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  1. Telling Stat From 1977 Masters --Tee Time Spacing

    At 8 minutes how fast would they all have to play for noone waiting much (in a perfect world)? I'm thinking 2 groups on all the par 4 and 5s, one group on the 3s. ((2 * 14) + 4) * 8 = 4 hours 15 minutes, plus some time between holes and looking for lost balls etc. Say a little less than 4&1/2 hours and noone should be waiting much. 8 minutes seems doable for pros, for hackers, it would probably back up.
  2. Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    Once they put more effort and money in Marshaling the pace of play maybe I'd worry about a little paint on the cups.... no, check that, I would never worry about the painting of the cups.
  3. Which move changed your game for good?

    Steady head... I couldn't really benefit with the idea though... until I started to work with video. So, steady head and video feedback.
  4. What sunscreen do you use?

    Copperton Sport. I wear long sleeves, long pants, sun hat, sunscreen on hands and face.
  5. Anti-Inflammatories stifle exercise benefits

    Two types of steriods. I've taken prednisone for years, it has the side affect of muscle atrophy.
  6. Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    Yes to a 60* imo. It is one of my most used clubs. If the greens are receptive my most used clubs are (in order): putter, driver, SW If the greens are not receptive my most used clubs are (in order): putter, driver, LW (60*)
  7. Local courses

    Torrey Pines North course twilight, you can get in 12 holes and the 12th brings you real close to the clubhouse. And it's only $25 for locals. And you end up with views like this.
  8. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2020

    Under the current USGA rules we are required to post all rounds except practice rounds and rounds played alone. If you don't you are breaking the rules and your handicap is not legitimate.
  9. Golf balls for my dad!

    I'd recommend Titliest Tour Soft or Callaway Chrome Soft. Both are premium balls.
  10. Why you shouldn't exercise to lose weight [Vox]

    I walk my dogs in the morning and the evening, about three miles of dog walking every day of the year. There are maybe a dozen others that I see in the neighborhood that are everyday dog walkers. Everyone of them is maintaining a good weight... there are no fat regular dog walkers in my neighborhood. I also walk golf courses. I'm 60 years old, 5'11", 145 lbs., I'm maintaining a healthy weight mostly from walking. I do streatching every day and light weight lifting several times a week but I'm not burning very many calories from those activities. A lot of walking seems to be the main reason for my weight maintenance. Diet... I eat and prepare food at home probably about 80% of the time, water and coffee is all I drink most days. I don't feel as though I diet.
  11. Fan Ejected by Justin Thomas - Right, Wrong or Indifferent

    I like that the jerk was kicked out. I don't like that Justin Thomas did it, I wish officials would do take care of the jack-asses. I don't blame Thomas though, being someone who has also lost my temper/patience and done things that I later regret.
  12. 9 Hole Handicap Would be Lower than 18-Hole Handicap

    That's not calculated right. The rules require that you combine consecutive 9 round scores and calculate from that. Your 9 hole rounds will result in a higher calculation but still lower than the 18 hole calc.
  13. changing balls during play

    In addition, won't the ball axis tilt if there is any break/slope to the putt? I think I recall seeing this on the Aimpoint express video.
  14. One of the Great Things About Golf

    This guy's goal is to beat me. He comes close but hasn't done it yet. Yes, the competition and comradery is great... so is being outside in nature. From yesterday evening, Torrey North:
  15. Playing golf with your dog in tow?

    +1 - exactly And it only takes a few to ruin it for everyone.

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