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  1. My typical week is one round at Tecolote, an 18 hole executive course, and one round playing twilight at Torrey Pines North where depending on my tee time I'll get between 12 and 18 holes (often stop at 12 as that hole comes back to the clubhouse and I'm a walker and don't have enough light to finish 18). Tecolote, I belong to a players club and walk for $6 weekdays before 8 am, that was $5 last year. (Players club is $32 per month and you get free range balls and discounted green fees). Torrey Pines North twilight is $26 and that is up $1 compared to a couple of years ago. The $26 is a resident rate, costs $25 to get an annual resident card and of course you have to be a resident. I'll be 62 in about 6 months and then will get the senior rate which is $30 non twilight, still $26 for twilight as there is no senior discount for twilight. For me, I usually play with my wife so I pay double. So, finding a good rate is twice the savings.
  2. I switch around. It doesn't seem to matter much. When I play Torrey Pines north, hard greens and hard to stop a ball on, I'll try to play a urethane ball like a pro v1 or Taylormade tp5, or better yet, a Taylormade project a. But for most courses something like a Supersoft is just fine. Not sure it makes sense to play the same ball that the pros play, given that I have a slower swing speed. Could the same ball come off a driver with a 1.5 smash factor for both a 120 mph swing speed and a 90 mph swing speed?
  3. For that matter, maybe the web.com field is tougher than the pga fields in Jack's day.
  4. If you belong to Costco, buy the Callaway balls they are offering. They are usually about 1.25 per ball and are good quality balls.
  5. I'd guess 90% of the folks I play with, including strangers, are leaving the stick in. It seems to speed things up a little bit. I like the flow better, the ability to take a long putt while others are chipping or looking for a ball etc. is what I'm referring to.
  6. Golf is hard. My favorite course (Cimmaron in Palm Springs) suits my handicap so I think I appreciate that course's architecture more than a 2-3 handicap player would. After all it's my favorite course. I prefer Torrey North over Torrey South. Same reason, the north is easier for me to play. I'm guessing the majority of the better players prefer the South. Best handicap to appreciate the courses I like, 10 -12.
  7. I like Azinger and I liked Miller (and Faldo too). There are a lot of critics who are quick to find fault.
  8. That is an easy no for me. I'm 61 and retired, life is really good. Give me 5 million, life would be a bit better than it is now. Nicer golf courses, better ski trips, maybe a house closer to the beach (only 3 miles to the beach now, only 6 miles to Torrey Pines Golf Course which I can play pretty much any time I want) etc. 5 years in prison would be an extreme reduction in my quality of life. Even if I had a 95% chance of success, i still wouldn't take the bet. 99% chance of success? Hmm, I'd have to think about it.
  9. Are you all adjusting for course rating and slope? Torrey South is a beast if you play from the back tees
  10. The leader and co-leader at this point both use AimPoint
  11. I had a physics question that was similar to that. We were asked to calculate the gravitational pull of a Cadillac sitting outside the window of where someone was born and compare that to the gravitational pull of some planet. I think it was the professor's dig at astrology
  12. I play Torrey pretty often, this is an often repeated saying on the course. So the ocean has some sort of gravitational pull, I'll ask when someone says that.
  13. I think poor conditions hurt high handicappers much more than good players especially when it comes to thin or dirt or mud lies. A good golfer that can consistently hit the ball first and have their divot in front of the ball doesn't have any problems with thin lies.
  14. I was there for Thursday's round. I only watched Tiger play one hole, the 8th on the south. He had a putt of about a 45 feet that had a tricky breaking downhill last 10 feet. He left the flag in. He had about a 2 foot second putt and had the flag out. Most of the players i saw had the flag out.
  15. Spit can contain bacteria and viruses, some golfers are immune compromised such as transplant patients like myself. For some the flu or cold can result in a hospital stay or worse. It is not "just water". Spit where it has no chance of touching someone,s golf ball, like behind a tee box.
  16. 3 or 4 beers a year or so. I'm pretty close to a non drinker which is pretty easy for me as I don't like the feeling of being intoxicated.
  17. The above was a post I made a long time ago. I seldom do speed training anymore as I don't dedicate as much time to golf as I use to. However, I have not lost the speed I gained even now a few years later and older (now 61 years old). My best hits now carry 220 and roll out to about 250 depending on conditions.
  18. The Crossings in Carlsbad. Coronado. Barona. High end i.e. pricey, Aviara Carlsbad, La Costa Carlsbad. Maderias Poway. Bargain, The Vineyard in Escondido. The twilight rate at Torrey is reasonable for out of towners, the North is less expensive and is the course I prefer anyways. The rough will be nasty in January, pre pga tourney.
  19. Yep, I'm going to try to change. I wonder what the average pga speed is... maybe I'll go for that.
  20. It is unlikely to find your ball when it goes in the rough this time of year. Sometimes you can be standing almost on top of your ball and you can't see it, the only way you find it is by stepping on it . And the fairways are narrow. So you drop around the spot where you thought your ball would be. It is extremely hard to get out of this rough after you drop in the rough, someone like me is generally using a wedge and just trying to get on the fairway, so in essence it's worse than a penalty stroke. I'd rather there was a rule that you could play the rough as a lateral Hazard and drop with a penalty on The Fairway. I'm sure my score would be better under that rule. Many locals won't even play that course this time of year, it's just too hard. This is a pace of play issue as people are constantly looking for their balls in this situation. And yes you can't post your score under these rules, however my score is easily 10 Strokes worse than what I average playing under normal Torrey Pines conditions.
  21. I struggle to think of the names of any commentators that retired more than five years ago. For me, and I believe many people, they fade from memory. The only ones that come to mind, Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford (only because of his connection to Cosell), Vince Scully. Sports celebrities I can remember a lot of them, too many to list. By the majority he will mostly be remembered as a golfer.
  22. I do various light squats and lunges (I'm 60 years old). Lunges are more of a balance challenge for me. So, I recommend lunges. If they are too hard you can do them with the front foot going to a step to make them easier. With a golf club do slow motion golf swing drills using a good golf posture with your back foot off the ground, Do this with both a right handed swing and a left handed swing. Do about 8 reps on each side.
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