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  1. I was supposed to have a blood draw today for lab tests and an appointment with the Hematology Oncologist tomorrow. Meanwhile Scripps Health yesterday was hit with a ransomware attack and I got a phone call letting me know my appointments are cancelled. Not sure how this will all sort out but I'm hoping I don't go to the end of the line, the Dr. is usually booked up for a month or two. When I do get the appointment I want to ask the Dr. about life-style recommendations given the Moderna vaccination, and the Jan. 2021 Lancet study on HSCT with immune suppression and Covid 19. Specifical
  2. Once the covid numbers spiked in Dec. - Jan, and it was reported that those in my situation (HSCT on Immune Suppression) have a 67% 30 day survival rate after catching Covid... I stopped playing golf. Now I'm 2 weeks plus from my second Moderna shot, reconsidering golf. Not sure. See the Doc next week, maybe he'll say wear a mask, wouldn't want to do that on a warm summer day walking a golf course.
  3. Average day in San Diego coastal. Blue sky, 70 degrees, slight breeze. My wife is down the road playing Torrey Pines right now, a 5 minute drive from our house. My vore, San Diego.
  4. I've tried CBD (not Phil's) for inflammation. I probably need to be more consistent for a longer period of time but it's hard to be motivated when I'm not noticing any benefit. For me it seems to be about the same as taking vitamins, like vitamins I'm not sure it's doing me any good.
  5. Seeing Rory's similar situation, I have to change my position. I now think it's possible that a ball can embed in the rough after a bounce. Faldo said he's never seen it. I suppose now he has.
  6. I agree. But no one would do that, that makes about as much sense as throwing a thousand up in the air to see if gravity was still functioning as expected. Some experiments aren't worth doing as the outcome is pretty much certain. The odds are so small of that ball embedding that one logically looks for other explanations.
  7. The area being discussed is not a basin area, that spot was higher than the dry cart path, and higher than the area where he dropped,
  8. It wasn't sopping wet. Did you watch any of Saturdays coverage? I watched the 3 hours on CBS, I didn't see any standing water, I didn't see any mud. I live in the area, not sopping wet in my neighborhood either. By Saturday conditions were pretty good. We've gotten so little rain (not unusual), this rainfall was quickly soaked up by the previously dry ground at least in San Diego Coastal area. Maybe it found a previous ball mark?
  9. Maybe he pushed down a bit when he inexplicable removed the ball
  10. I play the course a lot, the rough is really thick, a ball bounces about two feet high, goes into the rough slowly, at an angle, no way it could embed, most often that ball won't even make it to the ground.
  11. I read people over 75 have a 13.8% mortality from covid. If you’re over 75, catching covid-19 can be like playing Russian roulette And that's why I'm not going outside, says Antonio Regalado. My cohorts, allogeneic (not your own cells) bone marrow transplant patient on immune suppression have a 32% 30 day mortality rate after getting covid. Yet I can't get the vaccine, I'm 63 and need to be over 65 in CA to get the vaccine. they are predicting my group will get it sometime around June. In the third paragraph: "At 30 days after the diagnosis of CO
  12. My bag has a separate slot for the putter and the putter sits below the shafts of the other clubs in the bag. I take the cover off before the round and leave it in a bag pocket. I grab my driver or woods and while approaching my shot I pull the head cover off and drop it on the ground near my stance. After the shot I put my head cover back on while approaching my cart. I usually am using a trolley but I do this with a trolley or a cart. It's a patterned habit, I don't forget my head cover. Perhaps on the OCD side of things, but this is driven by pace of play. There are a bunch o
  13. I have a 15 week puppy and was playing tug-a-war with a rope dog toy, he lunged and chomped for a new grip and caught my finger. He still has those sharp pointy little puppy teeth. The cut is a pretty sensitive spot as far as holding a golf club, I don't want to reopen it. Too small for stitches I would think... I imagine an professional athlete (basketball, golf, football) would get it stitched and play on. Here's a pic from yesterday morning (we hit 80 degrees later in the day, San Diego coastal).
  14. I like the sklz ball first trainer for hitting off a mat. Feedback for hitting fat, hitting at the toe, hitting towards the hosel. But they are not making them anymore. My has a crack in it, I think I'll try to make one with that small sheet of polycorbonate. Me too, same problems with my swing. I have corrected it but sometimes regress. For me I focus on steady head through back swing until contact, and shift weight to front foot at the start of the downswing. (Key 1 and 2 of the 5 simple keys). I also sight a spot about an inch in front of the ball as my con
  15. Did the program today in low light shortly after sunset. All my numbers were around 10mph slower than what I normally get. I wonder if it's me or if the Swing Speed Radar doesn't work in low light.
  16. Just my thoughts... The driver is a bit lighter than the red stick but has more wind resistance because of club head size, I think you could just use the driver instead of the red stick, perhaps that would even be better as you're using your actual club.
  17. Yes, that is the problem. You can buy for less than a million, if you get off the coast, but I get your point. But it is less expensive than San Francisco, about the same as Los Angeles. Millions of people make it work. Scripps Ranch is a nice community about 10 miles off the coast, you can find townhomes/condos for around $500,000: https://www.zillow.com/homes/Scripps-Ranch_rb/
  18. I'm using the "Swing Speed Radar" which has me about 8mph slower the the Foresight launch monitor my instructor uses. Doesn't matter though as I'll always be using the same monitor for this exercise. I'm not a great test subject for data purposes as I've worked out my speed before. At 63 years old I wonder if I can expect very much in the ways of gain in speed. At some age one just needs to be happy trying to maintain ones speed/strength/flexibility/agility. My hypothesis, holding all other things equal, the younger you are the more you can expect your speed to increase from these
  19. San Diego or the island of Kauai. You can golf almost everyday. San Diego has reasonable priced golf courses. How about Torrey Pines for $32, resident senior rate. Kauai, not sure about the reasonable priced courses. Hunting, fishing, motorcycle riding... yep, San Diego. You'll have to take a road trip out of the city for the hunting though. San Diego average temperatures, pretty close to room temperature all year, at least midday.
  20. I think of this question in terms of which tee box to play from. If I was using my 3 hybrid more than say 2 or 3 times to a par 4 after a decent drive, I'd play from a more forward tee box. Ideally, if I was a course architect, I'd want you to use a long iron (3 or 4 iron) a couple times for par fours, and have one or two par five holes that you can reach in two with a really good drive and a 3 wood, and the other par five holes are not reachable in two.
  21. About 40 times... About 30 at Torrey pines The rest spread among Vineyard, Balboa Park, Encinitas Ranch.
  22. Just wanted to add... that's a man sized divot in that practice mat. (But seriously, a dog sized divot?)
  23. The MGI Costco cart is a bit counterintuitive for both my wife and me. The forward button is also an accelerator button, a tap will start it off at the speed of "2" a slow walk, two more taps and you're at "4" a fast walk. But, it seems intuitive to hold that forward button down which quickly puts it at the max speed of "9" which could quickly crash it into a tree or a curb or a person etc.
  24. After a heart issue and getting two stents, I'm getting back to golf myself. My wife really wanted me to get an electric push cart instead of using my previous regular push cart. I got the MGI from Costco. I do find the remote distracting but I've only used the cart 3 times. Hopefully with more use I'll get to where I don't have to think about it. What I've done is rent one cart for me and my wife and bring the MGI, we each walk nine. But a nice way for me to ease into it, on the hills I hitch a ride with my wife and we follow the MGI up the hill (driving the MGI with the remote from
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