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  1. Yup I was one of the lucky ones also , and I thought I was special
  2. Crossfields videos are very good, i don't do what he mentions in the video, i guess i just hit it higher than the guys I play with but I also hit it farther I just notice they play their irons a little more forward I play the long irons a little forward of center but I play the short irons slightly back , I am just trying to find out if their is a definite ball position for every iron on full shots not pitches or chips and is a ball length or two gonna make a difference , thanks for all the replies
  3. That's good to here , because I feel comfortable where I play it and this year I have a goal of having a single digit handicap and I know my weak spots and I dont want any radical changes, I also play it way back sometimes if I am in trouble under trees or something and need to hood the club to keep it real low but that's about the only time I go way back any way thanks , sometimes I think I need to stop watching everybody else and so many of the golf channel lessons they get me thinking way to much , haha
  4. I am 47 years old and my ball flight is very high and I seem to get very good distance out of all my clubs , but I always see other descent golfers playing their ball I different positions than I do for example my driver is off the inside of my front foot sorta the same as everybody. But when I get to my wedges and short irons my ball position is slightly behind center and they r centered or slightly forward and I notice on my days when I am struggling I usually hit a little fat could this be ball position and is it ok to hit behind center
  5. It's not bad at all I just figured id shine them up this winter although I still have been playing at least once a week in NJ
  6. I have a set of big bertha gold irons that I use all the time ,I am just curious if I can get them to shine like new and how I clean the oxidation off them they are in great shape the finish is just darker than when I bought them years ago .thanks for any help
  7. Ok my best round of the year was an 86. I live in nj so time is getting short to hit my goal of a legit 85 for the year. Anyway yesterday started ok but on the 3rd hole I went on a streak of 5 pars in a row (should of got a birdie or two but ) so I ended up finishing the front at 41 which was good because I usually finish better than I start . I played the back nine ok and lipped a par putt on 16 and 17 2 bogeys should have been pars I had my friend add my score up to see where I was and what I needed to do to break or shoot an 85 he said I needed a par . Off the tee was awful pulled it to ri
  8. I don't know anything about dealing with warrior but I received a set of warrior clubs from my uncle irons and wedges and I will say they remind me of my old callaway big Bertha irons and I did hit them well lots of loft and distance . They are very nice clubs but I heard horror stories of them charging your credit card and constantly sending clubs for u to try and if u don't send them back they charge you but again the clubs are nice .
  9. I am the opposite. I go to the range small clubs to large . Then off to the green to chip and putt but I usually start off scoring in the mid 40s but even when I have a horrible front nine somehow I shoot very low scores on the back nine and save my round ' practise I don't feel very nervous but every round I play seems to go that way and on different course's I think I need mental help haha
  10. I have a 14 slot carry bag anyway driver top middle 3 wood left top 5 right top next row from left to right 3 4 5 6 next row 7 8 9 pitch wedge bottom row sand wedge putter middle lob wedge right
  11. Work got called today because of the rain in the northeast but it wasn't that bad so I went golfing. Went to a local course in central jersey , no practise range or putting green but it's close to work so I went . Anyway started off playing bogey golf for 4 holes than blew up a 9 on a par 4 followed by an 8 on a par 5 horrible I know in the woods and ponds . But ended the first 9 with 2 pars followed by another on the 10th 3 in a row than a bogey followed by 3 more pars in a row than a double followed by par bogey I ended up with a 90 which is not great but pared 7 of last 11 to finish so I sa
  12. Shot an 86 which is OK for me I have never broke 80 on a legitimate course if I made a few more putts could have been lower but on a particular 4 about 300 yards I almost drove the green which I haven't done there before it was a slight dog leg left up hill .I was playing two balls because there was no one out basically was a practise round but I was looking for my ball by a tree that I saw it come down near just off the fairway and I thought wow I really hit that good but I couldn't find it so I looked closer to green and there it was I took a pic to send to my friend who I play with every we
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