your judgement on when this will quicken your pace of play, it often will. There are really dozens of things you can do to help with pace of play. Little things, like where you park your bag around the green when walking, bringing your head cover to the tee box so you can put it back on as you walk back to your bag, mark your scorecard at the next tee while your playing partner is teeing off, etc. etc. They all add up. If you stay focused and aware of pace of play you'll learn them and/or figure them out.
  14. I had a round load on the GameGolf app on my PC, but when I went to the GG web site to review the round it had disappeared. I emailed GG and they restored the round. So, the roundt made it to their database but just had some sort of glitch that kept me from accessing it. You might try contacting GameGolf.