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  1. Hi golfers, Want everyone to Know, as we don't want to mislead anyone, the Shirt and the Towel are Iceskin- , The hat is our Coolskin material It is branded Iceskin but will not have the cold effect, just quick dry feature. We wanted to give everyone a good lid to wear as extra value, for their hard earned money. Sincerely Doug " Iceman123" Thom
  2. Sorry we make a great product and just hired a very nice girl - her name is Taylor hoping to make our service as good as our shirt Sincerely Doug "Iceman 123" Thom
  3. Hi All, my name is Doug Thom and I am the creator of this material and shirt I can assure you ... you will love this shirt... I am interested in all comments as I am constantly trying to make it better. Good or bad I want to hear about it. Long Knocker I am sorry it took so long for you to get your shirt... This is terrible :( and we will try to get better on service and communication. Thank you Doug