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  1. Yeah, my wife has plans for something. Have to tell you, I'm not opposed to it. Pretty neat experience. 😊
  2. Congrats, one was fantastic,not sure my heart or pocket book could handle two😁
  3. Hey Man ,I thought the same thing after my son got his second one. Keep playing and it will come😉
  4. Does anyone know of a co. That will refinish putters I have a TM Spider that I would like cleaned up. The individual I purchased it from didn't take care of it very well. I contacted Perfectly Painted and they were not interested.😏 Thanx
  5. I joined the Hole in One club yesterday 9/ 18 at Hidden Valle G.C in Whitesboro N.Y., par 3 127 yards w/ 8 iron. Pretty exciting.😊
  6. $57.00 .Best money I ever spent.😉
  7. Hey guys I can now join the hole in one club. I'm 69 yrs old usually play from senior tees. Yesterday played with 6 of us from the white for a little $ game. I holed out on a par 3, 127 yards with a 8. Pretty exciting.😉
  8. Gees. Ok. I have a Cobra F9 10.5 adjustable driver. I know alot of people say it's one of the best drivers out there. For some reason I'm not crazy about the feel. Whatever. I hit a friend of mines Epic and the distances were comparable. The feel was a whole lot better. The F9 has a senior shaft, and the Epic has a stiff. So, I was wondering if there was anyone that has an Epic in excellent shape that would like to trade. Whew
  9. Want to Trade cobra F9. Senior shaft 10.5 degree for Callaway epic flash reg flex ,10.5
  10. I need ( want) a new set of irons. I have two sets cobra s3 pro,and Mizuno mp825 pro's . They are both about ten years old and I got them used. Problem is that I can't demo anything due to the VIRUS!!!!!😳 I CANT WAIT TILL THIS CRAP IS OVER. ADVICE 🙏
  11. Thanks Guys, I have a club fitting set for Wed. I'm so afraid I may have to buy a new driver after the fitting. Then I want to get fitted for irons. If it goes the way I believe it will , I will need a place to sleep Wed. nite. Thanx again😉
  12. I've been told that the Titleist TS 1 would give golfers with slower swing speeds better distance. I have a 88 mph Swing speed. Does anyone think it would help, or is it an advertising gimmick.
  13. I'm looking to trade or purchase a set of eight project x 5.5 shafts with .335 tip. I have project x 6.0
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