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  1. I didn't say that. Don't imply I said something that I didn't. Another study: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)31142-9/fulltext
  2. Pretty easy to find studies that support that and contradict that. We can all cherry pick to support our personal narrative. I'm not going to be critical of someone wearing a mask as prescribed by the CDC, and yes on the tee box and elsewhere on the course people get closer than 6 feet even if it's an unintentional lapse of awareness. Is 6 feet of social distancing really enough? By now, Americans are familiar with the rule: Stay six feet away from other people for your best chance of preventing the spread of COVID-19.
  3. 12th at Torrey South is considered one of the hardest holes in San Diego. Par 4 504 yards from the back tees, two tee boxes up where I play it is 443 yards. Straight into a prevailing breeze which is usually about 10 mph but sometime worse or even much worse. The wind is consistent enough as this hole points right at the hang glider port where they glide off the nearby cliff usually 7 days a week. I've never reached the green in two, it plays as a par 5. The green is elevated, repeals pretty good shots, deep bunkers. Pretty easy strategically to figure out. Hit driver, then hit your longest fairway wood, then for me sand wedge or lob wedge if the wind isn't too bad. Lat week I stuck a lob wedge 8 feet from the hole, made the putt, and got par, felt like a birdie
  4. I've only been playing Torrey Pines since the courses have reopened in California. It seems just a little more difficult to get times. Times become available online 7 days in advance at 7 pm exactly. All but twilight times are gone for both courses in about 5 seconds or less. Only difference now is it's become harder to even get a twilight time except for the pay 18 hole rate but only have enough daylight to play 9 times, 5:15 pm and after. I like to grab a twilight time and play 12 on the North which does come back near the clubhouse. I grab a 4 pm within 1 second after they're released and have always had success. The nice thing about this situation is you have to invest very little time or effort in the process. No shows are not a problem at Torrey. You do that three times and you lose your reservation privileges. In addition there is always a waiting list of walk ons. The course seems to always be filled. Pace of play can be a problem.
  5. I've recently been verbally assaulted by a black man, I was flabbergasted as I had no interaction with him other than to walk into a parking lot about 100 feet from him. Perhaps it was simple because I'm white. When I was 17 (I'm now 62) I was hit with in the side of my head when I was walking by two black men (the Dr. thought it was probably a steel pipe).. No interaction again and no eye contact. Left on the ground, unconscious, with a concussion, and a broken bone on the side of my face. Nothing was stolen, just a random act of violence. Just the fact that I mention that those two incidents were done by a black man makes me racist to a degree. Right? Is there any relevance in my story that they were black, I think so. I believe my racism comes from fear and experience though it's not overt. It is probably rational. I call out others that make racist comments. My racism is on a subconscious level.
  6. +1 I've been thinking the same. "I'm not racist", is usually said by someone who just made a racist comment.
  7. See my post above. It's about managing foot traffic and not having everyone funneled down the same path. It's not the cart wheels it's all the footsteps circling the green with the push carts. Without the hand carts players don't circle the edge of the green.
  8. Torrey allows them and play seemed to speed up during a period when riding carts were not allowed. Torrey South in particular with elevated greens and a lot of green side bunkers, I can see the 2 - 3 foot area off and around the edge of the greens getting extra wear from all the push/pull cart trafic. With a push cart and the course setup all the walkers with push carts are funneled into these small pathways as they keep the carts off the green and avoid slowing play down by making trips back to their carts if they leave them back at the fairway. It's pretty much okay as the Kikuyu grass is so tough, otherwise it would be a problem. They should just allow and encourage players to just walk the carts right onto the green.
  9. Day 15 Putting Bead Work These are good drills for me... I'm pretty bad at this.
  10. I'm in the above 60 and I am immune compromised. I agree, leaving the economy shut down may cause more harm than the coronavirus. The balance is in not overwhelming the hospitals. Meanwhile, I'll be stuck at home either way.
  11. Day 9 - Breaking Sticks On Wednesday I got a strain or sprain with some pain doing this one. Right on the inside of my right arm elbow area. Did this while practicing so no video on this one. Working on putting drills in the mean time.
  12. Exercised, wrote some lyrics and recorded a slide guitar solo... so, didn't spend much time with golf today. Did manage about 10 minutes. Day 14 hand-club coordination
  13. Day 13 - High pitches and flops I think I could do with less arm movement and more wrist hinge - in my backswing.
  14. Tony Jacal's, of course. Favorite San Diego county Mexican restaurant. Right nextdoor to Fidels which is also a favorite San Diego Mexican restauratn, but I like Tony's better.
  15. Something I noticed continuing to practice the Day 8 Putting Rythm Tempo Sticks..., If I increase the tempo to 80 bpm it's easier and more free feeling for me to just let the pendulum happen, and it's smoother like an actual pendulum.
  16. Day 8 - Puting Rhythm, Tempo and Sticks I like to have a triplet going on in my head when I put which puts me on a 2 to 1 ratio. But my rhythm is a bit slow, I did this at 70 bpm which feels a little fast for me. I do need to practice at 70 bpm so I can use a faster rhythm (which for most is actually slow).
  17. Day 7 Basic Pitching (glide) I use this technique but my tendency has been for my arms not to fold during the follow through, rather arms extended and down the line. For the drill I am trying to get my arms to fold in the follow thru more than they want to. Not sure how important it is to have the follow thru arms folding like Erik does.
  18. Day 6 Basic Chipping (Dime Drill) Had to add a bit more leading edge than I'm use to, to get the dime in the air
  19. I was reading reviews for various foam balls since almost golf foam balls seem to be a thing of the past. The GoSports might be worth a try: https://amzn.to/2XvGil4
  20. Day 5 - Delivering the clubhead. Not sure if I'm too much towards square with my hips and shoulders at impact.
  21. Day 11 Putting Pendulum Either from LSW or this site I was already aware and have practiced this concept but not with the targets set up like this.
  22. Day 4 - Lead writst conditions The top of the backswing and the transition to the downswing has been a recurring problem for me and is something I work on. This is a good drill for me.
  23. Day 3 - I don't think my left elbow in the backswing is one of my problems. So, it didn't seem I needed to make any adjustments on this one.
  24. San Diego, yes the cost of housing is high. But it does hit a lot of those buttons listed. Year round golf, I play Torrey Pines on the week days for $31 with my $25 a year "City Card"... and $23 at Balboa Park Golf Course. So the golf rates are reasonable. I'd put the San Diego golf weather up against the Florida weather. I'm not a fan of high heat and humidity. I have a friend who a couple a years ago played everyday in San Diego for 364 days in a row. (He also lost over 100 lbs. during that stretch which was the plan.) San Diegan credits TOPS for his dramatic weight loss Randy Sherman and other lean on nonprofit group TOPS to collaborate on sensible weight control strategy I see a lot of other places mentioned where I would not play year round golf. Charleston SC for example. I lived there for a couple of years. Smothering heat in the summre, and cold in the winter (sometimes even freezes with ice on the bridges in the winter). Not sure how you could play year round golf, at least not the majority of the days.
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